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Date PostedPoemTitleFormCategories
3/15/2017 Your Everlasting Hope Rhymechristian,hope,spiritual,
3/7/2017 The Folly Of Relativism Rhymechristian,god,world,
3/7/2017 God's Eternal Inerrant Word Rhymebible,christian,god,
3/7/2017 Indwelling Spiritual Power Rhymelife,power,spiritual,
2/28/2017 Respect and Manners Rhymecharacter,growth,integrit
2/28/2017 Rainy Day Effects Rhymelife,rain,weather,
2/19/2017 By Faith Rhymebible,christian,faith,
2/19/2017 The Only Way To God Rhymebible,christian,god,
2/19/2017 Be Truly Poetically Positively Powerful Rhymeinspiration,poetry,words,
2/1/2017 Your War Within Rhymegod,spiritual,war,
2/1/2017 In The Beginning God Rhymecreation,god,spiritual,
2/1/2017 Sardis - The Dying Church Rhymebible,christian,spiritual
1/29/2017 A Meal Fit For Royalty Rhymechristian,food,spiritual,
1/29/2017 In Christ - A New Creation Rhymechristian,creation,jesus,
1/27/2017 Is This World Saveable Rhymebible,christian,gospel,
1/27/2017 The Bias of Love Rhymefeelings,life,love,
1/27/2017 The Flesh Seeks Glory Not Crucifixion Rhymechristian,faith,spiritual
1/25/2017 Today Is Your Day Rhymebible,day,today,
1/25/2017 Imperfect With Forgiveness Rhymechristian,forgiveness,sin
1/25/2017 The Blessed Life To Come Rhymeblessing,faith,life,
1/23/2017 Close Your Eyes For The Best Rhymedesire,feelings,life,
1/23/2017 My Dog Cora Rhymedog,friend,life,
1/23/2017 Still Standing Rhymebio,history,life,
1/6/2017 Heart Centred Life Rhymeemotions,heart,life,
1/6/2017 Hypocrisy - No Kingdom Place Rhymechristian,god,life,
1/6/2017 So Cool To Write Rhymecool,words,write,
12/30/2016 The School of Noah Rhymebible,rainbow,school,
12/30/2016 A Shepherd's Thoughts Rhymeanimal,god,words,
12/21/2016 Christmas Alone Rhymecare,christmas,lonely,
12/21/2016 The Birth of the Bethlehem Babe Rhymebaby,gospel,jesus,
12/21/2016 My Other Friend Rhymefriend,life,spoken word,
12/14/2016 Believe on the Lord Jesus Christ Rhymechristian,faith,jesus,
12/14/2016 Pleasing God As One Should Rhymechristian,god,spiritual,
12/14/2016 Divine Gifts Aplenty Rhymegod,spiritual,thank you,
12/8/2016 Feel The Dis Rhymediscrimination,life,spoke
12/8/2016 Morning Frost Rhymecool,weather,winter,
12/1/2016 My Greatest Friend Rhymefriend,jesus,spiritual,
12/1/2016 Musically Minded Masterclass Rhymeclass,love,music,
11/30/2016 Winter Time is Here Acrosticpoetry,winter,words,
11/30/2016 Freed To Be Truly Free Rhymefaith,freedom,memory,
11/30/2016 The Inner Ink Dripping Out Rhymepoetry,words,writing,
11/28/2016 Thank You Very Much Rhymelife,thank you,thanks,
11/28/2016 Jungfrau in the Sun Rhymememory,snow,sun,
11/28/2016 My Highlights of 2016 Rhymelife,memory,thanks,
11/18/2016 In Everything Give Thanks Rhymelife,memory,thanks,
11/18/2016 There's Only One Way Rhymejesus,life,spiritual,
11/18/2016 1984 In London Alone Rhymelife,london,memory,
11/14/2016 Way Back In The Early Days Rhymeanimal,history,imaginatio
11/14/2016 A Sea Filled Scene Rhymelife,ocean,sea,
11/11/2016 Having a Thankful Heart Rhymeheart,spiritual,thanksgiv
11/11/2016 Touching Divinity Rhymegod,jesus,spiritual,
11/11/2016 Another Day At The Jail Rhymebible,christian,spiritual
11/9/2016 And My Prayer Went Up To You -Jonah 2: 7 Rhymegod,prayer,spiritual,
11/9/2016 God Seeks Humble Believers Rhymegod,spiritual,truth,
11/9/2016 Raindrops Keep Falling On My Head Rhymelife,music,space,
11/2/2016 Freedom Acrosticfreedom,life,poetry,
11/2/2016 Fear of People Rhymefear,life,people,
