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My Recent Poems

Date PostedPoemTitleFormCategories
2/7/2012 Playwight Light Poetryfunny,me,work,me,work,
2/1/2012 The Narrow View Light Poetryfunny,world,
1/31/2012 Seussless Light Poetryfunny,world,friend,love,
1/10/2012 Ian's Game Part two Light Poetryfunny,fun,
1/10/2012 Ian's Game Part One Light Poetryfunny,night,games,night,t
1/9/2012 The Indonesian Drum Light Poetryfunny,wife,home,day,home,
1/5/2012 Sing a Thong of Seafood Light Poetryfunny,
1/3/2012 The Bard Conclusion Light Poetryfunny,beauty,sound,beauty
1/3/2012 The Bard Part 0ne Light Poetryfunny,
1/2/2012 The Wandering Fool Light Poetryfunny,day,sweet,fire,day,
1/2/2012 The Fools Tale Light Poetryfunny,name,girl,name,
1/2/2012 The Wraiths Tale Light Poetryfunny,world,heart,heart,l
1/1/2012 Duke, Duke, Duke, Duke of Plouck, Plouck, Plouck Light Poetryfunny,
1/1/2012 The Duchess Tale Light Poetryfunny,
1/1/2012 The Dukes Tale Light Poetryfunny,
12/31/2011 Advice Grip Light Poetryfunny,
12/31/2011 The Seers Tale Light Poetryfunny,
12/31/2011 The Conjurers Tale Light Poetryfunny,
12/30/2011 Sir John and the Dragon Light Poetryfunny,
12/30/2011 The Tale of the Lady in Waiting Light Poetryfunny,love,
12/30/2011 The Knights Tale Light Poetryfunny,
12/29/2011 The Queens Tale Light Poetryadventure,
12/29/2011 The Kings Tale Light Poetryadventure,change,
12/29/2011 The Royal Wedding Light Poetryadventure,son,son,
12/28/2011 Thump Thump Thump Boom NP Light Poetryfunny,
12/28/2011 The Word Light Poetryinspirational,words,god,l
12/28/2011 To Linda Marie From Tony Lane Light Poetrydedication,
12/28/2011 A Mouse in the House Light Poetryfor children,funny,house,
12/27/2011 Treasure Light Poetryadventure,sea,sea,
12/23/2011 Sick Day Light Poetryfunny,autumn,day,
12/22/2011 Security Blanket Light Poetryfunny,me,
12/21/2011 Nothing but Blue Skies Light Poetryfunny,sun,
12/20/2011 Motivation Light Poetryinspirational,me,me,
12/19/2011 The Great Manger Heist Light Poetryfunny,holiday,baby,heart,
12/17/2011 What Did You Get Light Poetryfunny,holiday,fire,fire,
12/16/2011 The Optimistic Pessimists Resolutions Light Poetryfunny,holiday,me,me,time,
12/15/2011 The Christmas Paradox Light Poetryfunny,holiday,christmas,t
12/14/2011 The Christmas Hound Light Poetryfunny,holiday,christmas,c
12/13/2011 MAL Light Poetryfunny,holiday,me,me,
12/12/2011 Christmas Angst Light Poetryfunny,holiday,christmas,c
12/11/2011 For the Man Who Has Everything Light Poetryfunny,holiday,christmas,d
12/10/2011 A Tough Christmas Cookie Light Poetryfunny,holiday,christmas,p
12/9/2011 Santas Cause Light Poetryfunny,holiday,
12/8/2011 Its Christmas Time in Dodge City Light Poetrycowboy-western,funny,holi
12/7/2011 The Magic of Christmas Light Poetryfunny,holiday,christmas,c
12/6/2011 The Bowing Tree Light Poetryfunny,holiday,christmas,t
12/5/2011 Christmas Bells Arent Ringing Light Poetryfunny,holiday,christmas,c
12/4/2011 Solstice Light Poetryfunny,holiday,
12/3/2011 Wallets Light Poetrycaregiving,father,funny,f
12/2/2011 Mirage Light Poetrycowboy-western,water,wate
12/1/2011 Gift Receipt Light Poetryfunny,holiday,christmas,c
