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Jesus You Are

Jesus you are my saving grace
My coach preparing me for life’s race
My refuge through life’s raging storm
Mending all that is tattered and torn

You are my forever guiding light
When my way grows dark as the night
My anchor in truth, who keeps me grounded
Through trials and tribulations I am surrounded 

You are contentment of all my days
Among a world that has lost its way
My joy where everlasting peace abides
In times of trouble, my shelter my fear abides

You are the constant and steady beat of my heart
My shield from the enemy’s fiery darts
You are the melody my spirit sings
Praise and worship to you I bring

You are my strength when I become weak
The answer to the question that I seek
The solid rock on which I stand
Protected from life’s sinking sands

You are the wisdom that prepares my mind
My eyes can see that once was blind
My redeemer who ransomed my soul
Freed from the chains of Satan’s control

You are my courage to face the battle
In victory you leave my enemies rattled
My constant hope in days of doubt 
In distress, an escape, my way out 

You are my comforter collecting my tears
Relieving my mind of constant fear
Living water to my dying soul
A friend forever while ages roll

You are my intercessor to God carrying my pleas
You are all that I will ever need
In your name, I do pray
Jesus you are more to me than words can say

You found me and loved me first
Even at my very worst
Your death, my salvation, I can never repay
Through my failures you choose to stay
On the cross my eternal home was gained 
Because your love for me was greater than your pain
With all that is within me, I shout your praise
Jesus, you are and always will be, my Amazing Grace

Copyright © Donetta Harless | Year Posted 2018

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The Flight

I awake to the dawning of another day
To my knees, I fall and begin to pray
This prayer is different, unlike any before
All of the sudden, a sound outside my door

Upon my feet, I run down the stairs
I open the door, is anyone there
Nothing to be seen, all grows still
Dark clouds gather, the sky is filled

A dark overcast, shadows the day, 
Not a hint of light, not one sun ray
All of the sudden, what do I hear?
The sound of a trumpet, echoed my ear

From a distance came a great shout
Graves burst open with spirits in route
The dead in Christ have begun to rise
As legions of souls take to the sky

All of the sudden my feet left the floor
My body floated up and away from the door
All that I held heavy has become so light
The day has come, I am taking my flight

I look to the left, I look to the right 
Family and friends taking their flight
I look beneath, and what do I see
People running, falling to their knees

In a sudden, planes fall from the sky
Death comes to many in the blink of an eye
Cars missing drivers, as they flip and flop
Trains without conductors, refusing to stop

Children in search of their missing mother
Wait some are even missing their father
Sisters and brothers, where have they gone
Many seemed to be stranded and all alone

Screams cease, the chaos, no longer I see
Flying through the Heavens, I have been set free
All memories of lost loved ones have been erased
As I stand and look upon my Redeemer’s face

I stand before him in a robe of white
His appearance shines with glorious light
He opens the book and judges us each
Our crown sits before us, just in reach

Judged by our works, each jewel is placed
The numbers vary due to our spiritual race
Did we strive with our best, was the battle long
Did we sit in fear and refuse to stand strong

Did we testify to a wicked and dying world
Did we share the truth, God's holy word
Did we preach the sermon, Jesus is the way
Did we allow our fear to silence our say

Did we stand alone for God at all cost
On our knees did we pray enough for the lost
Did the choices in our life, glorify His Son
Did we turn our backs to His truth and run

Every crown tells it's own story
Each stone representing God's glory
Some with many, some with few
Our reward given as it was due

With our reward placed upon our head
We are now redeemed from among the dead
We no longer have to watch and wait
As our feet step inside the eastern gate

As I look up, what does my eyes behold
Mansions grand and streets of pure gold
Is that grandma, grandpa? I look to see
Their arms opened wide running toward me

Oh how I have missed them, it has been too long
As the choir in Heaven, plays redemptions song
Angels guides us to a throne so bright
The holy seat of God, what a beautiful sight

Angels surrounded the throne shouting holy holy
As the souls in Heaven praised God with much joy
I stood before the throne amazed and in awe
Energized and transformed by the greatness of God

His glory shines as Heavens only light
No nights, only days forever bright 
No sin, no sickness, never to grow old
In the arms of loved ones forever to hold

Words can ever explain the beauty of Heaven
So much greater than my mind could imagine
Colors so vibrant, painted by God's own hand
Walls of precious stones surround the land

My eyes can't behold all there is to see
The greatness, the worth, of this great city
Beneath the tree of life, I see my Jesus near
I run to Him, with joy and eyes filled with tears

I fell before Him, on bending knees
I thanked Him for all He has done for me
His arms extended, as He held me so tight
He spoke, my child, you was worth the fight

We walked hand in hand along the crystal sea
Admiring all that He has prepared for me
Paradise in it's beauty, I will forever roam
With my Jesus, My Savior, I am finally home

Written by: Donetta Harless
                    Saturday, July 16, 2016

Copyright © Donetta Harless | Year Posted 2016

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Always to Be, My Little Girl

You came into my life twenty four years ago
Capturing my heart, Oh how I love you so
Your big brown eyes looking into mine
A precious gift from God, Heaven divine

Family and friends gathered in love
To welcome an angel from above
Your dad and I ecstatic to meet our little girl
A blessing forever to change our world

It is amazing how so much pain endured
Births a love so deep, so precious and pure
A love beyond meaning, none to compare
A love to protect at all cost, if harm should ever dare

