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Date PostedPoemTitleFormCategories
11/20/2017 Wrote Novena Light Poetryabortion,christian,trust,
11/18/2017 Dear Brothers and Sisters Bioabortion,christian,faith,
10/25/2016 Persevere through the struggles of life Lyricchristian,music,people,
10/17/2016 Courage Quatrainblack african american,ch
4/10/2016 Abbreviations and Initials List christian,devotion,faith,
4/10/2016 Catholic or Roman Catholic Priest Light Poetrychristian,devotion,faith,
3/21/2016 Catholic or Roman Catholic Church Haikuassonance,christian,devot
3/20/2016 Jesus or Father Christ in Paradise Free versechristian,devotion,faith,
3/20/2016 What is wrong with talking about other people Light Poetrychristian,devotion,faith,
3/19/2016 Of People and Things that hurt parishes List christian,devotion,faith,
3/19/2016 One way to avoid sin stop negative thoughts Light Poetrychristian,devotion,faith,
3/19/2016 Eternal God said Live with joy Light Poetrychristian,devotion,faith,
3/19/2016 Nine Ways to care for Gods creation Light Poetrychristian,devotion,faith,
3/19/2016 Feel at home in any Catholic church Light Poetrychristian,devotion,faith,
3/19/2016 The Passion Light Poetrychristian,devotion,faith,
3/18/2016 A blind man leads Light Poetrychristian,devotion,faith,
3/18/2016 A good workout makes for a great Eucharistic warm up Light Poetrychristian,devotion,faith,
3/18/2016 Strength against Evil Light Poetrychristian,devotion,faith,
3/18/2016 Do what Father Christ Jesus did Light Poetrychristian,devotion,faith,
3/18/2016 Families are not always Holy Light Poetrychristian,devotion,faith,
3/18/2016 Sometimes I get confused about the Gestures at Mass Light Poetrychristian,devotion,faith,
3/17/2016 Celebrate Your Mistakes List christian,devotion,faith,
3/17/2016 Father Christ Jesus cannot be trapped Light Poetrychristian,devotion,faith,
3/17/2016 Help inactive Catholics claim their prize Light Poetrychristian,devotion,faith,
3/17/2016 What does it take to be a disciple Light Poetrychristian,devotion,faith,
3/16/2016 What Is the Right Way to Pray Light Poetrychristian,devotion,faith,
3/16/2016 Resolve Conflicts in Jesus or Father Christ Way List christian,devotion,faith,
3/16/2016 Be Not Afraid Light Poetrychristian,devotion,faith,
3/16/2016 Are all sins equally bad or some worse than others Light Poetryblessing,christian,devoti
3/4/2016 Benefits of Mindful Meditation List christian,people,psycholo
3/4/2016 Mindfulness 2-26-16 Light Poetrychristian,people,psycholo
2/27/2016 Judging Quatrainchristian,depression,peop
2/27/2016 Judgments dominate our minds Coupletchristian,depression,psyc
2/27/2016 Awareness requires attention Coupletchristian,depression,peop
2/27/2016 Healing Haikuchristian,depression,psyc
2/27/2016 Healing not Curing Haikuchristian,devotion,faith,
2/27/2016 Ingredients of being Mindful List christian,people,philosop
10/10/2015 Litany of Divine Truth List christian,devotion,faith,
10/6/2015 Let Go of Distractions Light Poetrychristian,devotion,faith,
10/5/2015 Not Be Afraid to Marry Light Poetrychristian,devotion,faith,
9/30/2015 Our Friends, the Archangels Light Poetryangel,christian,devotion,
9/30/2015 To See Thee More Clearly Light Poetrychristian,devotion,faith,
9/29/2015 With Us in Joy and Sorrow Light Poetrychristian,devotion,faith,
9/29/2015 Turning Hate Into Love Light Poetrychristian,devotion,faith,
9/29/2015 Let God Help Free versechristian,devotion,faith,
9/29/2015 Support is not an Option Light Poetrychristian,devotion,faith,
9/29/2015 Hearing and Doing Versechristian,daughter,devoti
