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Best Poems Written by Karen Feist

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Honorable Mention

On entering this contest I have to admit
The fame it will bring me when I push "submit"
Is all that I'm after -  my name in bright lights
The kind of attention I earned with my writes.

I used to get noticed for walking in late
To school, then to jobs, and even for dates
My family picked up on my one loud defect
And thought they could fix me - no disrespect.

They told me that dinner would be served at five
When seven was really the time to arrive
Two hours they gave me to help cure the curse
But of course I found out and the problem got worse.

Right now I'm supposed to be cleaning my room
Instead, I am writing, ignoring the broom
My shrink says that tardiness is a cry for attention
I'll clean my room later for an honorable mention.

Copyright © karen feist | Year Posted 2008

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Unconditioonal Love - the short version

I live inside this bottle
Because it makes me feel
Like nothing else I've ever felt
Don't tell me it's not real

The Captain looked into my eyes
And saw the pain that I denied
He knew His love could set me free
When I saw in Him what He saw in me.

Copyright © karen feist | Year Posted 2009

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The Other Mom

I was laying on the beach
On a hot August morn
A sudden pain in my gut
I knew that something was wrong
It's Eddie.  I felt it so strong
I Picked up my cell and I called
The emotional pain of it all
My body curled up in a ball
I sat up again to be sure, 
the solar plexus was sore
Why to I question these signs
I know that there isn't a cure
For the feelings I want to ignore
He never answered the phone
I packed up my stuff and went home
I worried all day and all night
The sunrise brought more than just light
The loud banging began at the door
I peeked through the blinds to be sure
There were cops all over the street
Guns drawn made the picture complete
I opened the door full of fear
Oh my God!  Why are they here?
My heart dropped, I wanted to hide
When he said "Sgt. White, homicide."
Is your son home he wanted to know
With his foot in the door I said no
Do you mind if we just have a look
And I backed up after biting the hook
They swarmed through the house 
Guns up in the air
Upstairs to his room
They looked everywhere
My solar plexus was right
I'm glad I came home last night
But where did he go?  I needed to know
His innocence still in my sight
The officer said have a seat
Let's talk about where he could be
A boy was found dead in the street
A witness put Ed at the scene
Don't worry he said as I pulled my robe tight
Your son was a victim of robbery last night
I know he's afraid to come out in the light
I didn't believe him.  But I knew he was right.
My son was afraid and now I knew why
He took someone's life who's mother will cry
He was just seventeen a year younger than Ed
Why do these kids seem to be so misled?

What happened that night is a mom's biggest fear
A child was lost in the drug war I hear
The exchange in the alley of weed for the cash
Was a set up to rob him of all  that he had
When the kid put a gun against my son's head
Said 'empty your pockets' or soon you'll be dead
He had no idea that the pocket was packed
With a 38 special protecting the cash
The rest of story is packed in a box
The panic, the fear, the action, the shock
He emptied the gun and ran for his life
While Nicholas bled on the pavement that night
My heart cries to God asking why must I be
The mom of the kid who killed her baby
I cry for her loss as if it were mine
I beg her forgiveness, and I offer her mine.
You don't want to be either one of these moms
Our children at risk, a sign of the times
God please shine Your light on this good Earth today
We're all human beings who've just lost our way.

Copyright © karen feist | Year Posted 2008

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Goodbye Marybeth

Marybeth, my little sister, the baby of the family.
A wild blonde, just like her mom, 
She had to have her candy!
From weed to perks, triple two-ees and ludes
Marybeth and Judy were always stewed.
That was in high school, and a few years before
They both settled down like the girl next door.
A husband and children just like Karen and Kate
But mom never met them
She had them too late.
Spent time with her dad, she loved him to death,
He hated her husband, She was his Marybeth!
She shared all her secrets and turned him against
The man that she married - it didn't make sense.
Mare landed a job with the Kromberger clan
They loved her like family; maybe more than...
Her life was too short, her children too young
To lose their dear mother, God, what have You done?
She paid all her dues with the pain she endured
For the past seven years with no hope for a cure.
Being blind was another effect of the coma
And a few years went by before carcinoma 
Eating food from a cup was humbling for sure,
But Mare always kept some humor in store
Her wish when she left us, was for us not to cry
Remember the good times, and stop asking why.
Her time was her time and we'll all have our day
For leaving this life, for slipping away
Our guardian angels are right by our sides
They take our hand gently along with our Guides
And cross us to where we no longer need
The pain and the suffering to which we agreed.
There's always a reason, for the things of today
We can't see the big picture, Faith asks us to pray.
One fact is for sure, we all have a Life Purpose
It's always much deeper than what's seen on the surface
Marybeth's purpose included us all
I'm grateful for that, but what the heck was it for?
Someday I'll look back, probably next New Years Eve.
A year will have passed, I'll still not have grieved.
The hard part for me is the 'wanting' to leave.
Tired of living?  I just can't conceive.
Watch what you 'give,' you will surely receive
Exactly the same as your intention conceived.
It may have been wrapped in beautiful gold
Expecting more thanks than the newspaper-rolled.
Giving without expectations in mind
Is the secret of leaving this world behind.
Then we get to stay and see what makes us tick
We don't judge, we don't talk, just observe 
Don't get sick.
It's not personal.  Whew....
Love you Mare, See you there.

