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Date PostedPoemTitleFormCategories
7/4/2011 Sometimes Love I do not know?depression,husband,lovelo
7/4/2011 Portrayer I do not know?confusion,husband,love
11/30/2010 Initial Lyriclove
11/20/2010 Aurora Lyriclove,
8/23/2010 Human Progressed Virus Lyricangstwords,hate,hate,
7/2/2010 Product of Tragedy Lyricfriendship
5/26/2010 The Brink of Happiness and Obsession Lyriclost loveme,heart,change,
5/1/2010 Mothers Empty Heart Rhymemotherme,me,
4/29/2010 Mirror Image Acrosticlifeself,change,self,
1/26/2010 Sting of the Bee Lyriclost love,love,hair,me,he
1/14/2010 Strength Lyriclost love
1/6/2010 Recipie For Happiness List happiness
1/6/2010 Love Haikulove
1/6/2010 Bittersweet I do not know?world,girl,mirror,time,
12/22/2009 Six Words Epigramlife
12/22/2009 Picture Perfect I do not know?loveme,blue,me,ocean,sky,
12/22/2009 Picture Perfect (cont) I do not know?lovestar,sky,star,travel,
12/22/2009 When A Cockroach Becomes A Butterfly (cont) Lyriclifeme,magic,me,
12/22/2009 When A Cockroach Becomes A Butterfly Lyriclifemagic,
11/24/2009 Learn To Say Goodbye Lyriclost loverain,time,life,m
11/24/2009 Oh Darling Rhymedevotion,love
11/24/2009 Cedar Wood Narrativefunnyme,
11/24/2009 You Should Know Narrativelifeworld,
11/11/2009 Nascentes morimur Narrativedeath,introspection,life,
11/10/2009 How About Lyricdeath,death,
11/5/2009 How It Begins Lyricnostalgia
7/29/2009 Hegemony ABChope,life
7/28/2009 CARICARE CONTEST: Bob Marley I do not know?history,hope,music
7/24/2009 The Way It Is (motto) Monokulife,philosophy
7/24/2009 REGRET Lyric 
7/16/2009 Mascara Lyriclost love,lovetime,
6/11/2009 Dear Seth Lyricdedication,friendship,los
3/9/2009 I'd rather not talk about it I do not know?confusion,depression,lost
3/9/2009 Death Has Come I do not know?death
3/9/2009 You I do not know?love
2/16/2009 Dream About This Narrativeintrospection,life,war
2/16/2009 BAC(K) Lyriclovesun,
2/6/2009 Wonder If He Feels The Same Way You Do Narrativelost love,lovegirl,girl,
2/6/2009 Acrostic Astrology: Aries Acrosticlife
1/27/2009 Experience Epyllionlove,passion
1/26/2009 In The Beginning I do not know?introspection,life
1/7/2009 Remember Elegydeath,dedication,friendsh
1/6/2009 THE SEED WITHIN I do not know?introspectionred,
12/17/2008 The Latest News I do not know?depressionday,me,pain,day
12/17/2008 Love: The Perfect Murder Prose Poetrydeath,devotion,loveheart,
12/17/2008 Situation I do not know?confusion
12/17/2008 Is This It? Lyricdeath,depressionme,life,m
12/17/2008 What More Is There To Say? I do not know?confusion,depression,intr
12/16/2008 Laugh At This Lyricdepression
11/27/2008 Without You I do not know?dedication,lost love,love
11/27/2008 For you, I can't for you I do not know? 
11/27/2008 The Truth I do not know?lost love,loveme,
11/27/2008 I don't think tears have ever come so fast I do not know?me,
11/27/2008 Once Again I do not know?confusion,lost love,time,
11/27/2008 If Tomorrow Comes I do not know?confusion
11/27/2008 Circles I do not know?love
11/27/2008 Just Say Something Damn It! I do not know?confusion
11/27/2008 Can't Hide No Longer I do not know?lost lovelost,lost,
11/27/2008 Fall To Pieces I do not know?lost love
11/27/2008 Run I do not know? 
11/27/2008 How Long Is Forever I do not know?life
11/27/2008 Some Days I Just Feel Like Dying I do not know?death,depressionhope,
11/27/2008 Older Jealous I do not know?lovehope,
11/27/2008 5/7/04 I do not know?love
11/27/2008 BLACK I do not know?death,depression
11/27/2008 Fathers Empty Bottle I do not know?dedication,fatherlost,los
11/27/2008 Beauty Queen I do not know?angst,loss,peoplebeauty,b
11/27/2008 Tired and Old I do not know? 
11/27/2008 Utopia Lyricdedicationwords,me,heart,
11/26/2008 Chance I do not know?lost love,loveme,
11/26/2008 So What Now? I do not know?change,
11/26/2008 Somewhere I do not know?depression
11/26/2008 Sunshine I do not know?loveme,me,
11/26/2008 Fast Forward I do not know?love
11/26/2008 SIMPLE List confusion,mystery
11/26/2008 Somewhere Out There I do not know?inspirationalme,me,
11/26/2008 And? I do not know? 
11/26/2008 Hungry Minds Lyricconfusion,death,depressio
11/26/2008 Sometimes Remembered Lyriclifewords,me,
11/25/2008 Crazy Lyricconfusionme,
11/25/2008 ABATE I do not know?confusion,depressionworld
11/25/2008 Razor Blade Lyricconfusion,depressionme,me
11/25/2008 The Happiest Place In The World (Is Not Here) I do not know?depressionhappy,happy,lif
11/25/2008 Bugs I do not know?death,funny,loss
11/25/2008 Hiding Places Lyricme,places,
11/25/2008 Developing Character Lyricnight,night,
11/25/2008 From (daughter) To (father) Lyricdaughter,father
11/25/2008 My Suicide Note I do not know?death
11/25/2008 Silver Lyricsweet,sweet,
11/25/2008 NEthing 2b Luved Lyricdepression,love
11/23/2008 Cry Pig List animals,death,food,funny
10/22/2008 Is This Confusion? I do not know?love
10/22/2008 Wish You Were Here I do not know?confusion
10/22/2008 We Should Laugh More Often I do not know? 
10/22/2008 I Don't Know Why I do not know?confusion,depression
10/22/2008 IRE I do not know?confusion
10/22/2008 Crazy, I'm Not, Crazy ABCconfusion,death,depressio
10/22/2008 Leech Prose Poetrylife
10/22/2008 What's Best I do not know? 
10/22/2008 Hard To Say I do not know?confusion,lovehope,

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razor blade I do not know?death
A singing moment, instead of a shining one I do not know?music
"No Tomorrow For The Machines" I do not know?confusion,funeral,life
one more sweet kiss Verseloveme,night,light,light,
Boys Are Like Seagulls I do not know? 
...Until All the Stars Go Out Rhymeloveday,love,

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