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For our Granddaughter-Fayth-

You came to us from the island and you brought
to us a youthful innocence-filled with adventure-

a life that measures the earth with your heart-
You brought also the sweetness of your smile-

the honey that bursts into light-

I have seen no eyes so bright as yours-

no heart so sweet-nor such gentle kindness-

I have seen nothing so alive
as your begining journey through life-
Now you know-granddaughter-how much we love you-

and that for us-you are the brightness that
bursts and bears the flower of spring-

you are the fragrance of a garden in
the pathway of our lives-
I place my heart to earth and hear you-

I hear your laughter and your excitement

of life and adventure-You are a-Little

butterfly-sweet and sure-Grandpa Gord-

Copyright © Gordon wickstrom | Year Posted 2017

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These old hands

 These old hands-
 The hands 
 that once played
 the golden
 country music-
 are now
 scored by
 years of
 The wrinkles
 on my face
 are the
 of a broken man-
 Deep lines-
 carved on my
 skin by age-
 an emptiness
 rests in the
 solitude of my soul-
 All that I wrote 
 is etched on
 my heart-
 like an
 over flowing river-
 In my eyes-tears
 drafted their
 and imprinted 
 their most 
 profound thoughts-
 Rosarys of lonlinss-
 I did not
 pray for this- 
 Desperate thread-
 my heart did
 not twist it- 
 But through them
 I finely
 saw a rose
 in these old hands-California Blue

Copyright © Gordon wickstrom | Year Posted 2016

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At the base of the Armor Mountains-a poem about my ranch

At the base of the Armor Mountains

there's a place I love-

There-all that is

passes through my heart-

what I've been-what I am

and what sustains me-

There the land caress me

with its thousand kiss's-

There the rains sculpted the river-

usable earth rose from the abyss and

was transformed to fields and forests-

River run ranch spread like a buffalo 

skin at the base the mountains-

I can stretch my eyes

and hands to the air to hear

brooks-river and winds-

Mares tied to the wheels of birth-

geldings grazing on green pastures-

a wood pecker hammering- 

dogs running and playing- 

There-under the blanket of darkness

an old poet sleeps and dreams

among leaves of night-California Blue

Copyright © Gordon wickstrom | Year Posted 2016

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Wild horses

Wild horses gallop over the fermented 

lands of the Okanagan
in southern

British Columbia- 

toward the mountains-

toward the Pacific ocean-

It’s a living flight of beauty-

a stampede of  hearts

that pound the land-pulsing-

And at the end of the trail

in the ocean rain-

the necks of the horses rise 

up like towers of pride

establishing(in the thunder

with their hierarchy-

the order of the wilds-California Blue

Copyright © Gordon wickstrom | Year Posted 2016

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Daisy May-My Horse

Daisy May--My Horse-
you have
four little
no bigger than
but oh-what
you do
to the earth-

I can
call you-
you're here-
you walk the
forbidding mountains-
stone and thorns-
by my side-
in the forest
you tramp through old 
growth and still water-
in the foot hills
you gallope along
across rivers
and silent streams-
and at the hour
when the light
of the world
like a flag-
you walk
beside me-
a dauntless-
oh-my God
What you do
to the earth-

It seems
only yesterday
that you were
born in our fields-
opening your
excited stars-
two little bells-

You are a
beautiful filly- 
a vibrant life-
a firefoot-
in southern
British Columbia-
your heart
with mine-
but oh-God
Daisy May-
What you do
to the earth-California Blue

Copyright © Gordon wickstrom | Year Posted 2016

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alcohol and drugs

By the thread of my soul-I fall
to the imperium of alcohol and drugs-
an unforgiving mournfull place-
a gathering of bitter lives and weeping-

I fall into the imperium of alcohol-
to the core of shattered lives and I
see whole families suffering-
men-woman and children uprooted-
tormented-living in fear at the
dead heart of alchol and drugs-

