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6/18/2012 4:03:55 PM

Sha'ntez Jefferson
Posts: 2
Whats good my fellow inflamed pen and pad artists
I've unlocked many chains and now Im unharnessed
I've gone through the darkness and still Im untarnished
Watched souls of the heartless acid rain on and varnish

Picture missing baskets with never a rebound from backboards
They ending up in caskets tryin to be around druglords
Others daydreaming like magic win the lottery for sure
Girls search for meaning in an actress but cant see behind her doors

Im just a cat that projects life through ink and paper
I cant reject those lives close to the brink of danger
I do it like king arthur equal plates on my table
Just trying to take them farther but their stuck on the fable

I am Sha'ntez and to all those who have already warmly welcomed me it is very much appreciated I guess this is my introduction to this exotic bowl of soup I eat so aggressively very tasty If food sickly would share the bowl quickly yeah I'm a little silly just part of my philosophy that to much dramatic reality would be a catastrophe so you can catch me pullin pranks childishly but thats just me naturally
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Forum Home » Introductions » This exotic bowl of soup

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