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Addiction to Depiction

  This is why writings my new addiction,
     I have to address!
  I say this to you with pure conviction,
     I truly confess!
  Letters make Words which then start fruition,
     Then this will progress!
  Raw emotive words leave no restriction,
     Some feel they caress. 
  They can describe my every affliction,
     Possibly endless!
  Words pour out fluidly without friction, 
     And don't leave a mess.
  Always showing my every depiction,
     Can surely impress!
  Uniquely drawn poems beam apparition,
     These pictures possess. 
  I take time to mend all dereliction,
     And never regress!
  Words organicly come without fiction,
     And this I must stress!. .. .... .....
  For my next poem I have no prediction,
     I'll seek to profess!

Copyright © Stefani Leslie | Year Posted 2017

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The butterfly effect

Once a lost and lonely soul
Too torchered to ever see
That a man could come in my life and know
All the beauty that hid in me
You showed me ways to live and love
A life I never thought could be
You taught me things that no one could
You set my fragile soul forever free
Before you I did suffer long
Experiencing life truly masochistically 
For I cannot blame my troubled soul
On anyone else but me
I praise the day the gods brought you
I was out walking randomly 
And on your Harley you flew by
Yet still you noticed me
Since that day our life began
It was an act of serendipity 
On that day I was gifted love
And thank the gods eternally 
For a love that grows hard and strong
As Strong as an ironwood tree
And this is also why I thank the gods 
for turning you to me
I know within my heart of hearts
That you are my destiny
Because all it took was just one man
Who's belief changed all of me
And again, this is why I thank the gods
For turning I to we. 

Copyright © Stefani Leslie | Year Posted 2017

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   Life is most certainly like a game!
  You start with all the pieces.. genetics, soul, and name.

   “What’s in a name, that which we call a   
  rose, by any other name would smell as sweet.”
   We are who we are, and our vibration, we simply cannot cheat!

   However your name Joy most certainly is the one!
  Joy really fits you to a tee, because you are, and will always be my Sun. 
   Also you’re my stars, and most importantly my moon, I was insecure with my creativity, and I was hiding from my tune. 
   You so elegantly eased my insecurities, and then built my safe caccoon.

    The caccoon you wove, just like that bird’s nest, you said was wove so neat!
   Do you remember that nest, you said was so precise, it never could have been beat?

   Well my beautiful friend, you are just like that rare and special bird!
   You built my caccoon with love and care, and I know 
     the angels over heard! 

   What you did was selfless love, and oh so beautifully rare!
   You showed me true support, when others tried to, but simply couldn’t care. 

   It makes me sad I’m writting this poem, because I thought I had more time.
   You my earthly angel, although sick, you’re heart and soul still prime!

   Your strength is still unmatched, you talk as if your fine.
  Maybe it’s because you simply know, there’s no use to fear or pine!

   You bravely tell me your not in too much pain.
  Just hearing that shows me once again, you can shine through any rain!
   I cannot lie, I am worried, sad, and scared! 
  I guess it’s probably selfish, to fear losing a friend I so revered! 

   I know your strength and courage, just have faith you’ll be ok!
   No matter what may happen, it’s meant to be this way.

  Please just know you had an impact, my friendly little muse!
  You were surely put in my life, to light my needy little fuse. 

   I fear it’s hard to say, but when your time comes, and you know it’s time        
  to leave.
   Please promise when you fly with the angels, you might visit those who grieve. 
   Please just let us know your peaceful, after making that cosmic flight.
  Just knowing you are happy, could bring relief, comfort, and the     
    remembrance of your warm and loving light!

Copyright © Stefani Leslie | Year Posted 2018

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 You quickly lift me up,
 When I am feeling down.
 You Truly make me feel alive!
 Oh how I love your sound!

When my thoughts start racing,
You put my mind at ease.
I love everything about you,
Every eclectic piece!

You inspire me in different ways.
My imagination starts to roam!
Your soul forever soothes me.
Your always welcome in my home! 

Copyright © Stefani Leslie | Year Posted 2017

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Living it Large

I know Im not completely wrong!
It seems you’ve doubted me all along.