Copyright © karen feist | Year Posted 2009

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Big Feet

When the lights go down 

and the kids are asleep

My spirit wants to party

Tell that to my feet.

My poor tired feet

As big as they are

Have carried my weight

All night at the bar

They're in a tough place 

they can't see my face

they know I am there

my mom called them “grace”

They kicked and they clunked

into doors, legs and chairs

never meaning to hurt

anyone that was there

They were always too big

I was always too tall

Why didn't they make

Size elevens at all?

The poor things were squeezed 

In a 10 my whole life

Til Payless arrived

Making everything right!

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Copyright © karen feist | Year Posted 2008

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You Deserve The Best

If I were to paint our Friendship,
 The canvas would change every day.
 On Monday the colors are subtle
 And Friday would blow you away!
 The paint brush is much more expressive
 With freedom beyond what we say,
 The colors are pure, and oh so expensive…
 VanGogh (and his ear) couldn’t pay!
 So… I painted with words
 A poem for you,
 My sister, my friend in LA
 A canvas that’s true
 From my heart, through and through,
 To express what I wanted to say.
 Three Years!!  Holy sh!!  That’s AWESOME of you
 To keep coming back every day!

Copyright © karen feist | Year Posted 2007

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He clears his throat with a loud 
"please-see-me" noise
As he eavesdrops on my half
Of a phone call from a boy.

He thinks bad things about me
And my friends who drink and smoke
As if he lived his life alone,
A halo as his cloak.

Our memories are not the same 
Of life with him, five kids and her
Just two of us could take his name
The rest of us just called him 'sir.'

I loved him many years ago,
A child was I of his own betrothed
And now they're gone, the ones he loved,
As he rocks in his chair clearing his throat.

Copyright © karen feist | Year Posted 2009

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Love Is Enough

Love is my weapon when conquering hurt
An invisible energy released automatically
When someone says something to stir up the dirt.

The dirt seems all settled like on top of a grave
Then one word or one sentence is heard the wrong way.
A button gets pushed, something physical happens
And the next thing you know, a defensive reaction.

It took lots of training and prayers then some proof
But I learned about Love and all It could do
It forgives and forgets and heals all wounds incurred
When i simply remind me of that one little word.

Love is all inclusive, unconditional too
It comes straight from the heart, doesn't care what you do
It can't be affected by opinions and such
For it knows what is truth and that is enough.

Copyright © karen feist | Year Posted 2008

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Reality Check

The Electoral College is fraud.
At it's best they take us hostage
Then pay our ransom in jest
This two-party-system
Slithery snakes
In fear

Copyright © karen feist | Year Posted 2008

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The Godfather Part Three The Best One

When I noticed the contest backed by John Heck
I just had to enter it, my house is a wreck.
The cleaning can wait I said to myself
My husband, the dinner as well, on the shelf.

A rhyme about movies would be fun to write
I'll sit here all day and maybe all night
Before I remember the last one I saw
Without interruption - was it Joey ZsaZsa?

Godfather Part Three, I remember it well
It was four in the morning.  I was in a hotel.
I had seen bits and pieces over the years
Andy Garcia, the Pope, and the tears!

I stayed up all night and had breakfast in bed
Check-out at noon... my eyes filled with dread
Get it together, get packed and get out
And that is the movie that I'll write about!

Now what is the title of this movie poem?
It ended up being about going home.
Four hours of film and all that she wrote
Was a rhyme about check-out that mentioned the Pope.

I'll call it The Godfather, Part Three, the best one.
Since most of you've seen it at least in re-run,
I don't have to go into much more detail
Just copy and paste, push send and e-mail!

Copyright © karen feist | Year Posted 2008