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Date PostedPoemTitleFormCategories
9/13/2012 Cosmic Flower Free versepassion,science fiction,
6/6/2012 Laboring in the Dark Free versefriendship,
4/20/2012 Are We Computer Programs Free versefantasy,imagination,
4/3/2012 Blood Ritual to the Gods of the Underworld Free versefantasy,me,
3/27/2012 Generals of the Undead Free versesocial,people,people,trut
3/25/2012 Becoming An Unfeeling Robot Free verseangst,
3/19/2012 How Would We Know The Difference Free versesocial,
3/12/2012 Genesis, Chapter 1 Free verseinspirational,visionary,p
2/29/2012 Alien Hybrid Children Free versespace,
2/25/2012 Above The River Free verseinspirational,river,
2/25/2012 New TV, Higher Resolution, Cheaper Price Free versesad,truth,
1/8/2012 Alpha-582 Loves ZL-236, Episode II Free verselonging,love,me,science f
11/8/2011 Blasting Off Free versevisionary,
10/28/2011 Still Keeping It Real Free versescience fiction,love,
10/25/2011 Keeping It Real Free versescience fiction,
10/21/2011 Elevator To My Subconscious Part 2 Free verseintrospection,dream,dream
10/21/2011 Golden Leaves Free verseinspirational,philosophy,
9/19/2011 Alpha-582 Loves ZL-236 Free verselove,science fiction,
9/18/2011 I Belong In a Museum Free versefunny,science fiction,
9/17/2011 Children of Reaction Free versesocial,
9/13/2011 Commander Data Considers God Free versephilosophy,science fictio
9/4/2011 Confessions of a Time Traveler Free versescience fiction,me,me,tim
8/31/2011 Sophisticated Programs Free verseintrospection,philosophy,
8/28/2011 Food Of The Gods Free verseimagination,science ficti
8/23/2011 Strapping My Victim To An ACME Rocket Quatrainfunny,philosophy,
8/23/2011 Designer Victimimization Quatrainphilosophy,
8/18/2011 Star Trek 3 and a half, The Wrath of Klingon Commander Kruge Free versefunny,science fiction,lif
8/16/2011 The Power Connection Free versephilosophy,me,power,
8/10/2011 I Want My Mommy Free versephilosophy,science fictio
8/5/2011 For God's Sake Man I'm a Doctor Free versefunny,marriage,marriage,
8/4/2011 What is Awareness I do not know?philosophy,truth,
8/2/2011 elecTRON I do not know?imagination,philosophy,vi
8/1/2011 What Is Power I do not know?introspection,power,
8/1/2011 The Racial Prejudice Inside Me I do not know?introspection,people,reco
7/28/2011 The Songs of Dinosaurs Quatrainintrospection,philosophy,
7/27/2011 My Father, The Teacher Quatrainfather,father,father,inte
7/24/2011 Symphony of Light, Opus 1 in E major I do not know?imagination,inspirational
7/24/2011 The Prime Directive I do not know?philosophy,visionary
7/21/2011 The Electric Vortex I do not know?inspirational,love
7/18/2011 I Found a Spaceship I do not know?science fiction,socialwom
7/11/2011 Sulu, Lock Phasers and Await My Command 2 I do not know?philosophy,spacefaith,fea
7/11/2011 Sulu, Lock Phasers and Await My Command 1 I do not know?philosophy,spaceme,me,
7/7/2011 Do Ya Feel Lucky, Punk I do not know?funny,imagination,spaceea
7/2/2011 The Burden of the Ascended Masters I do not know?imaginationme,education,m
6/26/2011 Borg-Hive Intruder I do not know?philosophy,science fictio
6/23/2011 What Big Beautiful Eyes You Have Quatrainfunny,love,science fictio
6/23/2011 The Most Compelling Flower Quatrainthank you
6/18/2011 Pavlov's Dog I do not know?funny,social
6/16/2011 Kingdom of Doubters I do not know?imagination,philosophy,vi
6/16/2011 The Civilization of Souls I do not know?philosophy,socialanimal,a
6/6/2011 Surgical Strike Quatrainintrospection,sadme,
6/2/2011 Borged Out Of My Mind I do not know?social
6/1/2011 Technology Technology Quatrainloveme,me,
5/18/2011 The Eyes of a Rich Man Quatrainallegory
5/6/2011 The Evil in Mayberry Quatrainfunnyevil,trust,planet,
5/3/2011 To the Stars Quatrainfaith,philosophy,religion
4/29/2011 100-Year Visitor Quatrainfantasy,science fiction,s
4/23/2011 Mother Earth Quatraininspirational,motherdeath
4/17/2011 Pornography 2 Quatrainintrospection,socialeduca
4/17/2011 Pornography 1 Quatrainintrospection,socialme,wo
4/17/2011 If Jesus Knows What I Know Quatraininspirational,lovejesus,
4/15/2011 Big Blue Alien Food Farm I do not know?imagination
4/3/2011 Mr Spock Smells Something Good I do not know?funnytime,
3/19/2011 Taking A Ride I do not know?animals,family,lost love,
2/8/2011 Illuminating the Grid I do not know?inspirationaleaster,
2/7/2011 28 Days After The Vows I do not know?funny,wedding,
2/7/2011 The Enterprise of Divorce I do not know?funny,introspectionmay,
2/7/2011 Moving On I do not know?funny,introspection,
2/7/2011 Are we not gods Free versephilosophy

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