Well, actually, it wasn’t doubt..
You were just pushing your control about!

Constantly on my ass,
made me start hating you fast.

I truthfully can’t say hate!
To take that back may be too late.

The honest truth, it is love!
I thought it was “sent from above”!

Man I feel so dumb! 
My heart somewhat feels numb.

You poked and you Prodded,
And I guess, that, I allotted. 

Now I’m fed up with all the control!
You took and you took, and it finally took toll!

I’ve lost myself letting you lead the way,
So I’ve got to go on my own, I don’t think I should stay.

If you were wise, you’d stay with me.
Support my growth, and just let it be!

You say “we’re done, if I decide to leave!”
Controlling me again, it’s my biggest pet peeve. 

I wish you could truly understand how I feel!
Unfortunately, feelings were never your deal.

Your warm and your cold, like a sunny winter day,
and it’s certainly a rare gem, when your humor comes to play.

We are just so different, you and I.
You know it too, you know it’s no lie! 

I need someone who feels emotions like me!
Who can bring comfort and support, when I’m feeling unhappy.

I honestly love you, I just wish you knew,
the one thing I hate, that you constantly do!

I know you mean well, of that I’ve no doubt!
But the way to approach me, you know nothing about.
Also, I figure you can’t be happy with me.
Telling me to change, and unhappy, if I disagree.

I know you think I’m emotional, lazy, and my memory hazy.
I wouldn’t be surprised if you even thought I was crazy!

You probably think I’m just like your mom,
Or like Ronda or Rick, I do everything wrong!

I have to start living my own kind of life. 
Which I know won’t fit your typical standards for “wife”.

I won’t be rich... or maybe I will.
Either way, I’ll never be ruled by a bill!

Instead, my emotions and love will take charge.
A life ruled by love, is truly “living it large”!

Copyright © Stefani Leslie | Year Posted 2018

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Yesterday's Youth Reborn Responsible

 Youth is a puzzling mystery.
 A period of purely magical history! 

 There is power in being who you long to be.
 Yet ignorance blinds you, so you can't see.
 Youth lives each day like it's the last.
 Neither looking to the future,or facing the past!

  Like if a play’s performed with no cast,
  Youth can become nothing, but wasted trash.

  Then one day your youth is gone!
  You lose your energy, and become withdrawn.

  You play out scenarios in your head,
  And wonder why your old self is dead!?

  It's not so bad, for you should not morn!
  This process means you've been reborn!

  You finally look to the future, and learn from the past!
  And it's there you find yourself, genuine and true, ..... it's you, last!!

Copyright © Stefani Leslie | Year Posted 2017

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Fruition Of My Inscription

An inscription of our fruition 
Is all I want today! 
I’m so commanding,
so demanding,
When I have something to say
And so confiding, 
so inviting 
when I talk to you this way
So instinctly 
And so distinctly  
My true love is here to stay.
your every sound,
Your so profound. 
It's your words I do adore!
Your every disposition, 
apparition, and description 
you are charming to your core!
I have an inclination 
That my true fixation
Always leaves me wanting more,
Because with everyday’s ignition 
I love you more and more!


