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  1. Date: 3/21/2017 5:15:00 AM
    Just a thank you to everyone who has already added some great suggestions. Chris and I will keep a list, don't worry, nothing will be left out :)

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  1. Date: 3/20/2017 11:34:00 PM
    Hi Darren and Chris, I would like to see poet's strive to build community. And show respect to other poet's, sometimes showing respect is not saying things that could offend another poet.That's all I could think of right off. When I think of more I will share it. Thanks for sharing this blog:-) Alexis

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  1. Date: 3/20/2017 5:40:00 PM
    I would like to see more Poetry Forms on the submit poem form, there are some common ones that are missing. I still do not know where my replies to blogs are stored. Personally I prefer to know the total number of views rather than the number of comments. I can count the number of comments for each poem. The total count includes those who have not commented. I do not always comment on poems I read, sometimes because of the number of comments already made but I think the writer should know how many times their poem has been read.

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  1. Date: 3/20/2017 3:39:00 PM
    So here is my wish list: Community points restored/ Rob's suggestion to know who has faved us AND to know the NAMES of the new people following us. If you already have 300 followers, how can you know the new ones?? They seem to be put in an order that we can't tell! Other things I want to see: getting rid of reply to comments. Also I would like the longer pages restored where I could see all my comments in my inbox for three pages worth before they scrolled off altogether. Finally, I would like to see more topics and poetry forms to choose from because often the ones I am forced to choose are not true in describing my poem's theme and form! (oh, and a Youtube video for newbies. See below)

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  1. Date: 3/20/2017 3:34:00 PM
    I've always said that Soup needs a special area in BIG LETTERS telling members: How to navigate Soup and work with its functions. Something to that effect. It took me a good year to learn how to do all the stuff here, so I forget how complicated it is to newbies. All the things you mentioned can be done. They just need to be KNOWN how to do them and explained to people. They could do a youtube video that would demonstrate how to do all the different things!! What i personally would like to see is my number of community restored. I had a LOT of points. REgardless of their not being used for anything, I liked knowing there was a number to put to all the things I had done here.

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  1. Date: 3/20/2017 1:20:00 PM
    I would love for the owner of our breeding ground to start back posting his interesting mind in ink. I became interested in the creator's scribbling to ingest more of the mind that provided a floor for us to dance down and interestingly dirty. He's clever!

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  1. Date: 3/20/2017 12:58:00 PM
    I would like to see who has favored my poems. Most of the time I can find out by substituting the usual suspect's PoetIDs into the URL, but one particular poem is faved by an unknown. It would be nice if they added this as a Premium feature.

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  1. Date: 3/20/2017 11:54:00 AM
    You can edit comments and reply to comments in the "My Inboxes" and "My Outboxes" sections located in the left hand column.

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  1. Date: 3/20/2017 11:47:00 AM
    syllable counter that can be trusted ask any poet about it and you will be sent off site as the one on here cannot be trusted

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  1. Date: 3/20/2017 11:00:00 AM
    Re-Views..I would like to have a name..or a small avatar of who are the people who viewed my poem..Interesting blog.

