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Quote Left There is a new question paper in everyday! Quote Right
Quote Left "Poems are painted words on paper." Quote Right
Quote Left Poetry is the painting of vivid emotions on inanimate paper. Quote Right
Quote Left "A poet can make words dance across the paper." Quote Right
Quote Left Down Below are 6 word Memoirs: A pencil and paper is all Your the rose I'm the thorns Life is short so live it Cry out thats what its about Laugh, Love, Live that's it No matter what there is hope Life is like a precious jewel (don't break it) Maybe , No means Next Opportunity... Maybe? Keep Your distance People are insane Quote Right
Quote Left new book release Y SO, Y NOT..poems by unconcious click books for ebook type in B09CN312Y4 for paperback type in 9798452751205 Quote Right
Quote Left Deconstruct yourself to become a skyscraper Quote Right
Quote Left Remember everything from clothes to wheels to paper was initially an object of laughter Quote Right
Quote Left A busca êxito nunca é um exercício de fim de semana de meio período. Se for assim, é provável que você experimente uma liberdade de fim de semana em meio período. A busca é por êxito implacável. Ele tem fome e sede. É uma busca pela paixão. Na busca pelo êxito a indiferença não vai dar certo. Permanecer na busca é permanecer tenazmente. Um aperto fraco logo escapará. Nunca nos formamos até chegar lá. Quote Right
Quote Left Drive the deep state deeper grim reaper Quote Right
Quote Left Every scrap of paper sacrifices it’s life For the delivery of Its message. Quote Right
Quote Left Memorization, Memory, Is A Step, A Factor To New Thematic Presentation! And Thematic Presentation Can Be Created By Words On Paper, Or Sketches, Painting! Quote Right
Quote Left Whats written on paper is no greater than experience. Quote Right
Quote Left Poetry soothes the intractable love of paper and pens Quote Right
Quote Left Don't let people Write you off You not .. Paper ! Quote Right
Quote Left "A poet's words on paper, does not make it a poem, until it is read by others to embrace." Quote Right
Quote Left A poem is much like a dream captured in ink on paper then given wings to roam the sky. Quote Right
Quote Left "To write poetry is to bleed your soul onto paper." Quote Right
Quote Left Paper ; a safe haven for thoughts Quote Right
Quote Left she is not your ball to kick, not your game to win or your paper to wipe the anus and dumb. She is part of your prayer answers.Let her out and my prayer shall be answered. Quote Right
Quote Left "Poetry is flinging words on paper, and sometimes, making them rhyme." Quote Right
Quote Left 'A writer writes, always!' Write for ANY reason, just write! I believe we are special tools for the Creative Conscience, and learning to hear that voice begins by just articulating or activating, and staying attuned to what happens. Put the pen to paper - or fingers to the keyboard - see where it takes you, and apply those results to your puddle of wisdom... swirl it, dip your toes, taste the sweet and bitter. Yes - just DO it! Quote Right
Quote Left "If he was any happier, he'd still be in diapers." Quote Right
Quote Left "Poets pour their heart onto the paper, and use a golden pen, hoping that their love will show." Quote Right
Quote Left I am increasingly sensitized by the inability of the human majority. The dreams dreamed of by this majority are immensely poorer than reality. When we dream for the future, we always see it develop under a monotonous and weak system, not innovative. So it is not surprising that in the next hundred years, with a sequence of at least three destructive moments per se: at first the human spirit, successful, live on the street, in prison and in the newspapers. Quote Right
Quote Left "Poetry is the love child of late night intimacy, between paper and pen." Quote Right
Quote Left Water, breeze, music, pen, paper, peace, solitude. What a Bliss !! Quote Right
Quote Left "How come the guy making me lunch and cleaning the toilets, gets paid less than the guy stamping papers? Seriously, why is the paper stamper more valuable than the burger flipper? Why is his life worth more? When we pay the paper stamper thirty-five an hour, we are saying that their life is five times more valuable than the burger flipper we pay five dollars too, and also that the burger flipper deserve a lower quality of life than the paper stamper." Lyon Brave Quote Right
Quote Left Trust is like burning a piece of paper and struggling to separate the dirt from the ashes. Quote Right
Quote Left p.s. when I put my mind to it, impossible is just yesterday's paper... Quote Right