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Best Poems Written by Kay Mckenzie

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My Mind

A place so dark and cruel
Many ways to darken it more
And enhance its cruelty
Now so deep no one could save me
Deep inside my mind no one can see
And no one can cut through

Right when I have reached the darkest place
In you came, bringing light and hope
Carrying me out from my mind
How you knew I needed saving I'll never know

Copyright © Kay McKenzie | Year Posted 2017

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Blessings of Xanax

All the love
All the blessings
Blessings that are going
Blessings that are coming
Coming to life
Coming to decrown
Decrown humans
Decrown the earth
Earth gave to us
Earth decaying by human fault
Fault we refuse
Fault we gain
Gain weight
Gain hate
Hate we give
Hate to give in
In love
In joy
Joy we lose
Joy we keep
Keep the hope
Keep the love
Love fading
Love maintaining
Maintaining peace
Maintaining negligence
Negligence for the earth
Negligence for others
Others lives
Others pain
Pain isn’t taken willingly
Pain isn’t questioned
Questioned is the humanity
Questioned are their rights
Rights of the free
Rights they have slaved
Slaved hopes
Slaved truths
Truths they took
Truths underestimated
Underestimated life
Underestimated values
Values unspoken
Values of the world
World we take for granted
World cloudy with xanax
Xanax killing the youth
Xanax turning zombies

Copyright © Kay McKenzie | Year Posted 2018

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Death of Lives

Now is before
Now is after
After death
After life
Life brings death
Life takes happiness
Happiness brings joy
Happiness brings light
Light is hope
Light hides darkness
Darkness is scary
Darkness brings fear
Fear is weakness
Fear brings pain 
Pain hurts 
Pain brings strength
Strength blinds humanity
Strength is power
Power is money
Power belongs to society
Society is planned
Society is overrated
Overrated is life
Overrated is love
Love is perfect
Love is fragile
Fragile is life
Fragile is hope
Hope is light
Hope is comfort
Comfort in life
Comfort at heart
Heart is big
Heart is broken
Broken light 
Broken trust
Trust is given
Trust is taken
Taken hope
Taken for granted
Granted my heart 
Granted my love
Love is gained
Love is lost
Lost ones 
Lost lives
Lives are taken
Lives are given

Copyright © Kay McKenzie | Year Posted 2017

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What Do I Do

My mind and my heart are at war
Do I listen to the logic of my mind
Do I listen to the emotions of my heart

Do I listen to my mind and stand idol
Will I watch as my love fades away
Do I make my heart suffer for the sake of sanity

Do I listen to my heart and pursue her
Will I watch as my deepest fears come to pass
Do I make my mind suffer for the love in my heart

When my head says it's just lust 
It will fade

When my heart says its love
It will never fade

What do I do

Copyright © Kay McKenzie | Year Posted 2018

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Love Hurts

I’m scared
I’m terrified 

To love again
To be loved again

I tremble with anxiety
I shake with fear

They say it is an amazing feeling
They say there is nothing else like it

But I know how it feels to love someone
I know what it feels like to be loved

But I also know what it feels like to have it all ripped away
I know what It feels like to be left with a broken heart

I know there is no feeling that compares to the pain
The pain I felt mending my broken heart

But love is an amazing feeling
So amazing I’d give you my heart if you asked 

Copyright © Kay McKenzie | Year Posted 2018

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Bea Smith

Beauty and all its colors
Everything you could ever need
And everything you could ever want

She holds your heart
Makes every bad thing amazing
In times of need she is all you need
The only person you have truly loved
Holding the key to your heart and happiness

Copyright © Kay McKenzie | Year Posted 2018

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The Pain of Knowing

I tell myself everyday that you mean nothing
I tell myself that I can live without you

But I can’t 
And everyday it gets harder to lie to myself

I thought I’d be okay by myself
That I’d get over you

It feels like I am slowly draining myself of the love you gave me
Pain and hurt filling the places love once was

But I know that you will never be mine again
So I try to live with the pain

The pain of knowing what it is like to have you not having you 

Copyright © Kay McKenzie | Year Posted 2018

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Love, Is Lost

You lived for two months and eighteen days 
You lived for seventy seventy days
You lived for one thousand eighteen hundred and forty eight hours

There were times when you were happy and loved
You were celebrated
Your were a welcome addition to my life

There were times when you were sad and painful 
You were misunderstood
You were an unwelcome distraction in my life

But you were loved 
You were appreciated
You were craved in the most basic human ways 

Even now that you are gone I long for the good times
Times you brought me laughter
Times you brought me peace

But now all you give me are the memories
All you give is pain and sorrow
All you give is longing for the past

My heart aches in your absence
It beats harder trying to fill the gaps
It beats fast, in time with the silent tears

I know the grief your passing will fade in time
I know the tears will dry with time
I know the pain will fade as time goes on

But with her face everywhere I turn
With her voice in every corner
Time stands still
And I am left drowning in my memories of the love we once had

Copyright © Kay McKenzie | Year Posted 2019

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She is what keeps me safe from myself                                                                           She is what keeps my mind from straying away

She is the reason I am here                                                                                                       She is the reason I have no fear

She is what holds my heart                                                                                               She is what holds my sanity

In her arms is where I feel safe                                                                                             In her arms nothing can harm me

But that was yesterday                                                                                                         
And today is now

Now she is gone 
Now I am alone

Now I am a risk to myself                                                                                                           Now my mind is everywhere

She is the reason I am gone                                                                                                          She is the reason I fear everything

My heart lay on the ground, broken                                                                                             My sanity nowhere to be found

In her arms is my pain                                                                                                                     
In her arms everything can hurt me

Today is only pain                                                                                                               Tomorrow there will be no pain

Copyright © Kay McKenzie | Year Posted 2017

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Love, Learn, Lose

The Ls are all mixed in together. You love. You lose. And you learn. Like the stages of grief, they intertwine and flow together. But you will always go through them all. While you learn who your partner is and what they like you slowly fall in love. You find out that they love comics and anime. You don’t really like either of those things but you try, try because you want to be able to talk to them about something they enjoy so much. But you end up losing a little because they don’t do the same. However, that doesn’t matter, they’re happy and because you’re the one making them happy that’s okay. You find that you love how their eyes light up when they talk about their latest interest. The little things they don’t notice they do makes you fall in love. Or even the things they don’t have control over. Like the way they eat as without their teeth touching the fork or spoon. You love and you learn. 

  But then you stop learning. At least you stop learning and loving. You learn that their kisses just don't feel the same. You learn that the conversation isn’t as flowing as it once was. That comfortable quiet isn’t so comfortable. You learn how cold their touch feels compared to before. You learn how much it hurts when you go to kiss them goodbye and they turn their head the other way. You learn you’re slowly starting to lose them. 

  Now at first it hurts. It hurts so much you can’t even look at them. Then a few weeks go by and the hate really starts to set it. You picture them hurting the way you hurt. But it doesn’t make you feel any better. Then a few more weeks go by and the sight of them doesn’t make your heart hurt anymore. But you still kinda want to punch them in the face with a car. But then another month goes by and you realize you don’t remember the last time you thought about them. You realize that after months of thinking you were over them, you finally ARE over them. The thought of them doesn’t bring homicidal thoughts. 

  You see her with someone else and just wish he treats her the way you would have. 
  I wish them everything that we are never going to be.  I hope he never stops learning. 

Copyright © Kay McKenzie | Year Posted 2020