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Sparkling  whites are headed towards sky
Lifeless things, who can answer Why?
May be they see them resting over
And desire to fly! 
Looking  high upto infinity
A sob a cry!! 

Swinging trees covered with ice
Are shining  bright, with the grace of sunlight
Then, does the high headed look into him.. 
Lining from the shower to its beauty bling
Cold and still he sees in him
Mist and blunders was all he could see in I! 

Depressed and weak, he again looked up
Wanting to hide from weaknesses that were brought  up! 

As his eyelids turned to his desire
Darkness was filled with heavy clouds shyre
Amazed at how he felt, like a scary haunting wolf
And deep down Mist seemed right... 

Peeping in him,yet again
Mist seemed unhanded but
This was the day his ice seemed mended
Mended to a brook, which was fast yet a glory.. 
Taking him to its turn fresh and flowery!! 

Finally did it slow down, 
Made him see the green beauty
Freaking  out what he saw earlier a cold desert of white, 
Was a bright tremendous beauty spreader!! 
Trees swinging as the chirpings, turned to be melody
And that a bear thought to be a danger, 
Was also a caretaker

And finally he made to the Crown
A king he remained therafter ;
Owning for his empire, 
Remembered for desiring blue,
And the irony remained 

He gets his blue in his own brook turned out to be sea...

Copyright © Sonali Thakur | Year Posted 2017

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Twinkle Star

Twinkle Twinkle little star,
I wonder from where you are!!
Up above the earth so high
Are you shining with a reliefless sigh?

Magnifiscent and appealing you are
But people loose you 
excusing you are too far
Too far too many
No sign of connection I see
But why my heart beats faster,
As theres some realtion meant to be...

Will you scream out What &why?
So this heart lessen up his cry
One in millions gets us attracted to
Is that a sign of the space shared by only we two?

I know you try to reach me
But loose your life in the down flee..
This may be the reason to fullfill a wish
Of people you cannot even distinguish!!
 The pain you felt may be the reason but you know..
Color changes with every season!!

People are overwhelmed untill they get their work out
No worry,if its at cost of a life
AND how much ones love shout.
Deep in the sea then you rest
Ending up by twinkling your best

Ill reach you one day
So this won't be the ending I 'll  pray..
May that lord give each one a twknkling heart
Those who can erase themselves
To fullfill others grant.......

Copyright © Sonali Thakur | Year Posted 2017

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The second Child

The newborn baby,The Second Child
In the Home which just turned four had arrived
and that girls life of three already there
didn't make her approve of 
His sudden appear.

Of how was the attention of whole round of busy crowd
at Him from  NO despair
And of how she felt Jealous and confused
of her mischiefs now termed as a rebellious dare.
How could she explain that things were not fair
to whom could she tell the latest tales and the
building fear.

The hands she wanted to return,
were busy carrying him.
What could she tell of
how it felt sitting far amongst the crowd 
and to touch him , she was last.
Inspite of that his introduction needed to be explained 
before anybody else,for Him to first let Her accept.

The explanations still had to be given
of if him she needed to protect at night.
The Scariness of darkness haunted her too
and her hands also fought for someone to hold up tight.

Of if the warmth of her love
She said He neede the most ,
Was it a decision to keep the girl
in the cold alone.

I am sure  He slept with no grief 
He wasn't the One awaken from
The loud whistling wind and striking thunder storm.
And I am sure 
He didn't cry on the road while returning home
by looking at a friend taken to arms 
when in the Sun ,he was standing alone.

I surely could tell 
Mother , You couldn't make to both places
I feel that's why,
Priorities changed and 
somehow that  Girl became The Second Child.

Copyright © Sonali Thakur | Year Posted 2018

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Flying Heights

High upto the wisdom thouhts
High as the heavens Stars
And highest to the world of infinity... 

The truth of nature is unseen 
The truth To nature is faded
The essence of mist remains uncovered
The color of the sky is revered.. 

  Flying to the heights, The creators thought
Living upto them, The minds 
The empty space is not in their to fill
It is a Wonder to explore... 

The most powerful or may that be the weak
Only those reach up the sky.. 
Who something are willingly to seek!! 

The creators eye is steadily all over
Let the wings grow to full power
Let yourself into the wisdom shower.. 

All you need is YOU
To capture all sky which is blue...

Copyright © Sonali Thakur | Year Posted 2017

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Deep Dark

Deep dark, 
When everything  seems still
And only silence is there to fill... 

