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Best Poems Written by Tushar Yadav

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Crazy Cat Lady

Crazy Cat Lady
sat in the rocking chair
her dress quite fady
her colour so fair
but the felines around
gave me the creeps
even in this roaring crowd
i could hear her weep
for she was quite alone
i saw when looked at me the crone....

Copyright © Tushar Yadav | Year Posted 2018

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truth un-found

truth a myth
all around
truth rages
to be more profound
here its desolate
in my heart
fate says:
beginnings with ends
and ends' beginning
all mixed up
and never ending
lost and alone
 cant we ride?
to the sun
to the tide?
for never we'll have rest
until we have caressed
creation's brow
to breathe the truth
of who "I" am

Copyright © Tushar Yadav | Year Posted 2018

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My Beloved

My beloved,
Your touch thrills me,
My newlywed,
Your presence fills me.

My hands grip you,
For you are mine.
Moments are few,
When my eyes don't flit to thine.

Another kiss of yours,
To another may be his last breath breathed.
He must be spread out on all his fours,
For him death may be bequeathed.

They might be limbs,
Which kill him.
Or your trills,
Which ends him.

Your love isn't "for",
For it clouds the brightest minds.
Your love is the rabid dogs of war
Destruction it always finds.

Sinews clench you tight,
Trigger clenched.
For I won't go without a fight,
My country I will fend.......................

Copyright © Tushar Yadav | Year Posted 2018

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I reach out
I strive within
I simmer and simmer
And find hearts leaden
But steps don't falter
And breaths come ragged
Muscles cry out
And legs give way
Wings I yearn for
Things I yearn for
A little bliss truly
But something lucid
To keep me so
So I stand up
Head held high
And find myself a bit short
Of the cry
But another step rises
From beneath to forward
Another step begins from death 
To a new one
Sand turns blood red
Fire seeps in
And fire burns from within
Air still brushes
Forcing tears
To my eyes
But weren't they already there?
Weren't they all known?
All it began with the simple touch
Of cold steel
Upon bone
The slightest kiss
The least sigh
And I found myself
In the embrace
Of a lie
My eyes watered
My soul shrieked out
My voice deadend
And I found myself 
Reaching out
For just the simple touch 
Of your skin
For just the simple word
From your within
And nothing fell on my ears
Nothing touched my fingers
For nothing still remained
The embrace gone
And struggling to stand
Struggling, struggling ,struggling
And then I found some feeling
Unto my scarred soul
For some reckoning
In the heart of stone
And so I took a step
And another once again
For I never wanted the back
Which was turnwd
And I still tread 
Trying to thaw the stone
Still tread
Trying to feel once more
And then I glimpse you again
Laughing. Laughing!
Oh! All hell must break loose
Devils must rise
And heavens open
To cast this wretch
In to worst fate ever
Still he embraces another
And never a look to me
Still he caresses another
And no word to me. 
Stone burns bright
Soul once cries
But now they are a habit
And habits die hard
Quenching anger with will
And taking another step forward
Oh! How the air smells
How the earth crunches
How the melody dances
In my heart.
For its not your anymore
Mine. MIne. And only MINE!

Copyright © Tushar Yadav | Year Posted 2019