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Ryland's Raves: Outside The Box - Ryland Matthews's Blog

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Ryland's Raves: Outside The Box

Blog Posted:4/21/2021 6:40:00 PM

Outside the Box



     every single one of us has heard this, from our boss, our teacher at school, our coworker. from the one standing next to us to the voice that’s in our own heads, we have heard the phrase "THINK OUTSIDE THE BOX"

     Well what is the box and above that, who was it put there by, and who does it pertain to, and why do you or I, or we for that matter as an intelligent people have to worry about this thing called "BOX",

     It seems to be a thing that we strive for, or more importantly that we strive to be outside of, we seem to have grouped what we would call the mainstay of humanity as being inside the box, while those outward thinkers and movers, the billionaires, debutantes, the higher echelon of society, the ones that we have given so much power to that they think that they can actually define "the box", (as being outside the box). 

     And they have defined the box, they have measured it, they have quantified it, they have weighed it, I’m pretty sure that they have even bounced a laser off of it to make sure that it fits within their own defined parameters of the status quo. They have calculated it against their own idea of reality and found the scales to be just.

     I ask you this, why? Why put a limitation on that which we are, why set boundaries for an imagination that is, in and of itself, limitless. For what is a box, be it the inside of, or outside of that said instrument of measurement but a boundary. this mind knows no such limits of time and space, this consciousness perceives no line in the sand that says "you can go here and no further". Nay, my heart sees only this, a vast expanse of possibilities that can only be borne by my own imagination ... as I see fit to imagine it.

     We can, if we choose to, think outside the box, or we can if we want to, think inside the box, however, there is an option that is as plain to us as another plane is to others, if we chose, and only if we choose to perceive it a third option. That option is to understand, on a fundamental level, that there has never been ... nor will there ever be .... a box.

      My fellow writers, I have seen Sol take his first wavering steps into magic, and I have seen Nevah. the common girl from his home town grow up to become a warrior queen with her own empire. I have seen a scared boy protected by a young girl in his infancy grow up to become a magician that, with a thought, destroyed a world, and I have seen that same girl Nevah, with but a single tear, keep that world alive. I have also seen Sol, sitting in a small hut in Farhaven (the town he grew up in) decide the fate of a trillion lives on a world that he had never even seen. I have seen wizards, princes, princesses and queens, villains, monsters, heroes, and pawns. I have seen it all, far flung technological galaxies in the future, to the sword and sorcery worlds in the past, but never … and I mean never, have I ever seen a  … “BOX”


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Date: 4/23/2021 4:43:00 PM
Every driver wants to be in front of the vehicle they’re behind.
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Date: 4/22/2021 3:47:00 PM
Amazon Prime - the box of all boxes, inert and moving, all over the globe!
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