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2/21/2011 7:15:04 PM

I know she loves me cuz

when i see her she smiles

that genuine smile

i love but you i'm not gonna say it smile

that hard is to rock smile, time is to clock smile

unquestioned not even for a second smile

not that blue is to sky, green is to grass smile

but that smile smile

i'm just a baby

i can't even talk much less walk but

I know ma mamma loves me

we'd go up n down the toy stores

n i pointed, n i got it

course i paid tears n screams but

we all gotta work our magic right?

my Houdini was packed down to a science

I'd be strolling in my stroller

i knew that in a sense that signified innocence

I'd stretch out my hand grabbing onto her conscience

n out of thin air all the toys i wanted just magically appeared

i wanted the red power ranger, blue power ranger,

leonardo, donatello, the car and the plane

and i got both of each

and i was truly undeniably happy

I know she loves me cuz

she asked how my day was

n she listened, really listened

not just bounce my words off her ear like a preacher to child

instead she interpreted my actions like a lawyer to trial

it gets tricky cuz like freud i can say that

just maybe i might have a complex

matter-fact Oedipus from english 102w class

that introduced me to her

right then n there i realized

i'm in love with my mamma

maybe its cuz

daddy rearly reared himself in my memories

so i had no competition

she put me on a pedestal

towering high above all my sibling

their rivalries were them being me

around me n ma mamma

so if a day went by

without me saying hi to my mamma

that night my nightmares would cuddle fears

about them n ma mamma

she fed me good real good

yea i'd munch meals at the mart

but that was minuscule compared to her hold

of the drums of my heart

she fed my soul

entries of wisdom, admiration n comfort

satisfied my soul n round 2

consisted of jokes of her gunplay

n us acquiring insurmountable riches some day

i'd say something like

i wanna be so rich that i could buy the globe

so next time i saw her for giggles

she'd hand me the globe and say

"here son..the world is yours"

yea...yea...the world is mine

and nobody can't have it i got from my mamma

don't you see now why i love my mamma?

but as for today,

i haven't seen my momma since friday

and although lots have changed since yesterday.

i just hope the she knows

that my feelings for her

will remains the same way, day after day

and although i can't remember

a single time she said she loved me.

I know..ma mamma lovesss me..and i'm in love with my mamma
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