A sorrow is revealed
A pain is shed
Tears are felt and
The loneliness is there to lend

She finds the reflection:her soul
A replica to console
No!! Not weak
Bcoz she does not have the need
For people's attention to seek

Empowering her strengths
Revealed with
her weaknesses in length.. 

And deep dark

She got her answers
with the queries put ahead
Pure and censored...

Copyright © Sonali Thakur | Year Posted 2017

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This is the Time

Stars have shown up 
Baby,please now come upto me 
Oracle seems ro be prefect
Baby,now we both should just meet...
I long u everyday,every prayer ,every thought
Have felt you in my dreams ,Now
I want to live it in real

All I want to say is

Its alrarady late,we should just buck up the speed
Can you come up to me first and take the lead
Coz I...
Am litllle concious of You,How you would be?
Just grab my hand to yours and lets live this dream
YOU and ME
faries build up these stories,above the sky and over the.seas
I m all your waiting for my kings roar...
I had been in a long sleep
Take me with you, let the world Us to see
Coz I....
All I want to say is 

Copyright © Sonali Thakur | Year Posted 2017

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Break through

You in there
Don t ever hide
at cost of fighting through this,
don t prefer the comforting bed side.

Day by day don t enter into that shell,
To catch up try breaking the routine
 you have unconsciously set.
After all your smile is just not out to fake
It surely has the power of goodness
Try it on You for goodness sake.

Letting it engulf you completely
while you wait for someone of trust
My dear you are the break through
Spirit of fighting back in you first is a must.

Copyright © Sonali Thakur | Year Posted 2019

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The Ray

Eyes shine brighter than Sun
When the rays enter them and
Catch hold of a desire to run

A mystery to unveil, A sound so profound
Getting upto life,I wanted to crawl down
Boundations are there in each way
Letting you in ones arms,as protecting shield it may say.

The SPARK in the eyes can lead 
Or blindfold
Walking towards it,it's you who need to enroll
The more you want to open your eyes
Its then more you are unable to see
Look at life as time wants you to Believe
Revealing FACES and mysteries
Can lead you to who you want yourself to be.

Time has PATIENCE to build
And destinies to be set
Assurance to be made for living up a life
You certainly bet
Certainty is uncertain
Vulnerability is more,
Thoughts are many ,So
Filter has to be worn.

Life's not endless
Untill one starts climbing up

Otherwise excuses are plenty
As plenty are the sunrays
For YOU to shine
Make that one meet your eye
To see how high you have to Fly 

Copyright © Sonali Thakur | Year Posted 2018

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My Favorite Teacher

It might have felt lost,
In the big world of old age pillars;
 once those tiny hands slipped away,
 from being her fathers fillers.

From afar came Her,
 Assuring him Of me;
and hers was I to take care of.
 With Her had my father shared;
my falls and winter cold silences.

In Amongst the marks of excellence
she applauded my bits of writings,
In amongst whole classes neglect
she approved my ideas considerate of 
 some `relevance`.

Upheld were all those who didn’t even try;
I sat silently,
 while she upheld Mywork `well described `
 while, My falling drawbacks were in well disguise.

 It might have felt lost ,
If I didn’t have the direction
to turn my shortcomings ;
to learn a skill
 Beautifully to soak myself in.

In whole of the chaotic chaos
Set up around Me,
 there was one escape to fresh start 
with her reading of the stories ;
From those each lesson she read
 in English literature;
Her  each pause and flawless dialect,
gave words to my frozen picture.

Now Hers are the words I speak
 Hers is this world I have meet;
Made Me look beyond Restrictions
and  become this  Person
 who Breathes this fresh air of Fiction.

Copyright © Sonali Thakur | Year Posted 2019

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Just in the Air

I am loving a man whoz
Just in the Air;
To whom for hours I tend to stare
in those stars to till moon.
Wishing you could too
be wishing out to the moon and
loving a girl whoz
Just in the Air.

And then I look to you when
all that is a Mess,
So to just stress a little less
of the take on my life which
I surely don't get,
I Breathe You in Me
thinking just if you could be
the only key to me.

And I hold me soo tight
Thinking of you;feeling your sight
of the moon,you see of me
And the stories of yours might
Resemble to Mine

And what I tell you,
nobody else can match you,Me;Us
The story that is based on the Moon
travelling faster than light,
just Us in our mind,A stupid it sounds
of my tangled up mind
but thats how I can soothe my heart
by the tales that how 
our love story should start ;By how
I am loving a man whos
just in the air
to whom for hours I tend to stare 
in those stars till moon
wishing you could too
be wishing out to the moon and 
loving a girl whos
Just in the air.

Copyright © Sonali Thakur | Year Posted 2019