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Path to the Light

They were all willing to follow 
into the deep dark wood
Where fear was once hollow
now only hope was understood

Trust began to waver
in water and muck rendered
faith in a leader to savor
a forked road all surrendered

It was obvious how they felt
there was no turning back
Their fate already dealt
perhaps graves for this pack

Nervously prodding the foot path
death could have been their song
Upon seeing light instead of wrath
they were not weak they were strong

so love was born from respect
and friendship molded by fire
they found what to never expect
fulfillment for their true hearts desire

As wooded paths command
through trials they all went
A story of many lives planned
and all emerged heaven sent

Copyright © Devy Sunshine | Year Posted 2018

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First Love Impossible Puzzle

Confronted with a conundrum
an impossible choice to convey
solution was simple but dumb
promise & puzzle locked away

one hand was selfish
take her heart and begin
yet down the road a wish
what life could have been

there would have been resentment
as is always the case
10 years of contentment
before love ceased its pace

other hand was selfless
must live without me today
but down the road a wish
I would come back one day

weary of the weight
impossible promises to keep
Each night I did wait
and prayed before sleep

I was tricked into a vow
by a mother who loved her deeply
She knew my character somehow
devoted my life to her, sweetly

After a while I grew upset
until I learned her mom died
with unyielding regret
I cried and I cried

No possibility for her to take it away
no revoking the burden on my back
Carrying the hopes of tomorrow, today
to solve a puzzle that even God couldn't crack. 

Copyright © Devy Sunshine | Year Posted 2018

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Thumbs Up

Ugh I hate Facebook.
Why can I only like things?
Why can't I dislike something?
Maybe it's because people who post all the time are just looking for public acceptance and approval and by providing a dislike button it will destroy the very essence of their being and no one would use Facebook anymore.  Oh, I get it now.
Ugh I wish there was a "please never reproduce" emoji
Oh that one is insightful, Like
OMG a cat, Like

Copyright © Devy Sunshine | Year Posted 2019

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Words as Seduction

It suddenly occurred to me
one can be seduced with words
even when not backed by action
eloquence with language is in fact, sexy

Words are a means of expression
such as dance or music conveys
words are an art form
to be caressed by the imagination

Characters on a page written
with promissory intention
yet withstood unfulfilled
are abuse of an art form

Technically a perversion of intention
when actions are not acted upon
most people call it lying
and the desire to read wilts

Thus I stopped
talking, writing, or singing
because the same people whom
fall in love with words do also
use them against you, harshly

Copyright © Devy Sunshine | Year Posted 2018

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Forced into Love

Come hither she said with a wry smile across her lips, standing in shock as if being mocked by a bird in a tree. Where intrigue once stood now the realization of flight and she barred her door in horror and fright.  Musn't let him leave or her chance will be gone forever. She must do evil in order to free her scarlet letter. He almost yelled for help and she was ghastly ablaze, with fire in her heart to solve her lovers maze. She dragged him feverishly to the alter of her back and retreat he tried but strength he did lack. Now locked into position the agony of defeat, he was losing this battle to the deceptively sweet. She made a promise that all would be fine yet, she knew not herself what future crossed that line. In selfish arrogance she unvested all armor, for she knew what she was doing, she was a charmer.  NO! exclaimed he for it was too early. She was manipulative and charged him to be girly. For every reason not, she whispers a reason for, all she wants to hear him say is more more more. It didn't happen quite as she intended. His integrity and respect, were forever, offended. Forced into love is not a whim or delight, for it still awakes him late at night. Everyone makes mistakes if only she asked permission, yet "no" was only spoken, and never an admission. She received the grief she deserved with fire in her eyes, because not once, ever, did she think to apologize.

Copyright © Devy Sunshine | Year Posted 2018

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Have My Money

She said she was interested...
She said she was single...
Turns out neither was true except for...
Money to pay for her shallow appearance,
her nails,
her yoga lessons,
her kickboxing lessons,
her makeup addiction to hide from the world her true nature.
Her definition of single and broke is vastly different from mine.
and not one mention... of the wellfare of her child over her own.

Copyright © Devy Sunshine | Year Posted 2020

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Blurred Lies

You say that you love me
as a friend
You say that you want me
as more than a friend
You say you want to talk
yet don't answer when I call
You came to see me
but never knocked on my door
You asked me to love you
yet you avoid me
How can you love someone
you don't talk to?
You don't make sense
liars never do.

Copyright © Devy Sunshine | Year Posted 2018