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Famous Beth Mcgraa Quotations

Best famous Beth Mcgraa quotations. Find, read, and share the best famous quotations by Beth Mcgraa. These are the most popular quotations and best examples of quotes by Beth Mcgraa.

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Quote Left Moonlight falls on the gravestone like death the gravestone is mine... a crow caws so close to my ear, i taste a bitter taste and it smells like death i see nothing but utter stillness i can see my fear run through the yard i see the ghost of curt cobain run through the yard and i chase after him there is a taste of sweet dew on my tongue in my bedroom there are posters on the wall i read a note over and over again and the words 'sup loser' haunt me... the giants peer over the midgets intimidating he loves everything about me, why does he had me so? the dull pencil of life tried to write on the soul and failed. i am as happy as a dull face in the dark my eyes go from ice blue to pitch black in the blink of an eye Lydia is dead in her mind. in the next months i'll walk through in a daze the hazy fog echoes as she lives for death she dies everyday and lives for tomorow elle amour mort mais elles deteste vie her pen writes on the pages of her heart a sweet song she will end the wait of life with the death of spirits. Quote Right
Quote Left My Image: As I sit here in the dust of wonder, And look as the years pass me by, I ask you, Where are the peices of my heart and soul? I seem to be unbroken, Yet I'm torn apart inside. They're right when they say I have problems, And it hurts me too. I'm not as bad as you may think, And your not as perfect as it seems. Quote Right