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My Recent Poems

Date PostedPoemTitleFormCategories
4/24/2017 I Dream Of You Lyricchild,death,grief,loss,lo
4/23/2017 Someone To Open Your Eyes - for Arthur Free verseanti bullying,art,friends
4/23/2017 MOON AND ALL THE STARS Free verseboy,boyfriend,happy,love,
4/23/2017 VOICE OF THE CLOWN Free versebullying,confidence,preju
4/22/2017 This Willow Tree - A Collaboration with White Wolf Sonnetfeelings,i love you,longi
4/22/2017 PICK ME UP Quatrainanxiety,boyfriend,emotion
4/21/2017 A Thousand Times Your Name Narrativeboyfriend,happy,love,men,
4/21/2017 Ebony Sea Free versedark,death,emotions,self,
4/20/2017 ODE TO COFFEE - Collaboration with Claudia Polydoro Free versefunny,giggle,humorous,
4/20/2017 I walk this silent road Rhymeanimal,boy,child,funny,hu
4/20/2017 Cage Of Gold Free versebird,body,boy,emotions,id
4/19/2017 Daisies And Violets Free verseboy,child,death,friendshi
4/19/2017 Searching For A Friend Free verseboyfriend,care,feelings,f
4/18/2017 SOME DAYS Free verseboyfriend,endurance,futur
4/18/2017 I Sit With You Rhymeanxiety,depression,friend
4/14/2017 POEMIZE THE MATH Monorhymefun,funny,humor,humorous,
4/14/2017 Song Rhymemuse,music,poetry,song,wo
4/14/2017 There Is Only Winning And Learning Lyricfunny,happy,inspirational
4/13/2017 Being Whole Rhymeappreciation,health,inspi
4/13/2017 FAIRY Rhymebaptism,beautiful,child,h
4/13/2017 Attempted Communication Rhymechild,confusion,desire,em
4/13/2017 INVISIBLE WALLS Sonnetanalogy,dark,metaphor,poe
4/12/2017 Can I Dig Deep Blank versedark,depression,river,sle
4/12/2017 He Loves Her - He Loves Her Not - An Echo Poem with Brian Johnston Free verseanxiety,love,
4/12/2017 My Soul To Water Sonnetbetrayal,father,father so
4/11/2017 Shimmering Setting Sun Rhymelost love,love,remember,s
4/8/2017 I Forgive You Lyricabuse,father,father son,f
4/8/2017 My Fingers Eat Dirt Free versecelebration,encouraging,f
4/7/2017 Where Clouds Meet Road Free versefeelings,happiness,love,r
4/7/2017 Perpetuum Mobile Free verseabuse,allusion,body,emoti
4/6/2017 Eternity In His Mind Free verseart,beautiful,beauty,bio,
4/5/2017 Over The Moon Free verseboyfriend,i love you,men,
4/5/2017 The Treasure Of Giving Free versecare,caregiving,feelings,
4/4/2017 My Hand Danced in Sundust Free versehow i feel,i love you,ins
4/2/2017 The Fall Of Defences Free versebeautiful,boyfriend,fire,
4/2/2017 Arms Open Wide - for Art Free versefriendship,men,smile,
4/2/2017 Wonderful Love, Hateful Love Free verseboyfriend,death,lost love
4/1/2017 SHOW ME WHAT LIFE IS Dramatic monologueabuse,bio,boy,child,child
4/1/2017 The Sun Is Our Playground - Collaboration with White Wolf Sonnetanalogy,beautiful,death,m
3/31/2017 Friendship Is No One Way Street - For Tim Free versefriendship,men,
3/26/2017 I Cry On Your Anger Personificationdestiny,fire,hyperbole,im
3/25/2017 What Turned To Stone Free versepsychological,simile,time
3/25/2017 Cold Measurements Free versefarewell,fate,feelings,go
3/24/2017 Mocha Parfait Enclosed Rhymebeautiful,boyfriend,encou
3/24/2017 The Strength To Carry Yourself Free versecare,cheer up,feelings,he
3/23/2017 Cry For Wind Quatrainanalogy,animal,beautiful,
3/22/2017 Confronting Them In Court Rhymeabuse,anxiety,child,child
3/22/2017 Lost In Your Love - Collaboration with White Wolf Sonnetbird,flying,freedom,love,
