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Date PostedPoemTitleFormCategories
7/16/2013 Martian Conniosseur Haikuscience,space,tribute,pla
1/6/2013 ZOMBIE DAWNING Sonnetdark,metaphor,political,s
6/20/2012 Snooze Button Rhymefunny,on work and working
6/19/2012 Kilmer On Dickinson Quatrainon writing and words,
6/19/2012 THERAPY Acrosticphilosophy,visionary,
6/14/2012 Yowl part three Free versecomputer-internet,parody,
6/14/2012 Yowl part two Free versecomputer-internet,parody,
6/14/2012 Yowl part one b Free versecomputer-internet,parody,
6/14/2012 Yowl part one a Free versecomputer-internet,parody,
6/13/2012 On This Day In History Sonnetpolitical,
6/11/2012 Glint Haikuallegory,on writing and w
6/9/2012 Tipping Point Sonnetnature,visionary,
6/3/2012 Opening Night Free versenature,universe,
5/31/2012 Rhyniognatha hirsti Sonnetscience,
5/30/2012 Off The Scale Limerickfunny,parody,science,
5/29/2012 Alone At The Party Sonneton writing and words,soci
5/28/2012 Fearful Symmetry Quatrainparody,science,
5/26/2012 40km2 Haikuloss,natural disasters,sa
5/20/2012 Reassessment Sonnetpeople,
5/12/2012 Ares Sonnetfriendship,loss,war,
5/10/2012 Dollar Stores Haikulife,
5/9/2012 Calm Down Light Poetrymusic,philosophy,
5/6/2012 Performance Anxiety Sonneton writing and words,poet
5/5/2012 God Hates Critics Sonnetfaith,philosophy,religion
5/4/2012 What Attitude These Journals Have Today Coupleton writing and words,
5/1/2012 Getting Serious Free versedevotion,girlfriend-boyfr
5/1/2012 The Nature of Mourning Blank versedeath,
3/12/2012 Eden In The Eye Of The Beholder Blank versevisionary,
1/12/2012 Topping The Star Charts Sonnetfunny,science,
1/10/2012 Movie Trailer: The Emerging Poet--Rated R Blank verseon writing and words,paro
1/7/2012 Modern Haiku Haikufunny,
1/7/2012 Most Vocal Critic Rhymefamily,on writing and wor
1/7/2012 Scientific Exemplification Rhymescience,
1/6/2012 Hansel's Hope Rhymeon writing and words,
1/6/2012 Alone At The Party Sonneton writing and words,
1/3/2012 CONDEMNED DISCIPLES Sonnetallegory,angst,computer-i
1/2/2012 Why Sonnets Biofunny,on writing and word
1/2/2012 Culinary Connivances Sonnetfood,funny,
12/30/2011 Theory Of Everything Sonnetfunny,science,trust,
9/11/2011 In Praise Quatrainsocial,
9/11/2011 Seasoned Sonnetangst,anniversary,dedicat
9/4/2011 Cold Comfort Sonnetromance,science,planet,
8/21/2011 WHAT YOU MEAN TO ME Sonnetromance,visionary,
8/20/2011 SOLIDLY Ethereal Sonnetscience,
8/5/2011 RETROPY Haikuscience,
7/31/2011 M-THEORY Sonnetscience,lost,lost,
7/3/2011 Wave Goodbye Limerickscience
6/7/2011 Performance Anxiety Sonneton writing and wordspoetr
6/2/2011 Unreflective Sonnetallegory,depression,
5/25/2011 At Odds Sonnetfaith,science,
5/25/2011 Universal Misconception Sonnetscience,space,visionary,u
5/24/2011 Woulds Of Pursuit Sonnetromance
5/24/2011 No Prince Charming Rhymeromanceme,love,me,
5/23/2011 Wholly God Sonnetfaith,philosophy,god,god,
5/21/2011 Angels' Loss Sonnetphilosophy,
5/20/2011 What We See Sonnetscience
5/18/2011 Toy Foible Sonnetphilosophy
5/18/2011 Bright Hope Sonnetmusiclonging,
5/16/2011 Addictive Designs Iambic Pentameterscience fiction
5/16/2011 Point Of View Sonnetscience fiction,
5/16/2011 Supplication Sonnetscience
5/16/2011 SENSE OF FUN Acrosticphilosophy
5/16/2011 Sonnet Without An Audience Sonneton writing and wordswords
5/16/2011 Partial Celebrity Free versepeople
5/16/2011 Automodel Sonnetallegory
5/16/2011 Breaking Symmetry Sonnetscience
5/16/2011 Reflection Sonnetphilosophy
5/15/2011 Godma Haikuphilosophy
5/15/2011 My Other Poems Are About Jesus Rhymeparody
5/15/2011 Dilemma Sonnetphilosophy,religion,scien
5/15/2011 God's Image Iambic Pentameterphilosophyimage,
5/15/2011 Harboring Censorship Sonnetreligion
5/15/2011 Seeds Of Knowledge Sonnetreligiongrandmother,
5/15/2011 Sleepless Safari Sonnetreligionanimal,animal,
5/15/2011 Wonderful Wake-Up Free verseromanceme,me,morning,
5/14/2011 Miss Fortune Sonnetpeoplelove,drug,
5/14/2011 Bible's Babel Babble Sonnetreligion
5/14/2011 San Grail Or Sangria Sonnethistory
5/14/2011 THE GOOD FIGHT Monorhymeon writing and wordsme,
5/14/2011 Natural Selection Free versescience
5/13/2011 Silent Partner Coupleton work and workinglife,
5/13/2011 Most Vocal Critic Quatrainon writing and wordspeopl
5/13/2011 RELIGIOUS SPECTACLE Sonnetphilosophy,
5/13/2011 Black Hole Sonnetscience
5/13/2011 TRANSMOGRAPHY Free verseon writing and words
5/12/2011 Seasoned Sonnethistoryautumn,
5/12/2011 Lyric a la Mode Free verseon writing and words
5/12/2011 Browser Free verseon writing and words
5/12/2011 Tonya's Tome Free verseon writing and words
5/12/2011 Open Mic Free verseon writing and wordspraye
5/11/2011 THE POET DREAMS Blank verseon writing and words
5/10/2011 Haiku Haikuparody
4/27/2011 Dark Matter Sonnetscience,space,universe,
4/25/2011 Five Hours In The No Go Zone Sonnetloss,people,recovery from
4/25/2011 Survival Of The Witless Sonnetphilosophy
4/24/2011 Wasted On The Young Sonnetinspirational,introspecti
4/21/2011 Standing Unspecified Quatrainfunny,on writing and word
4/20/2011 Dream Waiver Free versedepression,girlfriend-boy
4/19/2011 The Desperate Ones Sonnetintrospection,on writing
4/19/2011 Trump Up Clerihewfunny,people,political,sa

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