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A Farmer And A Child

Children are worthy of the strongest love
They are truly blessings from God above

They deserve the best when it comes to protection,
kindness, love and the purest affection

For those not treasured for the blessings they are,
there are people who really work very hard

to do what they can to provide some care,
wishing desperately that life was fair

So many children and so little time
We do our best to raise every dime

So many in our community do what they can
One inspiration was a very kind man

Blind generosity is so pure
This is the love that could be the cure

When strangers can give to help one another
We realize that we are sisters and brothers

We are growing here in our little town
We don't want to let each other down

I think that truly says something about us
When some are down we do what we must

I've been inspired for quite a while
To think it all started with a farmer and a child

Copyright © Nikki Reynolds | Year Posted 2016

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A Hero

Barley a man when he went off to war
not really sure what he was fighting for

To serve his country he knew for sure,
unaware of the suffering he would later endure

He worked hard to put on a brave face,
but he couldn't imagine a more horrible place

So often afraid of losing his life, 
he would cling to the thought of his son and his wife

When he came home it was an answered prayer,
it was due to the illness he'd received over there

Whatever the reason he was finally home
He had a six week old son of his very own

He tried to work and live a normal life
He later married his second wife

They had two kids, that made him three
From this sickness he couldn't get free

He was completely disabled, he couldn't work
His pain was getting worse and worse

He'd had many surgeries and there were more to come
It attacked his liver, colon and lungs

He never spoke of the horror he'd seen
His brain must have felt so unclean

He never bragged about the Purple Heart
The illness was tearing his body apart

He wasn't perfect, that much is true
but imagine all that he went through

He died when he was only fifty seven
I hope God saved a place for him in Heaven

Copyright © Nikki Reynolds | Year Posted 2016

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Fond Memories

We weren't rich by any means
but our bellies were full and our clothes were clean

They didn't display those high priced names
but they wore fine just the same

We didn't ride around in fancy cars
Grandma saved pennies in a big glass jar

We learned early that money doesn't grow on trees
we also learned to say "thank you" and "please"

I mowed the grass in the summertime
My sister helped hang the clothes on the line

My cousin usually took out the trash
On Friday we'd each get seven dollars cash

At nigh we slept under a big window fan
It made the most comforting sound when it ran

We put a beaten on that old screen door
We must have popped it a million times or more

In the Fall we'd all gather up wood
and invite every kid in the neighborhood 

Grandaddy would build us a pretty good fire
We'd all roast hotdogs on coat hanger wires

Our first roller skates had metal wheels
with rubber stoppers on the backs of the heels

We had a paved alley alongside the house
You could see sparks when we skated around

Every couple of years we'd get a new bike
We'd attach playing cards to all of the spikes

We'd attach them with grandma's wooden clothespins
so it would sound like our bikes had motorcycle engines

As I look back on our childhood
I think we had it pretty good

We didn't need all the fancy stuff
We had each other and that was enough

Grandma's house was our favorite place
We'd never felt more loved and safe

That old house was home to us
It was the best even when we'd fight and fuss

Those memories to me are so crisp and clear
I will always hold them very dear

Copyright © Nikki Reynolds | Year Posted 2016

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Insecurity Ruled

I was a nerd when I was a kid
No doubt about it I was shy and skinny
I never seemed to really fit in
When it came to friends I didn't have many

I was as shy as anyone could be 
The awkward kid who sucked her thumb
Full of so much insecurity 
I hated school, thought I was dumb

The thumb sucking gave me an ugly overbite
As if it wasn't bad enough
So I got braces to get my teeth right 
Then I really looked rough

As I got older I made more friends 
That didn't do much for my hatred of school
I would miss again and again
I hated having to follow rules

I hated each and every class
My mind would be a million miles away
My mama was afraid that I wouldn't pass
She talked to me but I had nothing to say

As the years went on it only got worse
My hatred for it was at an all time high
I felt like school was an evil curse
To get out of going I would tell any lie

I couldn't come up with a good reason to go
I felt stupid in class and I made bad grades
I didn't fit in there, I wanted to be alone
I was a nerd who didn't even make A's

There were a lot of things holding me back
I was so very awkward and shy
There were so many qualities I thought I lacked
I just wanted to throw my hands up and cry

I would get so irritated
I wanted to be away from there
Believe it or not I graduated
but I actually still have school nightmares

As I got older I felt better about me
The shyness faded and my looks improved
There wasn't nearly the pressure you see
I was noticed more and often pursued

I got married and found my place
Everything started working out
It moved at a pretty slow pace
but never the less it was doubt

I now have everything I could ask for
A great life, great job and a pretty great guy
Opportunity is knocking down my door
I feel like I could sometimes even fly

So I'm extremely happy that I didn't fail
Glad that I wasn't all that cool
The moral of this little tale
Some people peak in high school

What comes later is often sad to see
We see it time and again
They're not where you thought they would be
They aren't even where they were then

