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5/28/2011 9:02:40 PM
Exposure keeps you writing! Thanks for reminding me to keep writing without seeing feedback.
6/5/2011 11:10:31 PM
Pet Peeve jflach wrote:
I am just curious if I am the only one who cringes when reading other's works and discovering errors in the usage of:
to, too, two
their, there, they're
a, an
and other common word usage errors?
Am I too uptight about this. Do people want these errors pointed out to them? I know I sometimes make these same mistakes (and others) out of haste and/or sloppiness, but I get the feeling some make these mistakes out of (sorry, can't come up with a better word) ignorance. Is this just me? Just wondering. Don't mean to be overly critical. Thanks for your responses.
6/5/2011 11:25:01 PM
Pet Peeve Its no matter. Generally thoughts and writing differ from poet to poet. I think, if expression is complete, then there is nothing wrong.
6/26/2011 7:24:20 AM
Introduction of to the Members of P.S. Hello Every one ! I am B.L.Dev Nath from India want to say few words to you of my own. I am happy with the blessings of God that I have got the opportunity to express my own feelings through the platform of Poetry Soup where learned and legends individuals are there, expecting they will assess my writings and show me the mistakes which will happen in my writings. May God bless all of us. Thanks. bl
7/25/2013 4:37:30 PM
Photopoem It's nice but to hold always needs strong determination
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