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Awkward Conversation

Are we friends out of circumstance?
If we met now would I spare you a glance?
There’s this voice in the back of my head
that occasionally fills me with dread.
It says that you’ll be the one to walk away from me first,
even though I’m the one writing this verse.

When we’re together the room is bursting with that pink elephant,
so much so, that I just want to exeunt.
But the elephant is fun,
she has something I’d miss.
It takes up so much space, that it pushes us together.
There’s a chance that we’ll make it through all this blue weather.

If I take a step back and put down this load.
Stop and rethink. I’ll know that I lied.
I’d never let go.

There is something here, something sharp and unexpected.
When I knock on your door, I look forward to the view.
I wouldn’t want my thoughts scrambled by anyone but you.

Copyright © Sofia Buchanan | Year Posted 2017

Details | Sofia Buchanan Poem

As much as I

As much as I like you, I must admit
If your mental stability’s a little of book
I’m not going to lie, I might have to steer clear.
I have reason to believe it’s an innate primordial fear.

Now I suppose what you’re thinking is, ‘she’s kind of a bitch’
but hang on a minute, let me make this pitch.

I have a hero complex. I just have to help.
I’ve been this way since a child, I can’t back out.
If someone can be ‘saved’, (I know that sounds pretentious)
I’ll do what I can, you can call me self-righteous.

But now I’ve backed down, I no longer see myself as brave.
Mental illness scares me. I buckle, I cave.
Because what can I do? I have no clue how to assist.
I tried before a few times but they always resist.
I don’t think I can empathise in the right way.
They tell me to stay, then they push me away.

I stuck my neck out on the line for those in pain,
I tried to do it again and again.
So right now, I apologise that I’m scared of this disease.
The people dealing with it are probably a lot braver than me.

As much as I like you, my fear is strong.
I try I really do, but it feels all wrong.
It pulls me back several gears,
But what’s the point of life, if not to get over your fears.

Copyright © Sofia Buchanan | Year Posted 2017