Copyright © Nikki Reynolds | Year Posted 2016

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Unanswered Questions

Questions run through my head with never an answer,
like Lord why can't we just cure cancer

I mean it's not like we aren't trying
Billions of dollars raised, prayers said and people are still dying

Why are there people who choose to kill, 
people who cheat, lie and steal

How can a person beat their own child
when others on earth are so meek and mild

Why is there so much hatred all around
and not nearly as much love to be found

Some people cant have children and I try to understand
but what I don't is why an evil child molester can

Why are there places where millions are starving to death
Why are there babies born addicted to meth

I know it's wrong to question God this way
I try to stop but my mind is plagued

I ask for forgiveness each and every night
Still it's a constant fight

These questions and thoughts torture my mind
I look for answers that are impossible to find

We think we have a friend in someone just to find we were wrong
finding out they were against us all along

There is so much wrong in this world we live in
We may not be the culprit but it causes us to sin

I pray a lot every day and night, 
praying for others to win the fight

Whatever their troubles are, 
I pray from God they will never stray far

It seems to me that evil is winning
These thoughts in my head are constantly spinning

It wears me out to worry so,
sometimes to the point that I can barely go

I try to put all these questions to rest
The answers are nowhere so I know it's best

Copyright © Nikki Reynolds | Year Posted 2016

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He couldn't win for losing
He couldn't take anymore
Life was not amusing
It was only a chore

His mind was a mess
He only felt pain
Dull at it's best
He was going insane

He reached into his drawer and took out his gun
With no hesitation held it to his head
He pulled the trigger and it was done
You wonder what you could have said

Copyright © Nikki Reynolds | Year Posted 2016

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Thanksgiving Rhyme

The turkey is cooked to a golden brown,
the dressing is perfectly seasoned
All of the family is coming to town
Thanksgiving is the reason

Everyone gathers 
thankful they are
regardless of weather
they come from afar

It's all about family and friends too
A season for kindness and love
This time together is well overdue
They're thankful to God above

Mother-Nature has done her job well
and created a work of art
The stores will have Black Friday Sales
The Christmas season will now start 

Copyright © Nikki Reynolds | Year Posted 2016

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Bad Kids

Little Joyce Ann and her friend Glenn
decided to play a trick one day
They took a rope and each grabbed an end,
then laid it across the alleyway

They hid in the bushes on each side
and waited for just the right time
One on the left and one on the right 
waiting patiently for him to come by

Then came Little Johnny on his bike,
riding without a care
Right on time they snatched the rope tight
and flipped Little Johnny up in the air

Copyright © Nikki Reynolds | Year Posted 2016

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Eager To Write

Now before we get started let me tell you this.
Twenty five years I've been out of school.
Not one single day of it do I miss.
My writing is mine & there are no rules.

My words are delivered with a lot of  passion.
Every verse is straight from the heart.
I put it all together in my own fashion.
I've never considered myself to be very smart.

To get it out of my head and onto the paper,
brings me relief to say the least.
To keep it all in would be much safer,
but I'm searching hard for that inner peace.

Some of these poems may give you tears,
but some of them will make you smile.
Some are based on my biggest fears.
Some from when I was just a child.

I tend to get down to the nitty gritty. 
Not really worried about what others say. 
Don't want anything in return, especially pity. 
Maybe someday I will actually get paid.

I'm not getting any younger, that's for sure.
One neck surgery, that's enough.
For getting older, there is no cure. 
I'm finally admitting that I'm not so tough. 

So a writing career is my dream. 
Boy I should have paid attention in school. 
I've always been a late bloomer it seems. 
I have no clue about grammar rules. 

In school literature was a breeze.
The semester of grammar was another story. 
I read and wrote with joy and ease.
but my punctuation was downright gory. 

Editors should all be millionaires.
They are special, there is no doubt.
They take your work and magically repair, 
the mess you make of what you write about.

So here I go on my writing spree.
Something that i've always loved to do.
It has pretty much replaced TV, 
listening to music and sleeping too. 

I hope you enjoy all that I have to say.
Even though some seems a little bit dark.
Maybe I can get published someday. 
Hopefully I have that special spark.

Copyright © Nikki Reynolds | Year Posted 2016

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Precious Moments

It's bedtime on a Friday night.
As we sit in her little living room on the other end of the house
we both yawn as I read my book and she works her puzzle book.
I look over and instead of asking the usual "you ready for bed" I raise one eyebrow and say "I think I want some ice cream".
Her face lights up as she places her order
"Black Walnut please"
I hurriedly make two bowls with three scoops each and head back into her room.
She has her hot pink towel over her lap and a smile on her face.
As I hand her bowl to her she says "I'm gonna get too big for my britches eating all this ice cream" and then she digs in. 
It's moments like these that I will always cherish, never forgetting how blessed I am to return the same love and kindness I've received.

Copyright © Nikki Reynolds | Year Posted 2016