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Date PostedPoemTitleFormCategories
1/13/2017 When The Light Goes Out Free verseblessing,courage,destiny,
12/29/2016 Of No Import Free versetruth,
10/6/2016 Just As It Is Free verselife,love,truth,
9/26/2016 My self Quatrainlife,truth,
9/15/2016 Walk A Mile Free verselife,love,
8/21/2016 Ripples Free verseintrospection,life,love,
7/26/2016 Whispered Free versebeautiful,engagement,phil
6/11/2016 Opus Free verseinspirational,introspecti
5/27/2016 The Song Free versenature,peace,
4/21/2016 Now I Sleep Free verselife,
4/11/2016 Another Day Free verseappreciation,creation,int
4/1/2016 These Eyes Free versehumanity,introspection,lo
3/25/2016 I Am Free versecreation,introspection,lo
3/10/2016 Falling Stars Iambic Pentameterfaith,life,philosophy,
12/13/2015 In Sorrow Quatrainappreciation,beauty,intro
7/19/2015 Fall The Night Quatrainintrospection,solitude,sp
7/19/2015 Compassion Quatraingrowth,introspection,
2/4/2013 In Babbling Brooks Free verseintrospection,journey,lif
1/1/2013 Petals of Deceit Free verseintrospection,
10/29/2012 The Watcher Blank verselife,love,philosophy,
10/29/2012 End of Seasons Coupletlife,love,passion,
10/27/2012 Dreaming Change Coupletlife,philosophy,life,life
9/16/2012 Darkness Free verselife,loss,
9/14/2012 In Reflection Trioletintrospection,life,time,m
8/16/2012 Solitude Rhymehope,love,nature,philosop
8/16/2012 Stroll Verseintrospection,life,philos
8/12/2012 Beyond the Boardwalk Rhymelife,philosophy,
7/31/2012 Death of Dreams of Death Coupletintrospectiontime,time,
7/30/2012 Between The Minutes Free verselife,philosophy,time,time
7/21/2012 Time Dramatic monologueintrospection
6/26/2012 In A Heartbeat Free verseintrospection,philosophy,
6/21/2012 Only Words Coupletlife,love,
6/16/2012 Joy Lost Free verselife,
6/13/2012 Timeless Trioletlife,philosophy,
6/10/2012 Total Recall Coupletlife,
6/3/2012 Trap Door Free verselife,
6/2/2012 I Travel Free verselife,life,love,
5/26/2012 Lonely Free versepassion,life,love,
5/25/2012 Father To Son Coupletfather,
5/23/2012 Archer Couplethistory,inspirational,phi
5/22/2012 By The Rules Coupletphilosophy,social,
5/21/2012 Mother Free versesad,
5/20/2012 So Cold Quatraininspirational,introspecti
5/20/2012 Poetic Quatrainart,uplifting,words,
5/17/2012 Loves Burden Light Poetryangst,depression,husband,
5/17/2012 ALL Must FALL Quatrainintrospection,life,philos
5/16/2012 We All Quatraininspirational,social,
4/20/2012 Breathe Quatrainangst,death,philosophy,ti
4/12/2012 Home Pride Quatrainpeople,social,
4/10/2012 Wabush Free verseon work and working,sad,
4/10/2012 Vincent Coupletart,inspirational,introsp
4/3/2012 Home Pride Free versepolitical,social,
3/27/2012 Worlds Apart Free verseangst,life,loss,world,
3/25/2012 Sirens Quatrainintrospection,love,lost,l
3/22/2012 Autumn Free versenature,
3/22/2012 Winter Free verseseasons,
3/20/2012 Nail Me To The Cross Again Quatrainreligion,me,life,me,
3/17/2012 Spring Quatrainnature,philosophy,seasons
3/17/2012 Summer Quatrainintrospection,nature,phil
3/15/2012 Low Men Trioletintrospection,philosophy,
3/15/2012 Silenced Quatrainintrospection,on writing
3/14/2012 You Quatrainlove,
3/13/2012 Cradle To Grave Coupletintrospection,life,philos
3/13/2012 Battlefield Coupletsad,war,
3/12/2012 Spring Quatrainnature,
3/11/2012 Transparent Free verseinspirational,introspecti
3/10/2012 Early Days Quatrainintrospection,mother,worl
3/9/2012 Writer Quatrainart,words,
3/9/2012 The Veil Coupletangst,social,
3/9/2012 To The Night Quatrainintrospection,philosophy,
3/9/2012 Salon Free verseintrospection,social,may,
3/8/2012 Painting Quatrainart,introspection,
3/7/2012 Home Coupletloss,places,
3/7/2012 Wordless Quatrainintrospection,on writing
3/7/2012 Songbird Quatrainsad,
3/7/2012 My Friends Quatraininspirational,introspecti
3/7/2012 The Wall Balladinspirational,love,kiss,
3/7/2012 Fall I do not know?uplifting,autumn,
3/6/2012 Self I do not know?introspection,
3/6/2012 Sing The Sorrow Quatrainnature,sad,
3/6/2012 Seed Free verseart,friendship,on writing
3/6/2012 Quiet Darkness I do not know?angst,introspection,me,
3/6/2012 Personal Demon Coupletintrospection,philosophy,
3/5/2012 The Race Free verselife,
3/5/2012 Poet I do not know?on writing and words,
3/5/2012 Paths Free verseangst,inspirational,life,
3/5/2012 Paradise Still Lost Balladangst,philosophy,visionar
3/5/2012 Nightfall Balladnature,peace,
3/5/2012 Moments Balladlife,visionary,
3/5/2012 Lonely Walk Free versemother,sad,
3/5/2012 Joshua's Sunrise Balladnature,places,
3/5/2012 Gratitude Balladlove,
3/5/2012 Friend Free versefriendship,love,
3/5/2012 Dogs of War Free verseon writing and words,
3/5/2012 The Cell Free versehope,philosophy,visionary
3/5/2012 Walk Quatraininspirational,philosophy,
3/5/2012 Jester I do not know?hope
3/3/2012 Monet Classicisminspirational,philosophy,
3/3/2012 The Cross Free verseangst,inspirational,philo

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