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Date PostedPoemTitleFormCategories
9/24/2016 2:38AM Free versetruth,
9/21/2016 When was the last time you were this honest Free verselife,love,words,
5/3/2016 This place Free versepain,
1/4/2014 illusion maybe I do not know?feelings
1/4/2014 Wrote I do not know?love
9/10/2013 REMAINING I do not know?life,lonely,lost,love,lyr
8/8/2013 faced ABClost love
8/8/2013 when ABClost love
7/7/2013 Those lonely nights I do not know?lost love
1/12/2013 So It's Personal 080412 I do not know?angst,lost love,
12/7/2012 Wanting yours I do not know?love,memory,
12/7/2012 Spake I do not know?life,love,memory,love,me,
11/26/2012 A Flame Once Burned I do not know?lost love,love,me,me,
9/3/2012 Letting You Know What's Real Free verselost love,sad,heart,heart
9/3/2012 The Attachment Is Gone Free verselost love,betrayal,
7/10/2012 Discovering Truth I do not know?life,song-lyric,words,me,
12/28/2011 You're mistaken I do not know?lifeme,love,me,
9/3/2011 Thoughts unknown, proof there of unknown I do not know?life,people,philosophy,pe
9/3/2011 My Youthful Stride Free verseblack african american,li
7/20/2011 A bite I do not know?lifelove,me,
7/20/2011 Time can't wait I do not know?life
7/12/2011 My love I do not know?loveme,me,
6/11/2011 How it's seen I do not know?life,love,life,
6/11/2011 my little notes I do not know?song-lyricworld,love,i lo
5/18/2011 your song lyrics I do not know?lost loveme,
3/28/2011 Crop Your Face 0ut I do not know?life,lost love,
3/14/2011 A voice of many I do not know?visionary
3/14/2011 ITS POWER I do not know?romanceme,smile,
3/14/2011 A waste I do not know?lost love
3/10/2011 My Mind Today I do not know?life
3/9/2011 IN MY HEAD I do not know?life
3/9/2011 What i think I do not know?socialmay,
3/9/2011 Warning I do not know?angst
3/3/2011 Ha Truth I do not know?loveme,hate,me,i love you
2/15/2011 Realize I do not know?life,loss,
2/11/2011 my rules I do not know?husband,life,love,wife,me
2/10/2011 To Stay I do not know?lossbetrayal,
1/29/2011 TAKE ON THIS JOURNEY I do not know?loveme,me,
1/19/2011 barefoot I do not know?life
1/18/2011 highly misunderstood I do not know?life
1/18/2011 heart note I do not know?hope,life,loss,lost love,
12/14/2010 my most inner thoughts I do not know?philosophy
12/14/2010 Lying next to you I do not know?girlfriend-boyfriend
12/13/2010 anger to shame to blame I do not know?angst,forgiveness,loss,sa
12/11/2010 MISSING YOU I do not know?dedication,lost love,me,g
12/11/2010 I SHOULD FEEL VENGEANCE I do not know?husband,life,lost love,
12/9/2010 What's in store for you and i I do not know?girlfriend-boyfriend
12/9/2010 Love me I do not know?loveme,me,
12/2/2010 drowning I do not know?life
11/25/2010 simple words I do not know?inspirationalwords,
11/15/2010 Just Because I do not know?losslove,
11/3/2010 I Know For A Fact I do not know?lifeme,me,
10/26/2010 Set The Example! I do not know?life
10/25/2010 My heart says I do not know?lost love
10/19/2010 My Truth I do not know?life
10/18/2010 Excepting myself I do not know?girlfriend-boyfriendme,me
10/16/2010 "I Love You" I do not know?girlfriend-boyfriend,life
10/16/2010 That very day I do not know?lovetime,granddaughter,
10/16/2010 My Friday Night I do not know?lifeday,
10/14/2010 i am me I do not know?happiness,life,girl,happy
10/14/2010 what i dream I do not know?girlfriend-boyfriendme,me
10/4/2010 His Fall I do not know?loss
9/28/2010 Mind + body I do not know?body,
9/15/2010 Because Of His Love I do not know?love
9/2/2010 No one else but, you I do not know?love
9/2/2010 Dirt Trail I do not know?life
9/2/2010 Love Ruling I do not know?love
9/2/2010 Key Lock I do not know?lovelove,
9/2/2010 Artist mind I do not know?art
9/2/2010 #1 in given sight I do not know?happiness
9/2/2010 Wounded Soul I do not know?life
9/2/2010 Profound I do not know?love,song-lyric,me,love,m
9/2/2010 My Personal Closet I do not know?life
9/2/2010 You're I do not know?girlfriend-boyfriend,love
9/2/2010 Never thought I do not know?girlfriend-boyfriend
9/2/2010 When it comes to I do not know?girlfriend-boyfriend
9/2/2010 What he's sporting !! I do not know?lifelife,sports,
9/2/2010 It Is This I do not know?girlfriend-boyfriend,love
9/2/2010 A lover's Emotion I do not know?lost love
9/2/2010 Hurt Seen I do not know?sympathy
9/2/2010 I appreciate you I do not know?life,love,love,me,mother,
9/2/2010 You Don't Have To I do not know?socialme,hate,love,me,
9/2/2010 Attached I do not know?life,love,me,love,me,

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