10/30/2016 White Winter Memories Rhymememory,snow,winter,
10/30/2016 That Still Small Voice Rhymegod,spiritual,voice,
10/30/2016 Spangled Flavours Rhymecandy,fruit,sweet,
10/26/2016 Summer Rain in the Sun Rhymerain,summer,sun,
10/26/2016 Lonely Dark and Painful Rhymedark,lonely,pain,
10/24/2016 Misunderstood As Sub Norm Rhymejudgement,life,spoken wor
10/24/2016 Beauty From Eye to Eye Rhymebeauty,life,woman,
10/22/2016 Parked Looking at Passers By Rhymelife,people,world,
10/22/2016 Cross Rhymebible,gospel,spiritual,wo
10/22/2016 Hope Will Blossom Rhymebible,blessing,hope,
10/17/2016 A Church Without The Gospel Rhymechristian,gospel,spiritua
10/15/2016 Jesus Accomplished Salvation Completely Rhymegospel,jesus,spiritual,
10/12/2016 When I Was Lost Rhymelife,lost,me,
10/12/2016 Looking Within and Seeing Out Rhymeallusion,life,self,
10/10/2016 Seventeen Hundred Hours Rhymelife,social,time,
10/10/2016 Show Thy Marvellous Loving Kindness -Psalm 17: 7 Rhymechristian,love,spiritual,
10/10/2016 Jude - Servant of Jesus Christ Rhymebible,christian,spiritual
10/9/2016 A Biblical ABC Rhymebible,god,spiritual,
10/9/2016 Humanity's Reality Rhymehumanity,life,world,
10/9/2016 Looking Past Acceptance Rhymehappiness,life,thank you,
10/9/2016 The Storming Saviour Rhymegospel,jesus,spiritual,
10/9/2016 A Slave to Righteousness Rhymechristian,god,spiritual,
10/9/2016 Night of Transformation Rhymechristian,night,spiritual
10/8/2016 The Truth Demands a Verdict Rhymegod,spiritual,truth,
10/8/2016 Seeking Contentment For Evermore Rhymelife,peace,uplifting,
10/8/2016 The Best Job Ever Rhymebest friend,life,retireme
10/8/2016 Branched In Without Rhymechristmas,life,social,
9/25/2016 Festive Year End Finale Rhymechristmas,december,life,
9/25/2016 Your Life Full and Well-Proverbs 3: 1,2 Rhymebible,confidence,life,
9/25/2016 Comfort in God Knowing Rhymebible,god,spiritual,
9/24/2016 Christ Messiah Saviour and Lord Rhymegod,jesus,spiritual,
9/24/2016 Shining Star Sky So Stunning Rhymelight,spiritual,stars,uni
9/24/2016 Harping So Sound Rhymemusic,peace,sound,
9/15/2016 An Honest Write Rhymepoetry,truth,writing,
9/15/2016 GBR - Wonder To Behold Rhymeanimal,beautiful,fish,nat
9/15/2016 Advice From an Old Head Rhymelife,old,wisdom,
9/15/2016 Dance Along In The Spirit Rhymedance,god,spiritual,
9/15/2016 Looks Alive But in Reality Dead Rhymedeath,god,life,
9/14/2016 God's Calling of Change Rhymechange,god,spiritual,
9/14/2016 The Wonder Of It All Rhymecreation,life,nature,
9/14/2016 Listen To Many Cries Rhymecry,friend,life,
9/13/2016 Feeding on Christ Rhymebible,christian,jesus,
9/13/2016 That Time Again Rhymeanniversary,poetry,words,

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Fav Poems

Perfect Kiss Rhymedance,desire,fire,kiss,
Star Light Rhymebeautiful,bible,encouragi
Send me no roses on Valentine's Day Rhymeart,beauty,creation,growt
Kiss Me Free verseautumn,crush,desire,kiss,
The Journey Rhymebible,devotion,encouragin
In A Perfect World Rhymefantasy,world,
In A Perfect World Kyriellepeace,world,
London Rhymelondon,
Rooted in Christ Quatrainfaith,god,jesus,truth,wis
Stay a While Rhymefeelings,friend,love,miss
Jesus Is Not In The Tomb Versejesus,truth,
A PLACE IN THE SUN Rondeau Redoubleemotions,faith,god,inspir
Cleanse me I do not know?fantasy,sensual,sexy,
Gone Free versebible,hope,
Is Anything Too Hard For The Lord Classicismblessing,christian,christ
Set Free Monorhymechristian,freedom,happine
The Light Rhymechristian,inspiration,

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