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Date PostedPoemTitleFormCategories
2/15/2012 FIGURES Free verseloss,lost love,wife,
2/15/2012 LOST Free verseepic,imagination,
3/14/2010 if i only had a dream Free versefaith,fantasy,dream,dream
10/19/2009 BAD WEATHER Free verselife
8/13/2009 EVERYWHERE Free versedeath,fear,sad,
8/13/2009 THE WAY OF LOVE Free verselove,sad,love,time,
8/10/2009 BROKEN HEART Free verselost lovelost,people,lost
8/9/2009 THE BEWILDERED ONE Free verselifeme,
7/3/2009 WRONG ON SO MANY LEVELS Free versedepression,loss,sadworld,
7/2/2009 ADDICT... Free verserecovery from...life,me,l
7/2/2009 EMOTIONAL FREEDOM Free verseinspirationalwords,
7/1/2009 SERENITY Free versefaithme,me,
6/30/2009 REMINDER ... Free versehopeme,
6/29/2009 MORE THAN A FACT;A TRUTH Free verseblack-african amerhope,
6/29/2009 PRODUCT OF A DISEASED MIND,,, Free versedeathdeath,people,death,l
6/26/2009 UNFORTUNATLY Free verselifemother,
6/26/2009 TICK TOCK Free versedepression
6/25/2009 YELLOW IS THE COLOR OF FEAR Free verselife
6/25/2009 ISN'T SHE CUTE Free versedepression
6/24/2009 NEWS AT 5 Free versedepression
6/24/2009 LIVE A LITTLE Free verselifelove,
6/22/2009 IF IS NOT A WORD Free versedaughtereaster,
6/19/2009 UMMMM Free verseme,body,love,me,time,
6/19/2009 OLD FLAME Free verselost loveme,love,me,
6/18/2009 DEVIL WOMAN Free verseloveme,me,
6/13/2009 THESE ARE MINE Free versefantasy
6/13/2009 ........... Free verselife
6/13/2009 LAST NIGHT Rhymeimaginationbody,love,time
6/13/2009 CAN'T IGNORE IT Rhymedepressionlife,world,life
6/12/2009 CONTRIDICTIONS I do not know?confusionme,me,drug,
6/11/2009 FUN FUN FACTS Rhymepeoplelove,me,
6/10/2009 TRICKY I do not know?confusionme,me,
6/10/2009 BETWEEN YOU AND HIM I do not know?devotionlife,life,time,
6/9/2009 A NICKLE BAG I do not know?deathlife,life,
6/9/2009 I NEVER WILL FORGET I do not know?lovelove,me,time,
6/9/2009 SEE IT MY WAY I do not know?lifeme,world,me,
6/9/2009 BLACK/WHITE/WHAT IS COLOR I do not know?life
6/9/2009 STREET DREAMS I do not know?lifelife,children,life,
6/9/2009 MR.CHRISTOPHER YOU'RE TAGGED LOL I do not know?friendshipwords,
6/9/2009 MIDNIGHT RENDEVOUS Rhymefantasy
6/8/2009 ONE LAST GOODBYE I do not know?forgivenessme,home,forgiv
6/8/2009 A HAS BEEN I do not know?lost love,loveme,me,drug,
6/4/2009 DO YOU KNOW A LINDA I do not know?lifenight,night,
6/4/2009 TABOO I do not know?lifetime,wife,time,
6/4/2009 ONE IN THE SAME I do not know?lifeme,
6/4/2009 THE UGLY TRUTH I do not know?lifeworld,night,day,men,n
6/4/2009 SHHHHH LISTEN I do not know?lifelife,drug,
6/2/2009 TOO MANY DRY TEARS I do not know?friendshipme,me,
6/1/2009 A NOTE TO MYSELF Free versehopefriend,men,mirror,sle
6/1/2009 IM SO SORRY Free versesorrysister,sorry,longing
6/1/2009 REALITY... I do not know?life
5/27/2009 DOMESTIC WASTELAND I do not know?depression
5/27/2009 DONT DRINK AND DRIVE I do not know?death
5/27/2009 TRIBUTE>ELVIS PRESLEY I do not know?dedication
5/27/2009 CANT LIVE WITH IT OR WITHOUT IT I do not know?loveme,
5/27/2009 A BIT OF TRUTH I do not know?life
5/27/2009 MY FAVORITE THINGS Free versefunnysnow,snow,
5/27/2009 SOMEDAY!!!!!!!!! I do not know?lovelove,me,
5/26/2009 A MILE IN MY SHOES I do not know?lifelove,
5/26/2009 FUNNY I do not know?art
5/26/2009 DEATH BECOMES HER I do not know?death
5/26/2009 THEORYS I do not know?lifeme,
5/26/2009 MY THOUGHTS I do not know?peopleworld,life,lonely,t
5/26/2009 DECEPTION I do not know?lifeme,me,
5/26/2009 TRIBUTE>IRON MIKE TYSON I do not know?dedicationhome,home,life,
5/26/2009 WHATS GOING TOO FAR I do not know?confusion
5/26/2009 REMEMBER THOSE DAYS!!! Rhymechildhoodcandy,fun,
5/26/2009 IT COULD HAPPEN I do not know?imaginationcar,day,violen
5/26/2009 ADD IT UP I do not know?life
5/26/2009 LOVESICKNESS I do not know?lost lovelove,
5/26/2009 A LITTLE POEM I do not know?fantasyme,me,
5/25/2009 IF YOUR READY I do not know?dedicationlife,
5/25/2009 FACTS OF LIFE I do not know?lifeme,me,
5/25/2009 TRIBUTE>BONNIE AND CLYDE I do not know?dedicationcar,
5/25/2009 WHAT YOU HAVE TO SAY NOW I do not know?people
5/25/2009 ITS HAPPENING EVERYWHERE I do not know?depressiontime,time,
5/25/2009 CREEPING..... I do not know?life,sensual,
5/25/2009 JUST READ THIS AND DECIDE I do not know?imaginationtruth,
5/25/2009 IN THE END I do not know?devotion
5/24/2009 I IS WE-WE IS I-BI-POLAR I do not know?hopepeople,change,crazy,m
5/24/2009 STILL ITS FORTH PLACE I do not know?art
5/24/2009 DEFINE LOGIC >MEMORIES I do not know?confusion
5/24/2009 ASYLUM I do not know?loss
5/24/2009 FANTASIES I do not know?fantasy
5/24/2009 INSUBSTANTION THINGS I do not know?adventureme,me,
5/24/2009 INSPIRATION I do not know?dedicationlife,me,
5/24/2009 HAHAHAHA I do not know?life
5/23/2009 HELP OUR PEOPLE I do not know?confusion
5/23/2009 JUST IMAGINE WHAT IF.... I do not know?confusion
5/23/2009 NICE TO MEET YA I do not know?people
5/23/2009 ME MYSELF AND THEM I do not know?dedicationme,me,
5/23/2009 IF I CAN SO CAN YOU Free verseinspirationalgirl,life,go
5/23/2009 SO WHAT YA I SAID IT I do not know?people
5/23/2009 ONCE UPON A TIME I do not know?dedicationme,world,me,
5/23/2009 ONE BLOOD ONE LIFE I do not know?hope
5/22/2009 TRAPPED I do not know?confusion
5/22/2009 SUFFERING I do not know?depression
5/22/2009 IT STILL EXISTS I do not know?love
5/21/2009 SO LONG I do not know?loss
5/21/2009 ITS OVER I do not know?lost love

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Fear The Addiction I do not know?depressionme,love,me,
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