Copyright © Stefani Leslie | Year Posted 2017

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 I can sometimes be an incredible wreck
Mentally and physically my path is hard to treck. 
As a child I was most surely depressed 
Possibly from seeing my beautiful mother overly stressed
I never did meet my biological father
Still to this day it’s a menacing bother
I have 3 siblings on my moms side & 3 siblings on my dads as well
Up until the age of nine my parents lied about my father & had me feeling the need to hid in my shell
I could feel my walls start growing as I entered middle school 
I pushed the envelope way too far & was drowning in my rebellion Pool
I was raised up on lies & truly blind 
Eventually my step dad even left me behind
I think I was starting to feel like no one cared
At that time rejection became a thing that I feared
Emotionally wrecked, lost, lonely, and poor
That’s when evil tried to knock at my door 
experimentation some might call it
I know rebellion was the ultimate culprit 
I found a way to escape my hell
With any drug I could get someone to sell
By the age of seventeen I was in some legal trouble
I started dancing then soon after I was condemned to a bubble
The dancing paid for my bright cloudy escape 
Drugs had sealed my every doubt with metaphorical tape 
It all caught up to me eventually 
I was locked up in that bubble and it took a year to get free
I learned a lot in that year created from wrong
It taught me lessons that will last all my life long
That is until I met me a boy
My first love, oh, it was simply pure joy 
After 3 Years he had cheated then left me
I was so hurt and broken it could have been deadly 
I did eventually get on with my life
Each year got harder and some days cut like a knife
After ten years of dancing, I finally broke free 
Then A man came in my life and showed me what I could be
It’s been almost five years he’s been by my side
And with him life has become a more beautiful ride 
I know nothing is perfect, nor should it be 
Some days we struggle, but mostly we’re happy
He’s shown me a world I never thought could be
He also introduced the real me to me, 
The me that I never ever could see
It’s amazing what life can do with your love 
It showed me below can easily turn to above
I know life is fickle and circumstances may change 
Even if I Veer completely off course, I won’t think it strange
I know life has its lessons it wants you to learn 
So I won’t question the path, I’ll just follow each turn 
Eventually I’ll end up where I’m supposed to be 
And I’ll know that that’s what life wanted for me

Copyright © Stefani Leslie | Year Posted 2018

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To Be Blissfully Ignorant, Or Not To Be

To be aware is to know 
that I will be cared, feared, & sneered; 
But Ignorance is not knowing 
neither who, what, or where!
My awareness can move like a shifting gear!
My thoughts slowly get hazy, 
& suddenly become clear.
My Awareness is a tool I do know!
I will always use it 
to live, love, and grow!
But awareness can hit 
like a sudden hard blow!
One minute I'm up, 
and the next minute I'm low.
They say ignorance is bliss... 
this I do know!
For my awareness has become 
something heavy I tow.
With this tool I see the evil all around.
This evil haunts me, it taunts me, 
and I can't shake its sound!
These people and these things, 
we constantly use, lose, and abuse;
They will always be here... 
but it's we, who light the fuse!
My awareness has taught me 
that nothing is fare.
Yet it was my ignorance 
that left me lost, lonely, and bare!
So a blissful ignorance, 
must truly be rare!
For it was awareness that showed me 
my every ignorant care!
So now and forever 
I'll sit with these thoughts at odds,
And wonder 
why must I be damned by the gods!?
With a mind that analyzes 
every opposing thought,
And can only trust with my heart, 
that not all things can be taught!

Copyright © Stefani Leslie | Year Posted 2017

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The Language Of The Birds

There is a language, I don't know if you may have once heard,
  I was told it is the mythical language of the bird.

It was introduced to me one night in a startling dream....
  I felt a sinister warning was its ultimate theme,

In it my Grandmother was trying to talk to me !
  She then pulled me in closer, and I wasn't able to flee.

Then whispered words I had never before known,
  Not in my ears, but to my heart they had flown!

These mysterious words so magically,
  Came through to me, almost telepathically!

As she spoke these words lying in a half zipped body bag, 
  I thought, "this surely must be some sort of red flag!"

When I awoke I was drenched and covered in sweat,
  And could only wonder...  "was this message a threat?"

My grandmother had died around a month before,
  So this ominous message, I couldnt bare to ignore!

Maybe she'd seen that in life I had strayed,
  So she knew it was my dream she'd have to invade.

The language she spoke was truly divine!
  I think it was heaven that sent her bearing a sign.

Honestly,  I don't know why this dream would tell me the name...
 And clear as day, "The language of the birds" this dream did proclaim!

A pure and divine language, truly angelic,
  An ancient language, a genuine relic!

I think the heavens wanted me to know they truly are there.
   They had seen me suffering, and they really did care!

The Divine must have felt i'm of pure heart and soul,
 And to gift me with faith I thought there ultimate goal.

Although to this day, I still couldn't translate the words,
  I know I was once gifted with hearing, 
and feeling .. "The Language Of The Birds!"

Copyright © Stefani Leslie | Year Posted 2017