3/21/2017 A Jumper Of Love - Thank you Jean Free verseappreciation,friendship,l
3/21/2017 Promise You Will Be Here Rhymeanxiety,fear,love,mental
3/21/2017 Image and Reality Intertwine Pantoumangst,anxiety,dream,fear,
3/20/2017 The Pleasure Of Your Voice Free versebeautiful,feelings,happin
3/20/2017 The Bed Is The Place Free versehow i feel,hurt,pain,self
3/19/2017 How To Find A New Voice Free versepoetry,voice,words,
3/19/2017 You Tweep Rhymefunny,giggle,word play,wo
3/18/2017 And We're Gay Lyricboy,boyfriend,happy,love,
3/18/2017 Keyboarded Fingers Free verseemo,friend,friendship,hap
3/17/2017 Dance, oh my, dance Rhymeappreciation,beauty,dance
3/17/2017 Life On The Edge - Collaboration with White Wolf Sonnetloneliness,lonely,longing
3/17/2017 Meter and Prosody Quatrainlanguage,poetry,poets,wor
3/17/2017 Aurora Borealis Free verseanalogy,beautiful,beauty,
3/15/2017 May Dreams Be So Mild Quatrainbeautiful,child,sleep,soc
3/15/2017 Passion Fruit Senryufood,fruit,love,passion,
3/15/2017 Meet Him Halfway Free verseabuse,health,inspiration,
3/15/2017 Wolf In Disguise Quatrainallusion,animal,courage,i
3/14/2017 In The End Love Wins Quatrainabuse,allegory,animal,bea
3/14/2017 Brushing Across The Distance Free versebutterfly,emotions,feelin
3/13/2017 Let Me Be A Lion Sonnetboy,freedom,fun,health,
3/13/2017 The Men Of Clay - Galmi Enclosed Rhymedance,inspiration,inspira
3/13/2017 Close My Eyes And Dance Away Rhymeabuse,courage,dance,freed
3/12/2017 Filaments Of Partial Awareness Free versehealth,self,sick,strength
3/12/2017 Tornado Free verseabuse,age,boy,child,child
3/12/2017 Roses And Butterflies Free verseemotions,encouraging,flow
3/12/2017 Building On Ashes Free verseabuse,child,child abuse,c
3/11/2017 Darkest Soil Free verseabuse,child,health,mental
3/10/2017 Ibn Zaydun: Always Yours, Wallada Rhymebetrayal,longing,lost lov
3/10/2017 Freedom Is Written In Stars And Moon Free verseabuse,change,dark,freedom
3/8/2017 Back Surgery, When Blank versebody,care,health,me,
3/8/2017 They Say I Am Young Rhymeanxiety,beautiful,inspira
3/8/2017 Wednesday Is A Happy Day Rhymedance,friendship,fun,funn
3/8/2017 Eyes With Different Sight Free versehealth,imagery,self,
3/7/2017 Avi, oh Avi Free verseboy,dance,memory,remember
3/7/2017 Diamonds From The Sky Blank versebeautiful,beauty,desire,e
3/7/2017 Birds of Wood Free verselove hurts,pain,relations
3/7/2017 Aquila - Collaboration with White Wolf Sonnetanimal,bird,nature,
3/6/2017 Love And Smiles Free versehappy,i love you,love,sea
3/6/2017 Lost Childhood -Finale- Free verseabuse,child,child abuse,c
3/6/2017 Lost Childhood -Part 4- Rhymeabuse,child,child abuse,c
3/5/2017 Lost Childhood -Part 3- Free verseabuse,child,child abuse,c
3/5/2017 Frozen In Your Disdain Free verseanalogy,betrayal,cool,dar
3/5/2017 Lost Childhood -Part 2- Free verseabuse,anxiety,child,child
3/4/2017 Lost Childhood -Part 1- Free verseabuse,anxiety,boy,child,c
3/4/2017 JUMPING Free verseanxiety,depression,mental
3/4/2017 Find Me Here Free versedark,depression,loss,lost
3/4/2017 TREACHEROUS TOURETTE Rhymebullying,inspirational,me
3/3/2017 Be Safe My Friends Rhymeemo,emotions,feelings,fri
3/3/2017 Coma Free versedark,death,health,light,r
3/3/2017 A Spider Rhymeanimal,funny,health,self,
3/3/2017 A Knight, Chained Free versebeauty,body,dance,health,
3/2/2017 A Sensual Rasp Free versefunny,health,love,romanti

