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Best Poems Written by Yushi Vi

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Who am I

Who am I?
A fur blown away by the wind,
A small nerve detached from a great mind,
A small cheer suppressed by restless sighs,
A little chirp disappeared between big neighs.

Who am I?
A silence disturbed by the chaos,
A small nail in this big house,
A whisper lost among the screams,
A small desire beside big dreams.

Who am I?
An innocent knight in this blood shed,
A little crimson in the dark red,
A sand castle destroyed by the sea,
A refugee about to flee.

Who am I?
An unnamed letter by a passenger,
Being uselessly protected by these rangers,
I would wait till I freeze................
And now I'm a life gone away with the breeze.......

Now I understand what I was,
A mere life born for no great cause.

Copyright © Yushi Vi | Year Posted 2016

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You Didn't

You said that you would come with me
Beyond the hill of tragedies, and see-
A world that's jovial and isn't still,
A world where feelings are for real.

You said you needed me,
And I , too, promised to be your lee.
I promised to stay by your side
Even in places where the Dark resides.

It was just your smile that kept,
My dead soul moving right and left.
It was just your octave,
That kept my heart from being grave.

What am I to do
Now that you've left?
You kept playing that tune,
And it's still in my head.

They carried you out
And mumbled, you'd rest in peace
But why don't you shout 
And tell them, you're afraid of being alone.

Tell them how you needed me
Tell them how you'd wanted to see,
The world that's beyond the tragic hills,
A world where you claimed even I could feel.

Now, everything's just like before you came,
Everything is silent and the still world is lame.
The silence is so huge that it engulfed your tune.
Like the Dark night which does the same to the moon.

You're engraved on a concrete slab,
Just like the millions around you with a tag.
They say, you're beyond the hill of tragedies,
And now I feel that you came and went like autumn leaves.

Didn't you say that we'd cross that together?
Or did you just played like the others and were a liar?
I don't believe the latter
'Cause I like you, forever.

I'm sorry I didn't cry,
Maybe 'cause I'm used to that.
And maybe 'cause I knew you were a lie.
You weren't the first, you know,
There were a lot like you who went without good-byes.

Even so, I never felt attached,
It was only your tune that ever held me back.
But now it's fading too, just like the other's.
I wish I could stick with a glue, but even so I can't be with it forever.

So, I guess I'll just let you go,
Like everyone else, you neither proved a friend nor a foe.

Copyright © Yushi Vi | Year Posted 2017

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The Autumn Leaves

The last leaf of the autumn trees,
Fell on the crusty path,
In a gentle way of the evening breeze,
Like nature shedding its wrath.

People come in couplets,
Walking all over them.
Saying it's perfect outlet,
To make their names same.

Little do they hear the cries,
While gliding in their own joy,
Of autumn leaves that eventually dies,
Saying everything good-bye.

The freezing winter comes down the same way,
From where the autumn went.
It says something that sounds like-'Hey!'
And takes away all the scent.

"Winters have arrived now,
We should fix the date."
Say the people, who said wow!
To the autumn's rotten fate.

So, I ended up on New Year's Eve,
In a grand party, so surreal
I couldn't decide- to stay or leave
As for me, it's just the autumn's funeral.

I thought about the autumn trees
Whose leaves had rustled quietly.
On the path of the late evening breeze,
They slept quite politely.

No one really notices their departure,
Except the sweeper of the field.
But even he doesn't notices its rupture,
Against the winter's cruel shield. 

Copyright © Yushi Vi | Year Posted 2017

Details | Yushi Vi Poem

The glittering multitudes

The voices asked me, how I am?
Told them,"Fine", they won't understand.
The Cassiopeia seemed to ask again, 
The same question I've been imagining for days.

While gazing out of the French window,
And watching the beautiful but fatal snow,
I wonder how a man would feel,
Packed in the same snow and sealed;
Gazing those glittering multitudes,
And seeing no warmth or pity in those few.

Years later, I'm back to this place,
Everything's same from the window to the snowflakes.
The weather here's still cold,
But so am I now.

The gust came uninvited,
Through the French window.
And so the old story reignited,
As I watched the mountains of snow.

Now when I think about the old man,
I think how funny it was for him to die,
While he kept expecting warmth under that spruce..
From all those merciless glittering multitudes.....

Copyright © Yushi Vi | Year Posted 2017

Details | Yushi Vi Poem

To Hope

A distant place in this desolate world,
I'll meet you some day.
When all the night & day would be hurled,
In a hue of black and gray

I still feel you around 
In the breeze and the sea,
You're there on the mound,
And then you flee.

You lurk in the shadows,
Where I never stray,
Where the light stand on the gallows
Among all the black rays.

I believe you hear me,
So, listen me till the end,
To these words which now flow free,
From the part of a distant land.

Copyright © Yushi Vi | Year Posted 2018