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Date PostedPoemTitleFormCategories
2/28/2017 Where They Dug for Gold Versechildren,earth day,educat
11/24/2016 Doctors Orders Free versefamily,holiday,
11/6/2016 Tunnel Phobia Free verseadventure,fear,
9/19/2016 Just One More Free verseanimal,people,
8/3/2016 Remember Free verseage,memory,school,time,
8/3/2016 Partners in Folly Free versefriendship,horse,poetry,
7/25/2012 Pick of the Litter Nonetanimals,
2/15/2012 Wearing the Green Free versenature,
1/16/2012 As Far As You Can Go on Foot Rondeaupeace,peace,peace,
1/16/2012 Paradiso Sonnetart,faith,visionary,
1/16/2012 Iron Horse, 1840 Villanellehistory,nature,sky,
12/24/2011 Sourdough Versefood,life,
12/24/2011 Painting Lessons Verseart,
12/24/2011 Blacksmith Song II Versework,
12/24/2011 Dance Steps Versedaughter,
12/24/2011 Small Hard Things Verselife,fruit,
12/24/2011 Back to Canyon Country Versechildhood,
12/24/2011 September Wedding Versewedding,
12/10/2011 haiku Haikuseasons,
12/10/2011 Iron Verselife,
12/10/2011 Crossroads Trioletlife,
11/30/2011 Above the Fog Versedeath,
11/23/2011 Fickle Trioletanimals,
11/4/2011 November Walk Verseseasons,
10/29/2011 Heavy Free versenostalgia,
10/29/2011 Tree Swallow Versenature,
10/21/2011 Flexing My Sestinas Sestinahealth,nature,world,
9/21/2011 Sept 21 Free versenatural disasters,
6/27/2011 Hard-Rock Miners: a photo, 1850 Triolethistory
6/6/2011 'Fire Road - Closed to Public Entry' Verselovemoon,
5/12/2011 From Kew Bridge, 1864 Rispettonature
4/27/2011 Parachutes Versefamily
4/2/2011 Free Land Free versenature
2/16/2011 Leaving the War Behind Versehistorywar,peace,peace,wa
11/27/2010 Migration Free verseplaces
10/27/2010 Thirty-Three Miners Pantoumhopeworld,
8/26/2010 This Spot of Sunshine Free versecaregiving
8/26/2010 Digressions on Billboard Haiku Free versetravel
8/23/2010 Pronouns Trioletphilosophy
8/22/2010 In the Pawn Shop Free verselife
7/18/2010 Vox Populi Vox Dei Free versehistory,peace,visionary
2/26/2010 Upcountry (a rhopalic) I do not know?nature
2/25/2010 Mending Nets Free verselife
12/25/2009 Christmas at the Rauhe Haus Free verseholiday,inspirationalchil
12/2/2009 White Heat, Necessary Coldness Free versenature
12/2/2009 Gardens Free versenature
12/2/2009 Sky Watch Free verseintrospection
11/16/2009 Recipe Free versefood
11/16/2009 Saturday in the Schoolyard Free versechildhood
11/16/2009 Fence: A Definition Free verselife
11/16/2009 Taking the Dog to the Vet Free verseanimals
11/16/2009 Trying to Find Kroto Free verseadventure
8/7/2009 You Were Made for Me Free verselife
8/6/2009 Recipe Free versefood
7/26/2009 Sesquipedality: Edward Capern at Boscobel House Acrostichistory
7/17/2009 August Midnight Haikuseasons
7/16/2009 In the Fold Free verseimagination
6/3/2009 About Freiburg, 1968 List places
3/11/2009 Safe Free verseanimalssleep,
1/13/2009 Shadorma for a Squirt of Dish Soap Verseimagination
1/13/2009 Matins, a Shadorma Versenature
1/12/2009 In Search of Solemint Free versechildhood
12/15/2008 A Chansonette for Charles Versehistoryold,lost,lost,old,
4/8/2008 Get Well Trioletfriendship,health,sea,sea
3/23/2008 Ants Free verseanimals,nature,philosophy
3/23/2008 Not Quite Lost Free versefunny,people,time,
2/16/2008 Wind, a Rondelet Lyriclife,natural disasters,pl
2/16/2008 Naming German Shepherd Puppies List animals,loss,pets,
2/16/2008 Treshold Spirits Lyricfaith,hope,life,
1/31/2008 Mountain Lilac Haikuimagination,nature,season
1/31/2008 Buttercups Lyricnature,seasons,song-lyric
11/2/2007 Home for the Holidays Free versefamily,holiday,life,me,
8/29/2007 Unsocial Alliterationanimals,nature,sister,
8/29/2007 Estate Sale Trioletfamily,loss,nostalgia,hou
8/27/2007 Homecoming Crystallinefamily,happiness,places,
8/27/2007 Crystal Crystallineintrospection,nature,seas
8/27/2007 In the Shade of Dogwood Crystallinenature,places,seasons,
8/27/2007 August Midnight Crystallineintrospection,life,season
7/10/2007 College April Trioletloss,people,social,
7/10/2007 Wilderness Garden Free versefaith,introspection,natur
7/10/2007 East and West Free verselife,nature,time,
6/5/2007 Pennywhistle Tune Balladfunny,parody,song-lyric,m
4/14/2007 Helen Free versehappiness,life,people,
3/12/2007 Almost Easter Free verseimagination,nature,season
3/12/2007 It All Passes By Free verseintrospection,nature,phil
2/28/2007 Whispering Hills Manor Villanellecaregiving,life,loss,old,
2/24/2007 Cusp of Equinox Free verseintrospection,nature,seas
2/24/2007 Home Sweet Clutter Free versehappiness,people,places,
2/24/2007 On Holiday Free versefriendship,imagination,se
2/2/2007 Non-durable Free versedeath,father,nostalgia,
1/18/2007 Sister (a Tritina) Tritinaanimals,family,loss,
12/23/2006 Home Alone Free verseart,introspection,nostalg
11/7/2006 Searching the Dark Free verseanimals,death,time,me,
11/1/2006 Cove at Sunsrise Free verseart,nature,places,
10/13/2006 Planning the Garden Free versefood,imagination,nature,
10/6/2006 Peanuts Free versefood,life,lost love,
8/26/2006 Your Square Moon Free verselife,love,people,moon,
8/24/2006 Woman, Old Man, and Flowers II Free verseangst,art,peace,metaphor,
8/14/2006 Radiology Free versehealth,life,people,
8/7/2006 Giving Up Free verselife,nostalgia,time,

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