Alcohol and drugs-
I see the color of your death-
your pale dead shoulders-
your gathering of weeping hearts-
your addicted lives-
your mouth full of extinguished souls-
your dead neutralized doves-
your dying wave of odours about to
take a funeral journy wrapped in
bitterness and thorns-alone-
threading darkened streets-arriving at the morgue-

I see the darkness of your petified heart-
I see your skin the color of sulphur-
I see your frozen hands and I hear your
heavy voice-enraged-rotted by death-
I see your sad marble tombs-
I feel my heart dying to the very core-

Oh life-winged rose-as I drown
I climb your petals-my heart
burning with sadness and sorrow-
I kneel down in your cathedral
thrashing my lips with an angel
dressed in white-offering a branch
of life-hold my hand-I cry-I weep-
walk with me into the midst of the living-
I do not want to be the inheritor of
the imperium of alcohol and drugs-California Blue

Copyright © Gordon wickstrom | Year Posted 2016

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When I came into this



you followed me-

you watched me

through the
glass window-

shaded by deep autumn-


it was your heart

that watched me 

from the window-


the sweetness

of music


your name- 

Broken souls-

the lonely

and forgotten-

warned me-

that you were

stalking me- 

your musical heart-

your country soul-

your golden strings

that made 

music beautiful-

watched me-

Dressed in Rosewood

golden strings

and black case- 

there you were

following me

from my birth-California Blue

Copyright © Gordon wickstrom | Year Posted 2016

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There's a place I love nestled
between the earth's wings-
ride the land with me-
while the eagles soar above
the silence of the Prairies and mountain's-

Oh-Canada of the  
sounding eagles-
you rend your voice of thunder
in white clouds of wounded snow-
your north wind falls like an avalanche
roaring and biting to arouse the sky-
freed but for a moment from your
frozen tears- 
you handed out the lighting of the 
cold-abandoned it and chained it- 
I love your soil-your bread-your people-
I love your Islands-your oceans and rivers-
I love your delicate vineyards and farms- 
I love your leaping streams and lakes-
I love your vertical mountains
beset by abstract stones of silence-
I love your forests that rise from the 
solemnity of their roots-
I love your 
cities and towns 
motionless in time-
Your light is as tender as a deer and
your shade is like a green eyelid-
your aroma rises
through my roots into my heart-
and in the depth of my soul rests 
your wild freedom-
an earthly flower enclosed in throbbing beauty-California Blue

Copyright © Gordon wickstrom | Year Posted 2016

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Thread of love

The thread of love-
 all love will come to your life-
 you must spin it and climb it-
 it comes from a single heart 
 of a thousand hearts-
 it is your cord-braid it-

 unwind it-hang it with
 messages-expose it to all
 or thread it for those
 who have only broken hearts-

 It is'nt a matter for deliberation-
 its an order-I order you-
 With a smile broad as the
 earth-come with me-
 many people are waiting-
 thread it-thread it-
 it will keep you warm
 or roll it up in a scroll
 securing it with a rosery
 so that the origin of the 
 light will not escape-fleeing-

 unwind it with tenderness
 so that it spreads across
 humanity and blossoms with
 stringth-goodness-hope and love-California

Copyright © Gordon wickstrom | Year Posted 2016

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Who am i-who am i-

Who am I,who am I?
Thinking in the deep solitude.
Night falls on my face,
far from the city,far from people.
This emotion I feel is foreign,
as strange to me as my excistance,
I think of my life,
my life before anyone,
I shout,facing the river,
I struggle in its raging waters,
its white tongue dancing in swirls of grey,
lifting me up in its branches to die,
The anguish,the lonliness,the solitude,
A fire in my soul burns in dark crosses,
and my heart weeps,scorched by curls of flame.
what silence echoes here,what torment,
Hours of pain,days of sadness,months of emptiness,
Such a weeping chained to my heart,
Shaking my earth-
My soul wonders,unending,galloping in shadow,
Thinking,burying memories in the deep solitude.
Who am I,who am I,I ask? California Blue

Copyright © Gordon wickstrom | Year Posted 2016