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I'm Sorry

If I have upset you,
I’m sorry.
If I have made you feel blue,
I’m sorry.
If tears fall from your eyes,
I’m sorry.
If you feel my love for you dies,
I’m sorry.
I do not mean the harsh words I say,
The guild in me grows day by day.

If simple jokes really hurt deep inside,
I’m sorry.
If I made you feel like saying goodbye,
I’m sorry.
If I haven’t told you how I really feel,
I’m sorry.
If you think it is your heart I am out to steal,
I’m sorry.
Can you blame me for wanting so much?
I am just longing for your strength, your touch.

If I have been a burden,
I’m sorry.
If I have caused fault,
I’m sorry.
If my words come out to harsh,
I’m sorry.
If truth is all I want,
I’m sorry.
I cannot help the resentment I feel.
All I ask for is closeness so I may heal.

If I care to much,
I’m sorry
If my thoughts get rough,
I’m sorry.
If I have caused your heart to ache,
I’m sorry
If all I do is give you tears,
I’m sorry.
I do not want to lose you, my friend.
We are more, we are sisters,
Sisters from the heart,
Until the end.

Copyright © Tammy Bromwich | Year Posted 2018

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Knowing they are each from different worlds,
Unsure of what their future holds.
One with security and nurturing love,
The other hurt and angry, relying on heaven above.
Both waiting for the wheel of dreams to be spun,
Never an idea that the destiny has just begun.

Still miles apart they know deep inside,
One on his own with nothing to hide.
The other afraid and so scared to let go,
But the destiny, now, is starting to show.

They meet face to face, unsure of what is in store,
But something awoke and opened the door.
They have shared so much, each day a new,
Now as one, their hearts forever true.
Growing old, the life they build together,
The destiny they lived will be remembered forever.

Copyright © Tammy Bromwich | Year Posted 2018

Details | Tammy Bromwich Poem

The Battle Within

Deep inside the anger grows,
No one cares, no one knows.
Damages the human race does,
Who knows the answer or cause?

Eyes of red, full of hate,
Something stirring and waits.
Knowing to try, no much time,
Seeing the mountain there, ready to climb.

Frustration fills, almost to boil,
Like a wire so tight, with a touch, it will uncoil.
A single life at stake,
No matter how it is done, whatever it takes.

A razor sharp line must be crossed,
The devastation will be great at no one’s cost.
A seed of destruction grabs ahold,
The battle within must never be told.

This demon had to be killed,
 The luxury of life is all that is willed.
A wall of stone made, temper starts to increase,
The battle within will it ever cease?

A ray of hope from above slowly grows,
Through the light, hands start to show.
Unsure of what to expect, defenses take charge,
A voice comes to try to open the heart up large.

The wall crumbles down as a cream cries out,
Help reaching in is no longer a shadow of doubt.
Hatred and anger leave, tenderness has finally begun,
Ripping despair, the battle within is gone, love has finally won.

Copyright © Tammy Bromwich | Year Posted 2018

Details | Tammy Bromwich Poem


To love and honor were the words spoken,
Lies and hate were the real token.
Trust and faith were lost from the beginning,
The deception that was done was never ending.

Cherished moments are now part of the past,
A love so true how did it even last?
Through rain and shine, there for each other,
The deception, each, held forever.

Playing make believe, lost in a dream world,
Til death do they part, together until they are old.
All of it a game, both of them play,
The deception all around, someone will pay.

Tears of pain fall down their faces,
Now all this room, all the empty spaces.
Will their eyes ever see peace?
The deception, will it ever cease?

As the nights grow longer,
Their anger grows stronger.
Weeks filled with pain and sorrow,
The deception, something time can borrow.

Destroying the words they had both once so deeply cared,
Happiness together, two lives they should have spared.
Young ones, learning as they grow,
The deception they will never know.

Now hearts of stone left to crumble,
The words ‘I love you’ come out in a mumble.
The tears roll down during the confrontation,
To realize the tortured misery behind deception.

Copyright © Tammy Bromwich | Year Posted 2018

Details | Tammy Bromwich Poem


                      The words I write are what I want to say, but cannot
                              My mind is scrambled with thoughts
                                  I write them to ease my pain
                              Anger sits deep within my memory
                              Blackening my heart of love to hate
                         The actions you play are read clearly in my eyes
                             No words are needed for your betrayal
                           You have no regrets for the actions you played
                                How can I forgive and yet try to forget
                            I cannot change how you hurt me in the past
                          But I will change how my heart feels about you
                                    I will not let you hurt me again
                             You have pulled my heart strings for too long
                                  The fog has been lifted from my mind
                              Your hurtful games will come back to you
                          Do not ask for help, my hands will not reach out
                               My smile will show what you have done
                                    You will always be in my memory
                            I walk away from you; my mind and heart are one

Copyright © Tammy Bromwich | Year Posted 2017