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Rylands Raves: What is Important

Blog Posted:4/21/2021 6:25:00 PM

What is important


Americans spend ten times more money on pet grooming than they do on the research for nuclear fusion. A source of power that can give us clean renewable energy. It’s by product …Hydrogen, a basic fundamental necessity for all life to exist on this planet.

          What is a hydrogen atom, I’ll tell you?

A hydrogen atom is an atom of the chemical element hydrogen. The electrically neutral atom contains a single positively charged proton and a single negatively charged electron bound to the nucleus by the Coulomb force. This force is paramount through all of nature, you can see it if you delve deep enough, all you have to do is but imagine, perhaps believe, but above all else test it. And in so doing, after you have tested it, a hundred, a million, a billion times and the results of such tests come out to be the same then that is a law of physics. In order to force a physical property of what we perceive to be reality to become a law it must stand the test of time, but before that it must be weighed against the scales of observation, if we observe a thing to be true time and time again, without fail then that is when we must come to the conclusion that it must be observed to be true.



        Einstein, Galliano, Aristotle, Socrates, and all of the others the we think of as “standing on the shoulders of giants” were once thought of as their peers as acting “childlike”. Einstein was thought of that way when he said that he imagined himself riding a beam of light (it was what he thought of as a “thought experiment”), and what the outside world must look like to a beam, of light, and in that singular insight, in that childlike rumination of the universe and his infinitesimally small part in it he came up with his “Theory of General Relativity.

        Newton said that all things with mass tend to gravitate to word their center, that’s why that when we throw a rock up into the sky that it must inevitably come back down, and he was right … for hundreds of years we thought that he was right, until Einstein came along and added to his mathematical formulae, you see Newton’s law wasn’t flawed … it was just incomplete.

        Einstein did this, he took the three dimensions that we thought that we live in, the horizontal, the depth, and the length all of which was what Newton thought that governed the laws of gravity. Those three dimensions that we all know of and can see and touch and feel. I don’t know about you but when I wake in the morning I use all three, I wake up “horizontal” on my bed, I throw off my covers, stand up and now I’m what? “Vertical”, after that I put my clothes on, and if I weren’t a three dimensional being that would be very difficult indeed. In fact, if I, or you for that matter were a two dimensional being we wouldn’t need clothes at all. We would simply exist in a state of quantum fluctuating mechanics where the physical fundamental laws have seemingly no limits.

        But Einstein did something different, he not only showed us that the three dimensions of physical space that we live in are not only connected to the space that we live in on a day to day basis, he also showed us that our “space in time” is inextrincibally linked to the very fabric of the universe that we inhabit, Einstein not only redefined newton’s law of gravity, he changes it on a fundamental scale. He said that gravity is not just a force pulling toward the center of an object, but any object no matter how massive, from the size of a nucleus of an atom, to the light entrapping objects with a mass equivalent to that which would trap the speed of light itself like a black hole, warp the “space time” around them causing them to form orbits around them or fall into the them with catastrophic consequences


        So take a rubber sheet, stretch it out as far as you can without it breaking, in the middle of that sheet put something the mass of the sun, well say an eight pound bowling ball. It’s going to cause a warp or a bend in space and time, the weight of the mass of that sun will stretch that rubber sheet to the point where all other objects will flow around it and they will find there orbits naturally. In his theory of relativity Einstein did this

, and to this day this theory holds true … I wish you luck disproving it.






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