My Photos

Fav Poems

Farewell My Love Fibonacciheartbreak,
Blow sweet Breeze Free verseautumn,love,nature,
HOMEWARD BOUND Lyricbreak up,heartbreak,
I CAN SEE CLEARLY - FOR NOW Diamantesenses,
Life or Death Tweet Prosebirth,death,
Exclusive Birth Rights Free versehumanity,
Playing Human Free versehumanity,humorous,life,pr
Precious Friendship Iambic Pentameterfriendship,
LENORE Rhymeabsence,abuse,adventure,a
In Another Time Rhymelife,
Leonard Cohen was right Epicpoetry,
The Park Bench Free verseart,beauty,inspirational,
A Goodbye Kiss Free verseautumn,kiss,
AS NIGHT FOLLOWS DAY Rhymeanalogy,beautiful,celebra
PETAN Narrativeadventure,america,angst,b
Peace Slips Lightly Free verseautumn,beauty,change,peac
Rare Are We Free verselove,
Bhatiali Pastoralallegory,beauty,fishing,m
ALL CHANGE Coupletchange,humorous,relations
Two Rivers Versearabic,confusion,hope,
Rowntree Park Free verseallegory,baseball,
No Translation Needed Free versebetrayal,
A WINTER'S TALE Free verseanimal,snow,winter,
POEMS Free verseinspiration,poems,poetry,
Flirting with free verse Free versefunny,humor,humorous,poem
Forevermore Rhymedeath,devotion,love,
LAND OF BROKEN DREAMS Rhymeabsence,america,bereaveme
FRESH RAIN AND LILACS Free verseadventure,bio,celebration
haiku - 8 Haikuchildren,snow,
If I Were an Elephant Verseafrica,animal,dream,
Duplex Versevolleyball,
Lost in you Rhymelove,morning,
SCRUFFY Rhymeabsence,bereavement,dog,s
A belief in us Cinquainchange,child,hope,humanit
Blarney Verseallegory,fantasy,
Love Vortex Shapelove,
Aspiration Verseabuse,angst,death,lost lo
Streets of blood Rhymehate,love,peace,war,
Poem for Poem Rhymeconflict,deep,feelings,ho
If I Were An Elephant Rhymeadventure,allusion,
To My Al-akh Al-asrar Rhymeappreciation,arabic,broth
Titan child Free verseappreciation,child,
The Mustangs Lyricadventure,allusion,horse,
My Reality Rhymeallusion,grandchild,grand
HOW: Light Poetryanalogy,love hurts,
Broken People Free versepeople,
Sweet Morning Rain Lyricemotions,feelings,goodbye
Me and the Bee: Elegydeath,
To name a few: Free verseanimal,
Angelic Tendrils Free versefor him,love,men,
Covering what remains Free verselife,
Costly Reprieve Rhymeabuse,addiction,depressio
An empty throne - Part 1 of 9 Rhymefantasy,
An Empty Throne - Part 2 of 9 Rhymefantasy,
An Empty Throne - Part 3 of 9 Rhymefantasy,
A Perfect Sunrise Rhymebeauty,love,morning,
An Empty Throne - Part 4 of 9 Rhymefantasy,
An Empty Throne - Part 5 of 9 Rhymefantasy,
Gone But Not Forgotten Personificationbeauty,
An Empty Throne Part 6 of 9 Rhymefantasy,
Release Lyricaddiction,anger,conflict,
An Empty Throne Part 7 of 9 Rhymefantasy,
Elan World part 1 - The Awakening Epicadventure,fantasy,
An Empty Throne - Part 8 of 9 Rhymefantasy,
An Empty Throne - The Finale Rhymefantasy,
Shine Prose Poetrychild,
Elan World part 2 - The Prophecy Epicadventure,fantasy,
Elan World part 3 - A Revelation Epicadventure,fantasy,
Elan World part 4 - The Ice Castle Epicadventure,fantasy,
My Cinderella Lyricbeauty,
Destiny: Rhymeanalogy,destiny,
Elan World part 5 - The Rainbow People Epicadventure,fantasy,
Elan World part 6 - The Confrontation Epicadventure,fantasy,
Elan World - 2 part Finale Epicadventure,fantasy,
Makes the perfect Christmas gift Free versechristmas,humor,love,
CRUSHED CONCRETE Concreteconfusion,earth,freedom,s
Lingering within Free verseage,beauty,
Ode To The Acorn Concreteallegory,nature,
Please allow me to introduce myself Free verselife,me,
What I Meant to Say - Seeker's Lyric Lyriclost love,
My Muse Resides Rhymefor her,love,muse,
TIME: Sonnetday,night,time,
The Table's Set Rhymeheartbreak,hope,
The smile you share Monorhymemorning,
Follow Me Lyricadventure,
Music for Dummies Free versemusic,
Beauty Of You Free versebeauty,love,
The Butterfly Incident Free verseaddiction,butterfly,dream
Quadro - Dawn's early kisses Versebeauty,morning,
So Soft is the Sonnet of Willows Rhymelife,longing,love,
The Rest of My Life - John Hamilton's Lyric Lyrichappiness,love,
Ice Free versenature,winter,
Only In You I See Free versebeautiful,humanity,journe
Out of words Rhymepoetry,words,
YOUR BETTER END Free verseword play,
Time Stamps In The Sand - collab with Darren White Rhymebeach,hope,inspiration,li
I Was I Am Free verseabuse,betrayal,break up,c
Night Of Dreams Blitzlove,romantic,valentines
Of All I've Lost Rhymehome,

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