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4/12/2013 coming attraction Free verselife,change,hope,
3/30/2013 remember the random acts Free verselife,
3/30/2013 the demonologist Free verselife,power,
3/30/2013 the most famous man who ever lived Free verselife,
3/28/2013 good ol backwards North Dakota Free verselife,woman,
3/27/2013 big apple drones Free verselife,
3/27/2013 christian drama week Free verselife,
3/25/2013 Kim Kardashians weight Free verselife,care,care,
3/24/2013 Jodis happy handstand Free verselife,
3/24/2013 the capacity to care Free verselife,world,life,
3/24/2013 expectancy Free verselife,
3/23/2013 he looks like jesus Free verselife,
3/23/2013 negotiating liar convention Free verselife,
3/17/2013 warning signs Free verselife,
3/17/2013 aiding the enemy Free verselife,
3/17/2013 death of a christian science English teacher Free verselife,
3/17/2013 for the reaper need not hesitate at the bathroom door Free verselife,heart,heart,
3/15/2013 when a prophet dies Free verselife,
3/15/2013 the unaccountable Free verselife,kindergarten,
3/15/2013 all walks of life Free verselife,
3/15/2013 the undiscovered artist Free verselife,
3/15/2013 manufacturing a destructor Free verselife,heart,heart,
3/12/2013 suicidal South Dakota Free verselife,teacher,teacher,
3/9/2013 burst Free verselife,
3/9/2013 kudos to the 5 Point Free verselife,
3/9/2013 the directions Free verselife,
3/9/2013 shoes off in the house Free verselife,
3/8/2013 as the vultures gather to suck beautiful Venezuela dry Free verselife,
3/3/2013 the changed man Free verselife,lost,lost,together,
3/3/2013 the catch-up Free verselife,
3/3/2013 Dennis and Jong-un Free verselife,planet,
3/2/2013 the possibility Free verselife,storm,
3/2/2013 electing the new pope Free verselife,child,easter,child,
3/2/2013 starting over with the end in sight Free verselife,leaving,
2/26/2013 calming the territory Free verselife,
2/23/2013 stuck Free verselife,time,
2/23/2013 anal Free verselife,pain,
2/23/2013 on monogamy Free verselife,life,together,
2/23/2013 comin clean with jesus Free verselife,woman,
2/23/2013 watching joey fall Free verselife,world,
2/20/2013 when the secret gets out Free verselife,woman,
2/20/2013 comedians and magicians Free verselife,
2/20/2013 corporate whores and company men Free verselife,drug,
2/16/2013 the wet look Free verselife,
2/16/2013 21st century american-college-student-fresh-outta-school bedtime rhyme Free verselife,
2/16/2013 middle finger reminder Free verselife,
2/15/2013 on the outright blatant charbroiling of Christopher Dorner Free verselife,
2/10/2013 the chemise Free verselife,
2/10/2013 ways to leave Free verselife,
2/10/2013 fell in love with a screen actress Free verselife,fire,fire,
2/9/2013 the murder coming Free verselife,care,people,care,hea
2/9/2013 eyes of a child Free verselife,child,child,
2/9/2013 for the white powder Free verselife,
2/8/2013 on reincarnation Free verselife,
2/6/2013 aromatic memory Free verselife,
2/6/2013 blackmail Free verselife,day,may,mother,
2/6/2013 pump em full of roids Free verselife,drug,
2/2/2013 on the ----ng over of Chelsea Welch: part II Free verselife,work,work,
2/2/2013 on the ----ng over of Chelsea Welch: part I Free verselife,
2/1/2013 marketability Free verselife,woman,dream,america,
2/1/2013 when politicians cry Free verselife,
2/1/2013 the peak Free verselife,
1/27/2013 the enricher Footlelife,care,care,
1/27/2013 tables turned Free verselife,
1/26/2013 foundational wreckage Free verselife,
1/26/2013 the bargaining chip Free verselife,heart,heart,leaving,
1/26/2013 pertinent Free verselife,death,death,cancer,
1/20/2013 when privacy died Free verselife,slavery,
1/20/2013 the rhino and cougar conundrum Free verselife,
1/20/2013 dual madness Free verselife,
1/19/2013 joe kelleys dick size Free verselife,world,men,
1/19/2013 the hero Free verselife,cancer,
1/19/2013 sleeptalker Free verselife,
1/16/2013 the first sign Free verselife,
1/16/2013 gagas gun bra Free verselife,
1/16/2013 the mungo hipster Free verselife,
1/13/2013 blame Free verselife,
1/13/2013 sour Free verselife,
1/13/2013 vendicarsi Free verselife,
1/9/2013 property Free verselife,
1/9/2013 patterns Free verselife,
1/9/2013 translucent Free verselife,
1/3/2013 temporary Free verselife,
1/3/2013 time served Free verselife,time,time,
1/3/2013 DWG Free verselife,
12/31/2012 single truth Free verselife,world,
12/31/2012 directly Free verselife,
12/31/2012 L Free verselife,cancer,
12/30/2012 New Years hallucinations Free verselife,world,new years day,
12/30/2012 the flirt Free verselife,may,
12/30/2012 parameters Free verselife,
12/30/2012 an ode to the anti-apocalyptophobiacs of the world Free verselife,people,people,
12/30/2012 note to self II Free verselife,
12/28/2012 learn Mandarin Free verselife,
12/28/2012 no need for Niebuhr Free verselife,
12/28/2012 grounded, focused Free verselife,
12/28/2012 the consequentialist Free verselife,
12/28/2012 confidence Free verselife,world,
12/27/2012 the traditionalist Free verselife,son,wedding,son,wedd
12/27/2012 redeeming qualities Free verselife,

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