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Sad Sad Moon

To love you, you want the moon.
To be with you, you demand I sing your tune. 
I have denied myself time and again,
And yet you still treat me with the same disdain.

Tell me, how long can love last when ignored?
You were the one I once loved and adored!
But now, after giving you the moon, my soul, my all
I have come to realize I have nowhere left to fall. 

So take your moon and treat it right.
And, perhaps someday you’ll feel the slight
Of love cast away....
And beg your lover not to stray. 

10 March 2020
Written for Picture Prompt Poetry Contest
Sponsored by Brenda Chiri

Copyright © Antakia Rose | Year Posted 2020

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Shantelle Eternal

Walking in the gentle rain, on a cobblestone path,
A dark-haired belle blended in with the blackened sky
A wonder too commanding for any god to behold. 
Beauty eternal.

Too much allure, too pure to wither.
She had to remain as she always was.
Stone cold lying on the floor.
Beauty eternal. 

She stays like this. The world could not bear to see the sight of her changed. 
If life must end, hers ends at the apex. Sacrificed on the granite altar to her perfection.
Beauty eternal.

Again! I am forced to stare through that glassy stone … 
Shantelle - beyond words, beyond form, beyond thought …
Rise like the phoenix to the stars as you ought … 
Beauty eternal.

February 28, 2020
Title Chosen: Shantelle Eternal
Shantelle Poetry Contest
Sponsored by Julia Ward

Copyright © Antakia Rose | Year Posted 2020

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Pastry Puff

Still wind as the couple walks down the lane.
Stolen glances as they avoid touching hands.
Pastry puff upon the air, Sunday morning dew,
Too near for comfort, too far for pain.

How I wish I could evade this fearsome torment so divine!
If I could only pluck the bittersweet rose before it e’er grew.
Why would God grant you such supreme sovereignty o’er my soul?
Is there any means to steal your heart when you have stolen mine?

To speak to the angel would be too hasty
My strength so fragile couldn't bear the glorious toll.
But to not? My mind is berated in relentless pain
For the Love of God, Let me kiss your scarlet lips so tasty

To know where you are is the question of my being,
While it seems to me you may be deceiving.
The spirit of my heart is on the verge of shattering,
Bittersweet is the love you left, with me dreaming.

29 February 2020
Created for Lines to Awaken your Muse Poetry Contest
Sponsored by Joseph May
3. A hasty glance and still my heart leaped up - Samuel Taylor Coleridge

Copyright © Antakia Rose | Year Posted 2020

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A Lull

Squeak! The furry critters run,
Although they knows not what for.
Ah... the rat race has begun. 

Always scampering for more,
Run... Run... RUN! There is no end. 
We will get there soon they swore. 

Cannot tell who’s foe, who’s friend.
Climbing over, bodies down.
Is there some way to transcend?

Blood, tears, sweat, fears. All do drown. 
Silent screaming. What is life?
If you don’t fight you’re the clown. 

All is darkness in this strife.
Does anyone really care?
Who knows if I take the knife?

Suddenly a light, a stare.
Another option spoken. 
Someone else who is aware. 

How can I take it, broken? 
Words of peace, and not compared.
“Accept the proffered token”. 

So from the race I was spared,
Peace, freedom, a place to breathe!
Then... return to those ensnared. 

03 March 2020
Title Chosen: A Lull
Contest: Pick-A-Title, Vol 14-Tristich
Sponsor: Edward Ibeh

Copyright © Antakia Rose | Year Posted 2020

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God is patient just like
little children waiting
to be born,

God is quiet just like
the wind blowing
through the trees,

God is loving just like
parents loving their children,

God is caring just like
people are for each other.

25 July 2012

Copyright © Antakia Rose | Year Posted 2020

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First it was only a joke.
Something to poke fun at.
After all it wasn’t in our habitat.

Then it crept into our country like smoke.
Not a bother we thought quietly,
And vowed to pray and act piously. 

But it started to intrude into the Midwest.
Still a joke, still something to roll our eyes about
Until the schools took it seriously and decided to take a time out. 

So we never got to say goodbye to the best.
Because as we left for break we were told
We would be back and to go enjoy our household. 

