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Famous Bk Florea Quotations

Best famous Bk Florea quotations. Find, read, and share the best famous quotations by Bk Florea. These are the most popular quotations and best examples of quotes by Bk Florea.

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Quote Left The time is weary it brings no recourse. The wars rage on with no remorse. Suffering lingers misery reins. We are all victims of government and their blood stains. Time is not a friend though you may have been told. For time is not ours to control. What is to come will come What has been written shall come to pass. More ancient then time is our master divine. It dose no good to worry and cry. Teach your young the right road to go. Pray that they listen and don't take the other road. Look beyond the stars that you can see. Where understanding will come as it was meant to be. Quote Right
Quote Left The road of life, is that, important journey. We tend to put off. Time spent worrying, over things we can't control. If only for a moment. We could be still. Life's road would be more clear. Its easy to worry. Its easy to take no effort, in this road of life. Know that you have a choice. But also in that knowing, know that there is a higher power. Where we can go. Give that power, the ultimate control. By making the decisions, that are not always the easiest. On this life's road. Quote Right

Book: Reflection on the Important Things