9/26/2015 For Peace in the Family Versechristian,devotion,faith,
9/26/2015 Prayer for those who live alone Coupletchristian,devotion,faith,
9/20/2015 For Our Own Good Versechristian,devotion,faith,
9/17/2015 7 Ways to fight the Flu List child,childhood,christian
8/30/2015 Free to believe Free versechristian,devotion,faith,
8/16/2015 Covenant House Balladchristian,devotion,faith,
8/16/2015 To the Eternal Holy Spirit Balladchristian,devotion,faith,
6/7/2015 Respect for the Prisoner Free versechristian,devotion,faith,
6/7/2015 Sent Into the World Light Poetrychristian,devotion,faith,
6/7/2015 Being Aware of Eternal Gods Blessings Light Poetrychristian,devotion,faith,
6/7/2015 Letting Go Free versechristian,devotion,faith,
6/5/2015 Take Time To Be With Eternal God Light Poetrychristian,devotion,faith,
6/5/2015 The Face of Eternal God Free versechristian,devotion,faith,
6/5/2015 Open to Eternal Gods Presence Light Poetrychristian,dedication,fait
6/5/2015 Stepping Outside Ourelves Free versechristian,devotion,faith,
6/3/2015 The Ability to Let Go Free versechristian,devotion,faith,
6/2/2015 A Sacrifice of the Highest Order Light Poetrychristian,devotion,faith,
6/2/2015 Day In, Day Out Faith Free versechristian,devotion,god,re
6/2/2015 Accepting Where We Are Light Poetrychristian,devotion,faith,
6/2/2015 Understanding Reconciliation Free versechristian,devotion,faith,
5/31/2015 Jesus, the Outcast, Is Victorious Light Poetrychristian,devotion,faith,
5/31/2015 Eternal God's Divine Order Free versechristian,devotion,faith,
5/9/2015 Wisdom again personified Personificationbeauty,bible,christian,fa
2/4/2015 3rd Luminous Mystery Didacticchristian,
2/4/2015 Rosary Crown of Sonnetschristian,devotion,faith,
2/4/2015 Planning Haikuchristian,people,
2/4/2015 Paying Attention to Safety List food,people,
2/4/2015 Canned and jarred foods List drink,food,work,
2/3/2015 Calcium is everywhere List body,child,childhood,chil
2/3/2015 Got Milk, Got nutrients List childhood,children,christ
2/2/2015 Free Fruits List fruit,
2/2/2015 Alcohol: Moderation is the key Light Poetryhealth,drug,
2/2/2015 Relationships between ethnicity and health risks Light Poetrycare,christian,environmen
2/2/2015 Understanding Lipids Light Poetrychristian,devotion,faith,
2/1/2015 Evaluating limits on carbs Light Poetrychristian,food,
2/1/2015 High blood pressure Light Poetrychristian,food,
2/1/2015 Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome Light Poetrychristian,food,
2/1/2015 Diabetes Light Poetrychristian,food,
2/1/2015 Obesity Light Poetrychristian,food,
1/31/2015 One Hundred Love Sonnets XVII Sonnetbody,flower,love,
1/31/2015 Untitled Light Poetrybible,christian,devotion,
1/31/2015 ZShepherd Song Free versebible,christian,devotion,
1/26/2015 Revealing His name Light Poetrybible,christian,devotion,
1/26/2015 Mysterious Name Light Poetrybible,christian,devotion,
1/25/2015 The language of faith Light Poetrybible,christian,devotion,
1/25/2015 Perseverance in faith Light Poetrybible,christian,devotion,
1/25/2015 The necessity of faith Light Poetrybible,christian,devotion,
1/25/2015 The freedom of faith Free versebible,christian,devotion,
1/25/2015 Faith and understanding Prose Poetrybible,christian,devotion,
1/25/2015 Faith is a human act Free versebible,christian,devotion,
1/25/2015 Faith is grace Free verseassonance,bible,christian
1/25/2015 To believe in the Eternal Holy Spirit Nonetbible,christian,devotion,
1/24/2015 To believe in Jesus or Father Christ Free versebible,christian,devotion,

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