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Date PostedPoemTitleFormCategories
4/16/2013 Wonderous Dreamer Rhymebeautiful,dream,imaginati
12/30/2012 A Spirit Hidden Within Rhymeadventure,angel,animal,be
9/16/2011 Beauty From Above Rhymedevotion,family,girlfrien
9/16/2011 It only takes Narrativededication,happiness,hope
9/11/2011 A Love For Each Other Rhymegirlfriend-boyfriend,happ
3/17/2010 I Awake To Darkness (part 7) Epicadventure,visionarygirl,b
3/15/2010 I Awake To Darkness (part 6) Epicadventure,visionarygirl,g
3/15/2010 I Awake To Darkness (part 5) Epicadventure,visionaryme,me,
3/11/2010 I Awake To Darkness (part 4) Epicadventure,visionaryme,cry
2/12/2010 I Awake To Darkness (part 3) Epicadventure,visionary
2/11/2010 I Awake To Darkness (part 2) Epicadventure,visionaryme,cry
2/10/2010 I Awake To Darkness (part 1) Epicadventure,visionaryme,
2/10/2010 A World Unknown Narrativeadventure,nature,upliftin
2/8/2010 I Don't Want To Lose You Narrativesadme,me,
2/5/2010 Take Me Away From Here Narrativevisionaryworld,me,
2/5/2010 Freedom Is Sweet Narrativeupliftingfreedom,
2/5/2010 I Love You Mom Narrativededicationme,love,me,
2/5/2010 I See You Narrativefriendshipfriendship,
2/2/2010 I Wanted To Tell You Narrativesadme,cry,day,me,
1/27/2010 What I've Known Rhymevisionary
1/27/2010 She Is Free Free versevisionary
1/21/2010 The Beginning Free verseinspirational,love,passio
1/4/2010 My Last Words Narrativedepression,lost love,visi
12/13/2009 A Lie I do not know? 
12/13/2009 My Wish Narrativehappiness,love,passion
12/4/2009 Hatred So Strong Narrativewarhate,
12/3/2009 Overwhelming Instincts I do not know?adventure,dedication,hope
11/29/2009 Life Ends Free versedepression,life,loss,visi
11/20/2009 Bloody Nightmare Narrativedepression,loss,visionary
11/19/2009 Looking Back Narrativefriendship,happiness,hope
11/17/2009 I Know That I Can Count On You I do not know?dedication,devotion,frien
11/16/2009 I Will Be There No More Narrativedeath,depression,life,los
11/14/2009 I Cry I do not know?depression,life,loss,lost
11/11/2009 My Love, Rene Free verseadventure,fantasy,girlfri
11/6/2009 I'm Sorry I Can't Be Perfect Narrativedepression,devotion,life,
11/4/2009 Together Narrativeadventure,dedication,happ
11/3/2009 No Matter What Happens Narrativeadventure,fantasy,happine
11/3/2009 Reaching For What I Want I do not know?depressionheart,heart,lov
11/1/2009 Running My Own Path I do not know?adventure,imagination,ins
10/31/2009 She Is My Savior I do not know?dedication,friendship,ima
10/31/2009 You Hold My Freedom I do not know?adventure,dedication,devo
10/29/2009 My Soaring Love I do not know?caregiving,dedication,dev
10/25/2009 Be My Friend Free versededication,devotion,fanta
10/25/2009 I Came So Close I do not know?depression,forgiveness,ha
10/20/2009 Stay With Me Rhymeadventure,dedication,devo
10/20/2009 If Only You Knew Rhymededication,fantasy,happin
10/19/2009 You Wipe Away My Tears Rhymededication,devotion,fanta
10/18/2009 Why Rhymededication,forgiveness,fr
10/18/2009 Don't Take My Kindness For Granted Narrativedeath,dedication,depressi
10/14/2009 Painful Yet Peaceful Ending I do not know?death,depression,life,los
10/14/2009 No One Would Know I do not know?death,depression,imaginat
10/14/2009 You Hate Me Don't You I do not know?death,depression,life,los
10/13/2009 Control Me I do not know?confusion,dedication,depr
10/13/2009 You Left Me Alone I do not know?death,dedication,depressi
10/13/2009 Sorrow's Stupidity I do not know?death,depression,epic,ima
10/12/2009 You Fill My Emptiness I do not know?dedication,devotion,happi
10/12/2009 When I'm With You I do not know?dedication,fantasy,happin
10/11/2009 Listen To Your Heart I do not know?dedication,happiness,insp
10/11/2009 The Undying Truth Free verseepic,hope,loss,uplifting,
10/11/2009 My Personal Feeling Free versedeath,depression,life,los
10/11/2009 Lies Are Everything I do not know?death,depression,life,los
10/11/2009 Two Faced Love I do not know?death,dedication,depressi
10/10/2009 I Feel So Alone I do not know?death,depression,loss,los
10/9/2009 I Am Here I do not know?dedication,happiness,hope
10/9/2009 No More Tears I do not know?death,depression,loss,los
10/8/2009 Many I do not know?death,depression,life,los
10/3/2009 Friends Forever I do not know?dedication,family,friends
10/1/2009 By The Stars I do not know?adventure,dedication,epic
9/29/2009 No One Is There I do not know?dedication,depression,hop
9/27/2009 I've Lost Everything I do not know?confusion,death,depressio
9/27/2009 Close To Perfection Free versededication,depression,hop
9/27/2009 Crying Sorrow I do not know?death,depression,life,los
9/11/2009 I Don't Care Anymore I do not know?death,depression,imaginat
9/11/2009 Forgotten Memories I do not know?death,depression,loss,sad
6/12/2009 Nothing Near The End I do not know?confusion,imagination,los
6/9/2009 One Single Drop I do not know?death,depression,loss,mys
6/9/2009 Waya Sado I do not know?adventure,epic,fantasy,im
6/9/2009 One Can Change All I do not know?adventure,confusion,epic,
6/6/2009 Your In Control I do not know?adventure,dedication,devo
6/5/2009 Pain Is Freedom I do not know?death,depression,lost lov
6/5/2009 A Heartbreaking Memory I do not know?depression,lost love,sadl
6/5/2009 The Pain Hurts I do not know?death,depression,lost lov
6/5/2009 Lifeline Of My Soul I do not know?death,depression,lost lov
6/5/2009 Selfish Curiosity I do not know?mystery
6/5/2009 You Are The One I do not know?dedication,fantasy,happin
6/5/2009 Alone In The World I do not know?death,depression,loss,sad
6/5/2009 A Lost Pathway I do not know?adventure,confusion,depre
6/5/2009 My Love For You I do not know?depression,fantasy,hope,i
6/5/2009 The Heart Speaks The Mind I do not know?confusion,health,hope,ima
6/5/2009 Never Give Up I do not know?depression,devotion,hope,
6/5/2009 Horror Filled Life I do not know?confusion,death,depressio
6/5/2009 A Life Not Living For I do not know?confusion,death,depressio
6/5/2009 Unknown Soulmate I do not know?dedication,devotion,fanta
6/5/2009 Taunting Truth's Of Life I do not know?depression,imagination,ti
6/5/2009 Sleeping Thoughts I do not know?confusion,death,depressio
6/5/2009 My Guardian Angels I do not know?dedication,fantasy,friend
6/5/2009 The Poetic Pirates I do not know?adventure,dedication,fami
6/5/2009 That Single Night I do not know?dedication,devotion,frien
6/5/2009 Only One I do not know?confusion,depression,hope
6/5/2009 Lasts One Lifetime I do not know?depression,sad

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