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Best Poems Written by Paulette Calasibetta

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Hope and Peace


                    While walking amongst an angry crowd,
               trying to escape the turmoil surrounding me,
                         Hope appeared. I took her arm;
                      She guided me through the chaos.
         In the sea of mayhem, we were separated, I lost sight of her.
        Frantic and overwhelmed; dizzy with the shifting of the crowd,
         a small opening appeared; I maneuvered my way towards it.
                 As I stumbled, the opening changed direction;
                         an exit pattern laid out before me.
              Focusing on the exit, I realized I had not lost Hope,
                          she was clearing the way for me.
                      With the roar of the crowd behind me,
                        Hope and Peace stood before me.

Originally written: June 2016  for Paula Dyer after the tragic loss of her husband, John Dyer.

Date: Jan. 7, 2022 entered in Brian Strand Poetry Contest
Placed 1st in contest

Date: Feb. 3, 2022 entered in Hope Poetry Contest
Sponsored by Mohan Chutani
Placed 3rd in contest

Copyright © Paulette Calasibetta | Year Posted 2022

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When Death Comes To Call

                    In the silence; haunting echoes I can hear
                           A choir of angels soft and sweet,
                         Gently, I wipe your mournful tears.

                         Eternity beckons, drawing you near,
                    Strains of harmonious refrains, they repeat,
                      In the silence; haunting echoes I can hear.

                      Worries and regrets no longer will appear,
                     Heaven has prepared an eternal royal seat,
                          Gently, I wipe your mournful tears.

                     Rest my dear, put aside your doubt and fear,
                  Though shadows fall, you rise and claim your feat,
                       In the silence; haunting echoes I can hear.

                           Regret no more, the lonely years,
                   You will be home, an eternal place, replete,
                          Gently, I wipe your mournful tears.

                     A vision shrouds the room and it appears
                 There is a table being prepared, a blessed fete,
                    In the silence; haunting echoes I can hear,
                          Gently, I wipe your mournful tears.

    Date: March 1, 2022
    For: Original Villanelle Contest Poetry Contest
    Sponsored by: L. Milton Hankins
    Placed 10th in contest
    Was the Poem of the Day (POTD)on March 3rd, 2022

Copyright © Paulette Calasibetta | Year Posted 2022

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Morning Whispers

                               Undulating veils, gray and gauzy
                                   Seducing hills and valleys,
                               Whispering secrets in the morning mist.

    Received POTW!

Copyright © Paulette Calasibetta | Year Posted 2021

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Winter Horses

                                       Horses wearing woolen coats
                                          of red, green and grey,
                           Gather round their daily bale of early morning hay.

                             Nodding, blissful heads, musing as they munch;
                     The earth beneath their steady hooves feel the snowy crunch.

                             Corralled behind sprawling, mended, wooden fences,
                              Curious they gaze with acute and focused senses.

                              Nostrils wide, clouds of breath, circling in rings,
                              Listen closely, hear them softly neigh and sing.

February 4, 2017

Copyright © Paulette Calasibetta | Year Posted 2017

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                     The sun breaks through the grey morning mist,
                     Winter boughs glazed in shimmering light,
                     Dew drops glisten, caress and kiss,
                     Birds chirp in the thicket, before they take flight,
                     Quietly the sun slips into repose, arousing the portal of night

  For: Winter Quintain Poetry Contest
  Sponsored by: Francine Roberts
  Placed 3rd in contest
  December 29th, 2021

Copyright © Paulette Calasibetta | Year Posted 2021

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Tough Love


                   There is a great hole in my heart where you fell through.

            I can see you still falling deeper and deeper, wondering where
                              the bottom is, or if there is a bottom.

            They say you have to hit bottom before you can rise again,
                                    I pray for the bottom.

      I pray for your assent, yet you continue to fall, deeper and deeper
        into the dark chasm, clutching onto torment, agony and despair,
                        which you have mistaken for happiness.

       My love for you is not enough to raise you from this hopelessness;
                My love must not only be strong, it must be tough.

January 4, 2017

Copyright © Paulette Calasibetta | Year Posted 2017

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Stepping Through Time


                    A gauzy haze rises from the flickering gas light, 
                      revealing the face of a blushing coquette.
             Stepping through time in voluminous dress, bustled and bowed, 
                                       a petite silhouette.
              She offers her hand to the handsome uniformed, callow cadet.

