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  1. Date: 8/30/2013 1:55:00 PM
    catie, i am concerned... please stay well; you are in my thoughts and prayers..huggs!

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  1. Date: 8/29/2013 10:46:00 PM
    Hi Catie!Pls stay safe..God will continue to protect you and your family....I will continue to pray for every one in the affected areas....Love u.....

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  1. Date: 8/28/2013 2:58:00 PM
    Hello, dear Catie. I hope that California get rains soon ... the same catastrophe almost every year. Im sending my best wishes.

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  1. Date: 8/28/2013 11:25:00 AM
    HI Catie! Pls stay safe, especially those in the affected areas! That is good to know you're doing ok, and so are the Soupers....

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  1. Date: 8/27/2013 5:27:00 PM
    I do hope things get better quickly in your area, Catie. Thankfully, things are good over here. I'm glad to hear our other fellow West Coast poets & friends are ok too.

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  1. Date: 8/27/2013 5:12:00 PM
    Thanks Catie, and Frank for checking on me!We are fine here, thank you, but heartsick for those people in the area around Yosemite,not to mention one the most beautiful places on God's green earth, is now threatened by these terrible fires, and I cry thinking of the wildlife and those giant sequoia trees..let's hope and pray they can get a handle on this horrible fire without loss of human life. Fortunately our cabin is in the Plumas Nat'l forest..so out of harm's way, however there was a fire in the foothills a few weeks ago, which we will pass on our way up this Labor Day weekend. All of Ca. is a tinder-box this year, as are so many states in the west. Bless those brave fire-fighters. No smoke here today in our valley where our home is..so we are fortunate. Hope your air quality improves Catie !

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  1. Date: 8/27/2013 2:19:00 PM
    frank down here better get ready for swaying buildings. A MAJOR earthquake was predicted over 25 years ago and at that time they said, "expect a biggie in Utah within 25 years" well, guess what? the 25 years is over now, so it could happen at any second. I have earthquake insurance on my house! I hope it never is that bad when it happens. Yes, we are having some fires in Utah too, Catie. But right now nothing too bad that I"ve heard about. Also, there are flash floods in some parts of Utah. End of times? Sure looks it!!

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