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8/26/2011 8:34:19 PM

rebecca ladue
Posts: 14
hello there again my friend,
im here to see you again,i missed seeing you suffer,mentally,physically,spiritually,socially an emotionally. im gonna make you restless so you can sit still, an im going to make you anxious,nervous an jittery. im gonna make you agitated an irritable so everything an everyone drives you insanely uncomfortable. i need you to be confused an depressed,so you cant see or think clearly or positively....

im gonna make you hate everyone an everything,,especially yourself,,,im gonna make you regret an feel remorsefull an guilty for the things that you did in the past that youcan never let go of or set free..im gonna fill you with rage an anger so you can be hateful to the world, for the way you are..im gonna make you feel sorry for yourself, an you'll blame everyone but ME!!! for the way things are...
your gonna be deceitful and sneaky, an i'll make you manipulate an con as many people as you can..im gonna make you paranoid an fearful for no reason at all...
and your going to wake up in the middle of the night screaming for ME!!!
you know you cant sleep without ME!!!
im even in your dreams...
i'll be the first thing you do when you wake up in the morning an the last thing you touch before you sleep or blackout...i'd rather kill you than have to help you, and i can guarantee you that you'll end up in jail,the hospital,or rehab again,,but dont worry,, i'll be right here waiting for you when you return back home...i'm loving the sight of you going insane..i'll damage your inner organs, an slowly pick your brain apart little by little making your physical appearance a damaged one, an eyesore..i'm laughing at the way i make you shiver an shake, freeze an sweat all at the same time,,and your wakeing up with the blankets an sheets soaking wet....

you entertain me as i watch you pray to the poreselin god,hugging it so tightly, as you heave an heave,not able to hold me down,,what a waste...i enjoy how much destruction i can do to you...much appreciative for all the sacrafices you've made for ME!!! the countless good jobss..all the great friends an family that you deeply cared for-you gave them all up for ME!!!! especially the ones you turned against you, because of your untrustworthy an inexcusable actions,,,for i am forever grateful...

your family an all the people you once loved,,you threw them all away for ME!!!
words cant describe the respect i have for the loyalty that you have for me...you have sacrificed all beautiful things in life an devoted yourself completely to ME!!!
but dont fret ,worry,or despair my friend, for on me you can always depend...and after all thats been lost in your life,,you can still depend on me to take even more...
you can depend on me to keep you in a living hell,,an im keeping your mind body,soul,an spirit...
for i wont be satisfied until you are dead,MY FRIEND!!!
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8/29/2011 11:08:08 AM

tom ladue
Posts: 5
becca131313 wrote:
I have recently like a few months ago broke it off with a love in my life,,i'm in love with a man, he's my fiance,,an i love my kid's an family an friends,,but!!! there's that one thats always been around that i had to get rid of because,,i chose it over all of my loves,,,it was my addiction to drugs,,,horrible thing to think but it was true,,,now ive been clean for sometime now an need support,,the more the better,,,it aint no easy task,,its a lifelong commitment,,so if you have any food for thought i'd like to hear it,,or if you are struggling with similar areas i'd be happy to answer any questions...keep up the good work
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11/4/2017 1:18:41 PM

Pradeep Sharma
Posts: 2
I think you should prepare your self for bigger changes of your life. It is not that easy for one to get over with these things. Issue of Ganga River Pollution
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