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Rylands Raves: Anchor

Blog Posted:4/21/2021 6:13:00 PM



What do you say about a person who has seen you through glasses that have been tinted by the extract of the one you really are, that one person who has seen you through lenses of a shade that they didn’t place there themselves, but are there none the less?


There are moments in this life when everything that we are, is laid bare, when all of our faults are made transparent. When you can look into the eyes of that one person and know that he knows truth from fiction regardless of the spewed cookie cutter reality that every single one of us would like to bake for those that we love.


I have known pain; I have known sorrow. I have been at the precipice of madness that would make weaker men than I wither and fade away. I have seen and felt things that would cause a strong mind to descend into chaos.


I stood vigilant as they called me to witness as my wife and son were laid to rest, and so many other myriad things that could have broken me. But it didn’t … break me, I survived. Not because I’m strong but because I’m weak, I’m a survivor and that in and of itself is a victory … in its own way.


I survived … How, I didn’t do it alone, I had help, very intrinsic help that I didn’t ask for nor expect, but it came none the less, you might say that it was inevitable, that, regardless of the path that fate had set out for me something else was at work, something that I like to call kismet, because let’s face it if it were all left up to fate I most likely would have faded away into oblivion long ago.


But then something happened, I met someone, a man that believed in me regardless of or maybe because of the past that I had. He just saw me. Perhaps he saw an aspiration of the man that he knew I could be, or a reflection of what he may have become if he were me in another life or a reflection of what might have been his life if things were different. these things don’t matter to me, what matters to me is that a man named Michael Schmidt has always believed in me.


Thank you Michael

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