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Date PostedPoemTitleFormCategories
10/30/2016 I love you Free versei love you,love,
7/30/2016 tonight Free verseromance,
4/3/2016 In the arms of a stranger ABCjealousy,
4/3/2016 Starfire ABClove,
4/3/2016 The One ABClove,
4/2/2016 WHAT IS LOVE ABClove,
3/23/2014 growing old in love Free verselove,
2/23/2014 To behold another Free verselove,
2/22/2014 my sweet little rose Free verselove,
1/2/2014 please julia for a day Free verselove,
1/1/2014 a love story Free verselove,
12/24/2013 a womans worth Free versewoman,
12/22/2013 angel Free verselove,
12/21/2013 confused Free verselove,
12/20/2013 words of wisdom Free versewisdom,
12/20/2013 be a man Free versemen,
12/20/2013 i would love you for a lifetime Free verselove,
12/20/2013 jiberish Free versesexy,
12/20/2013 stay with me just a little while Free verselove,
12/20/2013 a day and evermore Free verselove,
10/11/2013 overdose on your love Free verseconfusion,
10/11/2013 i love you Free versei love you,
9/16/2013 Without you Free verselonely,
8/12/2013 sail away Free verselove,
7/9/2013 hour glass Free verselove,
6/25/2013 i will love you forever Free verselove,
6/23/2013 poor little one Free verseabsence,
6/23/2013 my enemy Free versehate,
6/23/2013 as long as the oceans are colored blue Free verselove,
6/18/2013 love ABClove,prejudice,
6/18/2013 mirror image Free verselife,
6/18/2013 thank you ABClove,
6/18/2013 my love for you i shall never yield ABClove,
6/17/2013 missing you ABClonely,
6/16/2013 seeds ABCdepression,
6/16/2013 as i awake in the peak of the morning i look at you ABClove,
6/14/2013 best friend and lover ABCbest friend,
6/14/2013 answered prayers ABClove,
6/14/2013 your guess is as good as mine ABCconfusion,
6/10/2013 julie ABCgirl,
6/6/2013 my angel young tender as a dove ABClove,
6/4/2013 your heart i will never play ABClove,
6/1/2013 in the dead of night ABCbetrayal,
6/1/2013 upon my knees i pray ABClove,
6/1/2013 rest in peace mom ABCdeath,
6/1/2013 atomic crunch ABCdepression,
6/1/2013 my last breath ABCdeath,
6/1/2013 my all i will give ABClove,
6/1/2013 one wish ABClove,
5/3/2013 time ABCtime,
5/3/2013 red is the color of my heart ABCcolor,
4/25/2013 a beast in the sheets ABCthank you,
4/21/2013 my greatest fear ABCdeath,
4/21/2013 heark heark young sparrow ABClove,
4/2/2013 so called sister ABCgirlfriend,
4/2/2013 stupid man ABCpain,relationship,me,hear
4/2/2013 goodbye ABCdeath,
4/1/2013 grandpas true love ABClove,
4/1/2013 my angel ABCangel,heart,heart,
4/1/2013 the greatest gift my baby boy ABCchild,baby,me,baby,me,boy
4/1/2013 if only you would come back to me ABClost love,
4/1/2013 waiting hoping ABCloss,heart,heart,love,
4/1/2013 i wonder if i will ever be missed ABCsuicide,
4/1/2013 autry ABCsuicide,name,name,
2/18/2013 I give up ABCdepression,
2/17/2013 I am lost in the wilderness ABCpain,lost,lost,
2/15/2013 someone special ABClove,life,love,
2/11/2013 throw me in the dark blue sea ABCsad,dark,blue,dark,love,m
2/11/2013 confusion sets in ABCdark,
2/9/2013 death has taking hold of me Rhymedeath,
2/9/2013 Will you be my wife Rhymelove,marriage,
2/6/2013 my one and only delight ABClove,love,
2/6/2013 for your love my lips do sing ABClove,me,love,me,
2/6/2013 my heart beats passionately for you ABClove,heart,heart,
2/5/2013 loveaholic ABClove,heart,heart,love,
2/3/2013 You are my Royal Flush ABClove,
1/30/2013 betrayal ABCpain,me,love,me,
1/29/2013 fake friends Rhymefriendship,
1/29/2013 chocalate misseses ABCgirlfriend,me,
1/29/2013 I am prejudice ABCpeople,people,hate,hate,p
1/29/2013 the man behind the glass window ABCfear,world,
1/29/2013 In want of you ABClonely,me,me,
1/29/2013 i love you my little son ABCchild,son,love,son,
1/28/2013 My butterfly ABClove,
1/28/2013 love me and hold my hand ABCdepression,words,heart,lo
1/28/2013 nikki dances like the wind ABCpassion,me,
1/27/2013 AS YOU LIVE YOUR FINAL NIGHT ABCdeath,love,me,
1/27/2013 scars left behind ABCloss,heart,lost,heart,los
1/27/2013 to be happy ABCpeople,day,woman,dream,da
1/27/2013 on my knees i pray ABClove,
1/27/2013 like a crimson tide ABClove,love,i love you,
1/27/2013 fairwell my love for today i go to hell loving thee ABClove,love,today,
1/27/2013 my last day ABClove,day,day,love,
1/27/2013 Dear mamma ABCdeath,love,mom,love,me,mo
1/27/2013 butterfly affect ABClove,me,life,love,me,
1/26/2013 you have forsaken me ABClonely,
1/26/2013 my pain slave ABCfear,love,
1/26/2013 in hell ABCpain,
1/26/2013 being a thug is not all its cracked up to be ABClife,me,me,
1/26/2013 to love someone who does not love you is foolish ABCgrief,love,

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