11/30/2011 Is it Here Yet Light Poetryfunny,holiday,christmas,c
11/29/2011 The First Christmas Present Light Poetryfunny,holiday,christmas,b
11/28/2011 My Lay Away Plan Light Poetryfunny,christmas,mom,chris
11/27/2011 The Head Hunter Christmas Light Poetryfunny,christmas,family,ch
11/26/2011 The Lights of Christmas Light Poetryfunny,house,house,
11/25/2011 Death of a Salesman Light Poetryfunny,prayer,
11/24/2011 Black Friday Dreaming Light Poetryfunny,me,
11/23/2011 Revelry of the Glutton Light Poetryfunny,me,food,me,
11/22/2011 Big Head Light Poetryfunny,me,easter,me,
11/21/2011 Crossroads Light Poetrymystery,love,me,
11/20/2011 Dark Woods MAL Light Poetryfantasy,wife,sound,dark,f
11/19/2011 Justice Santa Style Light Poetryfunny,holiday,christmas,m
11/18/2011 Giving Thanks Light Poetryfunny,holiday,food,
11/17/2011 Our Thanksgiving Light Poetryholiday,
11/16/2011 Tullys Automobile Light Poetryfunny,car,
11/15/2011 A Cowboys Prayer of Thanks Light Poetryfunny,me,thank you,me,tha
11/14/2011 Balloons Light Poetryfunny,thanksgiving,time,t
11/13/2011 Nancy and Lyles Wedding Light Poetryfood,funny,wedding,me,nic
11/12/2011 The Apple Pie of His Eye Light Poetryfamily,holiday,thanksgivi
11/11/2011 Dear Miss Monkey Manners VIII Light Poetryfunny,girl,me,
11/10/2011 The Birth of Tradition Light Poetryfunny,holiday,men,women,h
11/9/2011 The Bird is the Word Light Poetryfunny,holiday,thanksgivin
11/8/2011 Rockers in Rockers Light Poetryfunny,hope,
11/7/2011 Tryptophantastic Light Poetryfunny,holiday,
11/6/2011 Somethings Fishy Light Poetryfaith,funny,god,fish,god,
11/5/2011 Keep Singing Solomon Light Poetryfunny,me,
11/5/2011 Labor Day Light Poetryfunny,world,labor day,
11/4/2011 A Pirates Prayer of Thanks Light Poetryfunny,sea,me,sea,thank yo
11/3/2011 The Man in the Mirror Light Poetryfunny,time,
11/2/2011 A Childs Thanksgiving Prayer Light Poetryfunny,me,thanks,thanksgiv
11/1/2011 die-Pod Light Poetryfunny,
11/1/2011 The End Light Poetryfunny,
10/31/2011 Popsicle Day Dream Light Poetryfunny,sea,sea,
10/30/2011 That Old Time Religion Light Poetryreligion,world,old,people
10/29/2011 Terry Flynn Light Poetryfunny,
10/28/2011 Muzjiks Light Poetryfunny,
10/28/2011 Dear Miss Monkey Manners VII Light Poetryfunny,me,
10/27/2011 The Forbidden Pumpkin Pie Light Poetryfunny,teacher,teacher,
10/27/2011 Goats in Space Light Poetryfunny,
10/26/2011 The Rock and the Lizard Light Poetryfunny,water,water,
10/25/2011 Walking Steps Light Poetryfunny,
10/24/2011 Street Person Light Poetrysocial,sympathy,
10/24/2011 Killer Tomatoes Light Poetryfunny,me,garden,me,
10/24/2011 Nick Knacks Light Poetrycaregiving,father,
10/23/2011 I Write Light Poetryfunny,me,
10/22/2011 Attack of the Giant Insects Light Poetryfunny,for her,for her,her
10/21/2011 Sisyphus Light Poetryfunny,me,work,day,me,work
10/21/2011 Dog People Light Poetryfunny,
10/21/2011 The Promised Land Light Poetryfunny,god,people,god,peop

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Bubble Love Rhymelove,
Dirranbandi River Rhymeadventure,
Lover's Knot Rhymelove,fear,love,me,
Beasts Carolyn Balladeadventure,

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