Break started, concern and slight worry of what was to come.
And then the axe fell
We would not get to say our farewell. 

A feeling of going numb.
No more nights staying up late just to chat?
No more complaining about food over the placemat?

Classes, dances, final days all gone. 
How to say that it feels as if time has been taken.
And all of a sudden I realize that each day is a gift and I must not be mistaken. 

For although I want to grab and hold on,
What cannot be must be realized 
And what is must be held dearly and prized.

19 March 2020
Written for Coronavirus COVID-19 Cash Prize Poetry Contest
Sponsored by Team PoetrySoup

Copyright © Antakia Rose | Year Posted 2020

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Long have I waited here, countless ago.
Is it too much to ask?
Too much to consider, that we could ever be together? 

I know, I understand,
That we do belong together. 
Do you not see how perfectly our hands fit? 

All you have to do is ask. 
Ask and I will answer. 
I would gladly be yours but now I wonder. 

Is there something wrong with me? 
Is there somehow an offense against you? 
I would give you the world, I would give you my heart. 

I could love you, forever and farther. 
Why do you evade my love?
I would be yours, and never consider another. 

The way things are going though,
The pain you’ve put me through,
I must question myself, how could this end. 

Long have I waited here, and forever more. 
I cannot love you near,
But my heart is yours and from afar I cry out. 

To you! To you I cry out! 
My heart is yours,
But I fear yours will never be mine. 

23 Sept 2012

Copyright © Antakia Rose | Year Posted 2020

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Some say

Some say love comes softly and sweetly,
Like the spilling of ink it drip drip drips...
Until it carves out a place in your heart and tightly grips. 

Some say love comes unexpectedly, like a flash.
It burns brightly and can consume until all is gone, 
Or it can help you rise and find your new dawn. 

Some say love makes angels of men.
It brings out their best—kindness, gentleness, awe—
And causes men to remain rather than withdraw. 

Some say love makes men turn to devils.
They become jealous and haunted when they find
That love does not always stay and is never really blind. 

Some say love brings out the fool in us all. 
The fool who will love after love has gone, 
Realizing they were only ever a pawn. 

Some say love is lost....
Some say I’m a fool for wanting you back...
Some say I shouldn’t try to join you...

But they don’t know what I suffer
Knowing I am the one who pushed you over the edge,
I am the fool who couldn’t keep the pledge. 

07 March 2020
Written for "Clown at the Abyss" contest
Sponsored by Kai Michael Neumann

Copyright © Antakia Rose | Year Posted 2020

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Dance With Me

One Two Three, One Two Three...
Dip and turn, the night has only begun
One Two Three, One Two Three...
Softly swaying, the music sets us free

Low lights flicker like fire flies,
Your face illumined in a soft golden glow.
My oh my how the time flies,
And yet, forever can be seen in our eyes. 

One Two Three, One Two Three...
We waltz to the sound of the fading sun.
One Two Three, One Two Three...
You stay close and promise forever with me. 

Deep colours, blood red and royal blue,
I could dance all night with no need to sleep.
No time to be down, no time to be blue.
Dancing through the night we are the lucky few. 

One Two Three, One Two Three...
Soft lullaby which signals the night done...
One Two Three, One Two Three...
Come join me where I alone have the key...

02 March 2020
Kim Rodrigues’ DWM Contest

Copyright © Antakia Rose | Year Posted 2020

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One name in a room full of many,
One word in a dictionary,
One sound in the distance,
One heart burns to be seen,
One soul cries out for love.
I’m one person, trying to get to Heaven,
My friends are just the same. 
I fight to be seen, to be heard.
No one knows I’m here,
Like a sapling in the forest,
One grain of sand on the seashore.
Everyones fighting to be seen, to be heard.
Everyone wants to be noticed. 
If we stand together. . .
One voice echoing through time and space.
One word that says it all.
One sound lasting forever.
One heart beating on.
One soul loved and loving.
Together we are the one,
The one no one of us can accomplish on our own.
Together we are seen, are heard.
Together we are everything. 

25 July 2012

Copyright © Antakia Rose | Year Posted 2020