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that field over there
graveyard of skeleton grass
not always happy

Copyright © K. Paige | Year Posted 2018

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Sometimes the words come easy
with an instant consent
arranging themselves neatly
that sweet spot in my mind
of no resistance
not nauseas yet

Sometimes the words
are not so agreeable
intent on staying unspeakable
spurting and in a nonsensical surge

But i cannot polish dirt
into crystal
The result:
forced rhymes
syllables in broken time

But the worst
are the words which crawl
when my mind has set to stall
And all i have to show for it:
excessive words that won't fit
Thoughts i can't contain
yet can't explain
Repeating the same thing
(but with different words)
over and over again

Maybe i've been mistaken, then
I'm idle in the brain 
and full of empty
Crumpled up poetry
strewn about me like confetti
And at the end of it all
feeling too much exposure
My mind, a tube of toothpaste
folded six times over

Now i'm choking and holding my waist
from the nightly nausea
and chain-smoking aftertaste
Rushing to lock the door,
and head for the store
to buy me some more

Copyright © K. Paige | Year Posted 2018

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Mock Arrival

you say that you’ve arrived
with some special kind of person
in some special kind of place
with some special kind of job
but you’re deprived
missing your exit after work on the drive
to pretend that you’re skipping town
and leaving everything behind
to find something which cannot be defined
a fantasy of playing god for a day
shaking up the earth in some kind of way
to throw yourself onto a different driveway
with a different kind of person
in a different kind of place
with a different kind of job
how many times have you
willed your life to turn upside down?
thinking to yourself,
‘this is it… this has to be it’
you’ve convinced yourself that
this next chapter will be your greatest hit
until you look around to see a ghost town
once again
you’re inside out and upside down
chasing a make-believe life
you cannot live without


Copyright © K. Paige | Year Posted 2018