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Date PostedPoemTitleFormCategories
11/27/2010 Solitary Confinement Free versedeath,loss,
11/27/2010 Epitaph Haikuloss
11/27/2010 Uncomplicated Free verseintrospection,loss
5/2/2010 Forest of Folly Free versenature
4/5/2010 Churn and Chide Pantoumintrospectionlife,death,b
4/5/2010 She Was Anne Free versehistory,introspectionname
2/19/2010 Black Beauty Free versedeath,introspection
2/19/2010 Dimensions Free verseblack-african amerme,moth
2/19/2010 A Thin Yellow Line Free verseintrospection,life
2/19/2010 Ashen Sonnetintrospection,love
2/19/2010 The Space In-Between Free verseintrospection,life,loss
2/19/2010 Greyheaded Dreams Free verseintrospection,life
2/19/2010 Infallible Free versedeath,introspection,life
6/10/2009 Sunday Sanitarium Free versedeath,life,loss
6/10/2009 The Coupling Of Twilight Free versenature
6/10/2009 Blind Ambition Free verseintrospection,life,nature
6/3/2009 Mirrored Silence Free versefamily,introspection,life
6/3/2009 The Stillness of Dawn Free versedeath
6/3/2009 Movement of Breath Free verseintrospection,life
5/31/2009 Cloak of Silence Free versedeathautumn,
5/31/2009 Chronicles of Life Free verseintrospection
5/31/2009 Bruised Free verselost love,love
5/31/2009 Aria of Love Free verseloveme,
5/31/2009 Revelations Free versenature
1/5/2009 Naked Dissent Free verseintrospection,life
1/22/2008 Empty Nourishment Free verseintrospection,life,philos
3/29/2007 The Beaten Path Heroic Coupletshope,introspection,life,l
3/29/2007 Glory's Tragedy Free verseintrospection,social,nigh
3/29/2007 Rosa's Eyes Free verseblack african american,hi
3/29/2007 Talking Frank Free verseconfusion,history,people,
3/29/2007 Angel Of Death Free versedeath,history,people,
3/29/2007 To Russia With Love Free versepeople,places,social,pove
3/29/2007 Orgasm Of Sadness Free verseintrospection,life,on wri
3/29/2007 The Luck Of The Irish Free verseintrospection,people,plac
3/29/2007 Time Means Nothing When You Love Free verseintrospection,loss,love,h
3/29/2007 Star Of David Free versehistory,people,sad,social
3/29/2007 Final Fantasy Free verseintrospection,life,on wri
3/29/2007 I Saw A Young Man Die Today Rhymeintrospection,life,social
3/29/2007 Plausible Denial Heroic Coupletsintrospection,philosophy,
3/29/2007 I Hear My Mothers Voice Free verseintrospection,life,mother
3/29/2007 Of Africa Free verseintrospection,places,soci
3/29/2007 All Roads Lead To The Holy Land Rhymehistory,people,places,soc
3/29/2007 The Land Of Milk And Honey Rhymehistory,places,
3/29/2007 Cross Roads Rhymehistory,people,places,
3/29/2007 Colored Secrets Free verseintrospection,life,social
3/29/2007 Curled Up With Shakespeare Free verseintrospection,life,social
3/28/2007 Marked With His X Free versehistory,inspirational,soc
3/28/2007 Frailty Thy Name Is Rhymehope,inspirational,intros
3/28/2007 Poised Pen Free verseinspirational,peace,philo
11/10/2006 Lest We Forget Rhymeanniversary,death,history
10/24/2006 Midnight In The Garden Of Good And Evil Free verseintrospection,life,lost l
10/22/2006 Evolving Sonnethope,introspection,life,w
10/13/2006 Goddess Supreme Rhymehistory,people,places,god
10/6/2006 Voices Of Communication Free versehealth,people,social,worl
10/6/2006 Life In The Fast Lane Rhymepeople,sad,social,cancer,
10/6/2006 Seeds Sown Rictameterblack african american,in
10/6/2006 Into The Light (Pantoum) Rhymefaith,inspirational,uplif
9/6/2006 One Last Dance Free verselife,lost love,sad,dance,
9/1/2006 My Left Breast Free verseintrospection,life,loss,s
8/28/2006 Red Lights Free versepeople,sad,social,
8/28/2006 I Can Keep A Secret Free verseloss,sad,social,
8/24/2006 Tatayana The Water Fairy Rhymefor children,happiness,im
8/24/2006 Cradle to the Grave Rhymedeath,hope,life,social,
8/15/2006 Ode To My Love (Old English) Sonnethappiness,love,wife,love,
8/15/2006 Ode To My Love (Modern English version) Sonnethappiness,hope,uplifting,
8/15/2006 Serene Mount Rictameterfaith,nature,places,
8/15/2006 Unsung Heroes Rhymedeath,history,people,sad,
8/15/2006 Forbidden Cavern Free verseintrospection,life,passio
8/15/2006 Lucifer's Cry Rhymefaith,imagination,people,
8/15/2006 Dreamland Rhymehope,imagination,life,day
8/14/2006 The Last Pharoah Sonnethistory,people,places,bea
8/14/2006 Freudian Free verselife,philosophy,social,
8/14/2006 Discreet Desire Free verseintrospection,life,passio
8/14/2006 Little Boy Sings A Song Rhymelife,sad,social,song,old,
8/14/2006 Botticelli's Dream Rhymeart,happiness,uplifting,b
8/14/2006 Freedom's Price Narrativeintrospection,life,sad,so
8/14/2006 Poetic Values Rhymeintrospection,life,on wri
8/14/2006 Hanging By A Moment Free verseintrospection,life,social
8/14/2006 Symphony Free verseinspirational,nature,upli
8/14/2006 Poetic Ballet Free verseart,inspirational,uplifti
8/14/2006 Hollywood Freaks Free verseintrospection,life,people
8/14/2006 Island Home Rhymenature,nostalgia,places,o
8/14/2006 Epitaph Epitaphdeath,introspection,sad,
8/14/2006 Dreaming Rhymehope,imagination,life,dre
8/14/2006 The Wind Whispers Our Names Rhymeintrospection,native amer
8/14/2006 Men Of Islam Rhymepeace,social,visionary,me
8/14/2006 One Too Many Rhymedeath,introspection,socia
8/14/2006 The Morning After Free verseintrospection,life,love,s
8/14/2006 Spirit Of The Wolf Rhymeintrospection,nature,sad,
8/14/2006 Randy Andy Rhymeintrospection,life,love,m
8/14/2006 The Fickle Hand Of Fate Free verseintrospection,life,loss,,
8/14/2006 Holes Free versedeath,introspection,philo
8/14/2006 When Doves Cry Free verselife,philosophy,sad,
8/14/2006 All Mine Rhymefamily,funny,life,me,me,
8/14/2006 Crayons Free versechildhood,sad,social,happ
8/14/2006 Enchanted Forest Free verseintrospection,life,nature
8/14/2006 Enlightenment Free verseinspirational,nature,phil
8/14/2006 Masked Anticipation Free verselife,love,passion,
8/14/2006 The Phone Free verselife,love,passion,
8/14/2006 The Way We Were Free versedeath,family,loss,water,w

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