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The Girl In The Sky

Beautiful and praised,
the moon is someone beloved,
Someone who others watched 
But she was lonely.

Left alone in a vast space,
With noone to love her 
The way she wanted them to, 
She felt abandoned.

People talked about her,
But never to her
Leaving her out of their fun;
Their late night walks 
And their celebrations.

She was a lovely flower,
With gentle features that made her beautiful,
 caring grey eyes 
And plump rosy lips,
And bright bold colors that made her unique
And shine like a peacock.

Everyday she wondered what she can do 
To make them appreciate her,
But she never notices how much she is cared for
As she faces away 
from those who cherish her.

One day there will be someone
Who loves the moon as she wants to be,
Who can make her happy 
And put a smile on her face.

So the moon waits,
And waits, 
For that day to come,
Keeping hope in her heart. 

Copyright © Amy Moreno | Year Posted 2018

Details | Amy Moreno Poem

Mornings at 4 am

It was about 4 am
When he got up in the morning
Walking down stairs to prepare the coffee
He would always make it for me 
Shivering because the morning was frosty 
The sun still asleep
Just as we should be
This type of mornings are my favorite
Seeing him for a few minutes a week
Made me learn to savor it 
The smell of coffee brewing 
The feeling of a warm blanket 
And the smiles we shared
Is something between the two of us
That I will always remember 

Copyright © Amy Moreno | Year Posted 2018