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3/18/2013 10:03:24 AM

Dominic Cherry
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Hi, my name is Dominic Cosmo Cherry. I reside in Royersford, PA. Poetry is something i picked up my senior year in high school, wrote a little bit in my freshman year but lost sight of the beauty in it. Never was taught in any English class i ever had, I always thought that was a shame considering how we communicate through words.

I'm looking for some motivation; as writing comes naturally to me like blood flowing through our veins.
I'm looking for some opinions, not on what i can do to change what i have written, but on what i can do to make the next one even better.
I am always open to any view or opinion and will always offer mine to the truest of my instinct.

I believe that my purpose here on this planet is to change our world as it has come to be, to something we can all cherish and love for what it is rather than what we make it "a dump site"-my opinion. I intend to do that with words, by freeing the block on free thought, freeing our minds from constant worries, it is a big dream. But it is one with purpose and one that i believe will only benefit all people.

"This world is mine, yours and ours...to take what we please and to give it all back, it is time to change our future" - Dominic Cosmo Cherry 3/18/2013
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Forum Home » Introductions » Here i begin on a new journey

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