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Anion Quotations

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Member Quotes About Anion

Quote Left Death glides in on calico wings, a breath of a moth seeking a companionable light, where it hovers, unsure, sullen, shy or demure, in the margins of night, a soft blur... ('Fascination with Light' by Michael R. Burch) Quote Right
Quote Left "Regret is but a slow companion,crawling sluggishly with man to remind man of time" Adams Elizabeth Oyarese Lizdiamond Concepts Quote Right
Quote Left Eros and misery are companion Quote Right
Quote Left Our constant enduring companion is preached by heroic deeds and the purity of hearts. Quote Right
Quote Left Companionships Exult, Rejoice, With The Prizes Of Won Victories. Quote Right
Quote Left The Birth Of Any Announcement Contains The Companionship Of Letter And Number. Quote Right
Quote Left Who needs Companionship, when we have the internet! Quote Right
Quote Left 'When the companionship of loneliness knocks on your door the soul is overwhelmed with past regrets and the heart is left in eternal anguish...' Quote Right
Quote Left If you have mental illness, don't panic! You will have a lot of companions, little sleep and a rope - just in case. Quote Right
Quote Left What we call love is the only love which is a love which has everything, every disappointment every failure, and even betrayal, but in the end a love so deep with a simple desire for ever lasting companionship turns into fulfilled love. 6-16-15 Quote Right