                        She moves with eloquence, poise and grace;
     He, smitten by her charming demeanor, peaceful, porcelain, angelic face.
                      Flustered at first, heart pounding accepting his advances, 
                           a gentle kiss and lingering embraces.

            The afternoon brought festivities of equestrian competition.
         Young cadets, eager to advance, entered to raise their rank and position;
        His prowess boasted by the charm of his lady admirer's recognition.

She arrives in a brimmed bonnet, settling in her seat, vying for clear view;
                          Awaiting her chivalrous cavalier, 
             preparing, taking position, for the race to ensue.

                          A shot is fired, she sees him from afar, 
                  waving his silk flag of gold, green and blue.
           Gallant and proud, spurring his steady steed without yield.
  Thunderous hooves in a cloud of dust, neck and neck as he rounds the field;
        Pursing only, the love of his lady, and winning the coveted, golden shield.

February 6, 2017 For Stepping Through Time Contest, February 22, 2017

Copyright © Paulette Calasibetta | Year Posted 2017

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Winters Rhapsody


                                    Winters magical mix,
                                   Shimmering sky, blue,
                                 Dazzling crystal landscape, 

                            Firs adorned in a gala dress of white, 
                              A chorus of snow,gently swirling,
                                            dancing in 
                                     Winter's Rhapsody.

Copyright © Paulette Calasibetta | Year Posted 2018

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I Will Remember You Most

I am not sure whether I am missing you or that you are missing life~

                       In Spring you like to smell the grass. 
                                      The flowers,
                 oh, how they engage the hillside with splendor;
                  bobbing their heads like 5th Avenue bonnets.
                                    A new beginning.
                  It is in the Spring I will remember you most.

                     The Summer gives way to week-end trips, 
                    escaping the futile task of financial survival;
                       off to the country, in touch with nature.
         Long walks, looking back only to see how far you’ve come.
                         Montauk, the beach and surf lure you.
                            The quiet and still speak to you.
                               You are one with the sea.

             The family picnics far from picnic fare, we feasted.
                          Appetites abolished, we chat
                        to the rhythm of the family glider~
                  Clickety-clack,clickety-clack, back and forth, 
                           it will be empty without you.
           It is in the summer I will remember you most.

                 In Fall you admire the vibrant colors of the trees; 
                       crimson, burnt umbers and golds.
                   You lift your face to the warmth of the sun 
                and feel the gentle breeze that serenades you.
                 The ghouls and goblins will come to my door,
                     I will see you there, trying to scare me,
              I pretend to be frightened by your scariest voice
                and most vile expression...Ha Ha~fooled yah!

                    On Thanksgiving I prepare a turkey 
               with all the trimmings, traditional and not.
                               Your seat is empty, 
                      your glass of brandy untouched.
                             Are you late again?
               It is in the fall I will remember you most.

                         There is a chill in the air; 
                a briskness that clings to one’s soul.
                  Strong winds blow, the snow flies.  
          You are wearing your beret, and inside your 
          well worn leather boots, your feet are bare.
                 You are drawn to the jubilant voices 
              at the Cathedral of St. John the Divine,
                            It is Christmas Eve.
                The tree is trimmed; the stockings are full.
           You travel from the city limits to the country side.
                       I see you standing at my door, 
             bearing boxes of luscious Italian pastries.
               You are late, but I am glad you have come, 
                      if only in my fondest memories.

             The snow grows deeper; January is upon us~
                              Happy Birthday!
           It is in the winter I will remember you most.

Memories of my Brother, Peter Thomas Scangarello
He was a devotee and actor of the theatre. 
Walked to the beat of a different drum~
lived hard and died young.
Born: January 28, 1945 
Died: September 13, 1990

Copyright © Paulette Calasibetta | Year Posted 2022

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Mourning Doves in Nature

Hear the soft coo-cooing that faithful love imparts, 
                   mourning doves, sharing their beating hearts.

              On lofty eaves, build nests of winter pine and twigs,
                   Keeping their eggs close to their breasts.

            Oval shaped, snowy white, they hatch and come alive;
                           A brood grows and will survive.

                    Plump bodies speckled in gray and black;
       Take flight with fanned out tails that reveal a fringe of white.

   The warm summer is nearing its’ end, Mourning Doves and fledglings
      Together, will ascend; blue skies headed for the border of Mexico.

March 6, 2022
For: Form-I-Imagism – New Poem Poetry Contest
Sponsored by: Constance La France
Placed 3rd in contest

Copyright © Paulette Calasibetta | Year Posted 2022