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The Magnificent Seven

Columbia soars high up from it’s launch pad, or so it seems
Seven men and women like children, fulfilling their most dreamt about dreams.  

Cocooned inside their spaceship, our earth, they now see as a whole
A pity we can’t all see the big picture and reconcile it with our soul.

Up there, feeling quite privileged and a closeness to some greater force,
But the demands of the day take these feelings away, a space station determines their course.

All tasks performed with precision; the training has paid off in full
Heading home it’s not just gravity but family and friends that provide a great pull.

Touching the edges of our small earth, the entry has now begun
but senors; both electronic and human seem to suggest this day might be run.    

All eyes now trained skyward, a pitiful sight for all to behold
And the voice from NASA talks of ‘contingency’ – all seems rather cold.

They left this earth as explorers not knowing, there would be no return
But, like pioneers before them, tis another chapter from which man will learn.

Thousands and thousands of people, some known and some not, are lost every day
And yet, just seven in a very long moment, caused a world of nations to unite and pray. 

Copyright © Gerard Jordan | Year Posted 2014

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Down on the farm

I once nodded off and found myself on a farm,
I was met by a horse who said I’d come to no harm

His name was George, he was tall and ‘jet black’
and he knelt down right gentle as I climbed on to his back

As we strode through the yard there came a small cry,
it was  a piglet named; Norman who’d got mud in his eye

Mother hen clucked and her little chicks scampered,
flossy the kitten just wants to be pampered

In through the gate there came a lot of sheep
and a collie dog called Jimmy, behind them did creep

Mildred the cow lay down for a rest,
and the flies thought her ear would make a good nest

Billy the goat looked nervous as he went for a stroll,
George and I both wondered if he was in fear of a troll

As we crossed over the bridge down by the stream,
there came a loud bang as I fell of my bed, 
and there ended my dream.

Copyright © Gerard Jordan | Year Posted 2014

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Sat in the Jacuzzi
Feeling quite woozy
Bubbles everywhere

Resting my mind
The relaxing kind
Simply not a care

Copyright © Gerard Jordan | Year Posted 2014

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Bees don't go

Bumbling along from flower to flower
Not sure what they do hour after hour?

Well, let me tell you where we'd be if they were to go
Four years at most and we're likely to follow.

A water melon made tasty by its hundreds of seeds
Every last one pollinated as one of the bees deeds.

Cantaloupes and strawberries, peaches and apples
Their specialness gone, despite your taste bud's grapples.

Cucumbers and squash, tomatoes, peppers and peas
They'd all lose their character without our lovely bees.

"We'll I don't like vegetables" I can hear some of you say
But those Cows, pigs, and chickens need grass or hay!

The one safe thing surely, are the clothes on your back?
Well, with no precious cotton you may just have a sack.

Can we be all British and have a cup of tea
Not if we say goodbye to our humble bee!

Our fragile world, about so little we know
Oh, our bumbling friends, bees don't go!

Copyright © Gerard Jordan | Year Posted 2013

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Love of a son

Oliver was in search of love that day, when arms motioned up with the bowl,
I well up inside when I think of the poor wretch, stripped of all save his little soul

Negative stills of this scene and others are developed in the black of my mind,
but in walks my son who reminds me that love is the ultimate find

Simple words betray the truth so poetry is the tool,
I’ll place all my cards on the table, and I’ll even play the village fool

His fair complexion is tightly thatched with taut sandy locks just as mine,
he’s developing a sensitive and gentle manner, to me a pleasing sign

Sadly, at times, I fail in reception of his little wants and pleas,
and when aware, I fervently rebuke myself for not responding with appease

In the ‘wars’ cut and bruised he comes to me with puppies eyes,
an oasis of comfort he has surely found and my feelings tell no lies

When apart, there’s a feeling of not being quite complete,
for when he was born he took a part of me; nature or some greater feat?

I can’t begin to tell you what it’s like living on the proverbial cloud nine,
but if my feelings are compared to the weather, then the sun never fails to shine

Alas, one day we must surely part,
and so, may our love for each other become fused into some bigger and tangible heart

If this enigma is to kindle your heart then you must surely know,
never hide the love you have for someone, shout it out, stand it up, let it show.

Copyright © Gerard Jordan | Year Posted 2014

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Thinking about thinking

Now there’s a thought I thought
I think I am a thinker
not because I tinker

What you see is what you see
but what you think you see
is more important than what you see 

I am what I think I am 
and you are what you think you are
I think we can all do great and wonderful things

Our world needs us all to change
not our clothes but maybe them as well

If I thought my thinking would not give 
my grandchildren a world at least as good as what I enjoy
then I would change my thinking right now and turn the lights off 

Copyright © Gerard Jordan | Year Posted 2014