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4/8/2011 6:10:05 PM

Sarah Hall
Posts: 4

New here. Was looking around the net for a poetry chat. I wasn't having much luck with rooms with people in the. I guess I'll have to stick to forums. I was looking for inspiration from others. I'm 33 my name is Sarah. I have had 3 poetry books published. Sometimes I go through those periods of getting stuck and not able to write like I use to. It doesn't flow as much as it use too. Sometimes if I meet the right people I can just run with words and the poems just flow and it's amazing. I'm only writing for myself and as a hobbie for now. My publisher didn't market my books and I didn't make much money at all and I just write as part of a healing of life or that is how I see it. My work is a part of who I am it is the experiences in life that I have lived through.

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