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8/10/2010 10:45:22 PM

Chris Smith
Posts: 1
Hello, I'm Chris Smith popping in to say hi to everyone.
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8/10/2010 11:14:02 PM

Belinda Brassil
Posts: 1
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8/14/2010 3:08:11 PM

Audra Carson
Posts: 4
To all those so very most amazingly fantastically concerned:
Having the entire content of my life and history and a live play-by-play insulting narrative, of all your actions since you first posted, comprising some 90% of our forums fabulous glittery mass of asinine substance, is seriously, seriously messed up!!!! You’ll all be happy to know you did indeed mess with my head and YES you violated me!!! What is wrong with you people? I may have problems, but I am not completely without ethics or compassion. I’m not a rainbow shimmering bunny loving and magical dream of a lovely tree-hugging piece of crap! I am not ignorant or stupid, I am a 4.0 nursing student, you so correctly referred to as a How the hell would you know the details of my living situation, my financials, my appearance, my actions, my environment, my mood, my children’s names etc. SHAME ON YOU!!!!!!! It takes every ounce of this tree-huggers restraint to not completely curse you all. You certainly deserve it!!! I’m not a self-righteous religious zealot; I do not practice any specific religious practice. Oh, aren’t I an idiot for that. Or was it just that I actually DO try to practice what I preach and be kind and respect of others, or mere idealism that offended you so. For this, you verbally assault me? Or was it for a few purely written poems? The fact that I am interested in quantum physics and its theories, a scientific study, does that make you all so much better than me? Or just my editing, sleeping, eating, dressing, speaking, writing, seeing, hearing, looking, reading, texting or just breathing that offended you so. I cannot believe your administrators allowed you to escalate to stabs at my breakdown and chemical imbalances. We’re in such awe of your awesomeness, simply blinded by all your wonderful wonderfulness…..blah, blah, blahhhhhhhhhhh! You actually created aliases’ to support your wondrous-wonderful shining unicorn inspiring-inspirations. Bite me!!! She said most eloquently, understating their magnificence. Are you kidding me? What an uplifting, cathartic experience you offered me. I’m pretty sure I could have, wrapped my witless haloed head around the basics, had someone offered. Here’s a concept from my dazzling brilliant moon drenched mind; feedback – Audra, please refer to our forum. You’ll find all you need there. Here’s a quick tip on how to navigate the pages of our many insults we all agree you’re so pitifully desperate to receive. There you can, so ugly and scraggly of hair, review our exhausting exhaustive efforts of our many, many, many, many, many posts in every topic concerning your arrogant, boastful, self-indulgent, obsessive, apocalyptic, ignorant, lazy, clueless, dimwitted, coach potato, Boozer-Looser, dependent, drop out, mama suckling, feelin sorry, fer yer ol ass self! I am just so humbled you allowed in your graceful graciousness, my undeserved approval, to continue to exist. No, instead, you chose to leave me in the dark and continue your feeding frenzy. It must be your superior intelligence that guided you to clarity of decision. This; however, is just a brief outline of the shower of love I received there. Where’s the arrogance here? I hope the leaders of your great city doeth forbidith this in future circumstance. She parted, much to the, fantabullistic citizen’s glorious rejoicing, 4 ever and ever and ever and ever more, to those concerned, she simply stated, byte-ith me-ing! Thanks for sharing, sharins carin. So sorry to have inflicted you.
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