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7/22/2011 9:59:48 AM

Tim B
Posts: 5
Hello all,

I am curious as to what form to list this under, any help would be appreciated? I am guessing that it would be a rhyme or a free verse? Any other criticism of this poem would also be welcomed, thanks in advance.

The pouring rain ricocheting in your ear

Now dearest there is but naught to fear

Fluctuating rhythmatic ransom notes nigh

Just another drop of venom shall make us cry

The introspection of an unyielding inspection

Yielded nothing upon these reflections

The pouring rain ricochets in your fears

Tasting blood the wicked now can hear


My darling as tempests swirl and sway

Our little one is gone this day

So now holy father to whom do we pray

Signs of light flicker in the darkest corner

We must never become the lonesome mourner

Retaining faith deep in solid steel reserves

Like vigilant warriors of light whom he preserves

Today they were found, and got what they deserve


Tall like the oaks he commands respect

Dear God no longer should we detect

The burning feelings of our own inadequacy

Driven over the years to such lunacy

Tears rolling down the faces of regret

We did everything without a fret

Bleeding hearts now atone with brows of sweat

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8/11/2011 9:45:51 PM

I feel the emotion in the poem but I'm stuggling to comprehend it all. I don't know that is a negative though because I often struggle to comprehend poems and I just tend to prefer a more simplistic style.
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Forum Home » High Critique » Assistance on"Caught in a Deluge" please?

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