After hours of anticipation, I heard a cry
The sweetest sound I know, my blessing had arrived
As they laid you in my arms, my heart skipped a beat
A moment in time, a moment to cherish, so bittersweet

The first night alone, just you and me
I held you for hours, rocking you so gently
That night is visited many times in my mind
For the first time I can remember, my life was defined

My call to be a mother created by God's precious hands
A moment in time to be still, a moment to stand
How you have influenced my life, in so may ways
Giving my life meaning, I was changed on that day

The years have flown by, time refused to stand still
Grown into adulthood, your dreams to fulfill.
Now you stand before, no longer my little girl
But an extraordinary woman, a heart so pure

I will always follow you throughout your life
On my knees in prayer, guiding you from strife
Standing on the sidelines, I promise to always be
Your number one fan, until eternity calls for me

When I am gone I pray you will remember
Just as the snow falls in late December
A blanket of white to cover the ground
Innocent and pure, you was my love profound

May God forever bless and guide my little girl
At the wheel of life may He always be at the stern
May your life be filled with great joy and much love
Someday to experience, as I, His blessing from above

When that day comes, life will bring new meaning
The love between mother and child, exceeds all thinking
Mountains you will move, forever to shield and protect
A love God entrusted in you, a love so perfect

Being my first, I made many mistakes
My love for you, I will never forsake
Not a day goes by, time can erase
When I held you in my arms, my heart you embraced

I thank God, unto me you was born
So much you have taught me, so much I have learned
I love you to the moon and back, you will always be
That perfect love, forever to change me

Written by: Donetta Harless
                 Friday, July 29, 2016

Copyright © Donetta Harless | Year Posted 2016

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Left Behind

Running around with much to do
Not even time to watch the news
My job, dance recitals, ball games and such
My day's are chaos and hectic with much

When I roll from bed and feet hit the floor
Running in circles to get out the door
Constantly in a hurry running to and fro
A demanding world, always on the go

I believe in Jesus, His promises too
He will understand that I have much to do 
My bible awaits me while covered in dust
Tonight I will read, I know I must

No time to pray or read his word
Tonight before bed I will speak to my Lord
Night has come, I must first read the gossip
Scrolling by the words of God's own prophets.

I will come back to the word, I promise I will
As sleep creeps upon me and exhaustion I feel
Awake to the chaos and stress of a new day
Reflecting back to last night, I forgot to pray

Sounds and visions coming from the sky
I shrug my shoulders and continue to drive
Earthquakes, floods and fiery plains
Scientist on the radio trying to explain

No knowledge of what true prophecy holds
Leaning to my own understanding and what I have been told
Just coincidence, a freak of nature they say
With fancy words and false wisdom they explain it away

Maybe I will call my momma, it has been way too long
The phone rings and rings, where has she gone
A stressful day, her voice of wisdom, I long to hear
As I search for her and her sweet voice far and near

Nowhere, not nowhere can she be found
When outside my door a chaotic sound
I run to my door to see my neighbors all about
The names of their loved ones, they scream and shout

What is happening, as I turn on my TV
The world missing loved ones just like me
My mind in confusion, my heart racing in my chest
Where is my sweet momma and all the rest

Her teachings came back to me, with the snap of a finger
Be prepared, looking up, watching always, never to linger
Could it be, has Christ come as a thief in the night
Has my angelic momma and all the others taken their flight

Left behind, in fear and disbelief, at the tv I stare
A voice came to me, my child, the signs were all there
Your life became filled with all the world had to offer
Time with me, you had no time to bother

What lies ahead for me, I tremble in fear
There is no escape from the horror so near
Oh my God, for my selfishness, what is the cost
As demons surround me, my soul forever lost

Written by: Donetta Harless
                    August 20, 2015

Copyright © Donetta Harless | Year Posted 2016

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My Spiritual Battle


I miss who I once was and use to be
Bound by darkness, longing to be set free
Trapped by solitude, surrounded by pain
Nothing but heartache and sorrow to gain

A spiritual warfare, raging from within
Closer to despair than I have ever been
A battle that carnal man could never understand
As I struggle to hold to God's righteous hand

The days are long, the nights are longer
God please help me to grow stronger
I have grown tired and weary in this fight
As dimness overshadows your guiding light

I scream so loudly but no one hears
Is this my cross I must bear
Where are the prayers of the righteous man
Have they faded into the world’s hand

My only hope is to see eternity begin
But, how do I live my life until then
This wicked world full of dangers and woes
As I beg for this feeling to be loosed and let go

How I pray for your peace that surpasses all understanding
Trade my tears and sadness for joy everlasting
To walk with the sunshine upon my face 
In exchange for this cruel, dark and lonely place

God only you have the supernatural power to heal
On fallen knees, I cry to you as I kneel
How long must I suffer in darkness alone
As my will to fight is all but gone

Lord, you never promised that the cross would not become heavy
That the way would not become rocky and would not always be steady
However you promised to catch me if ever I should fall
To hear my cries, my prayers and my late midnight calls

Lord, I know I must suffer as you suffered too
But the carnal in me cries for the Savior in you
I know there is purpose in this storm that is raging
I know for me, your heart must be breaking

Reach out to me as you did Peter from the water
Guide me steady, eyes on you and never to falter
Fill me with hope and the promise of a better day
And the faith to move mountains when I pray

Lord if my time on earth should continue to linger
Lift me from this darkness, despair and danger
Heal me, leaving only battle scars to bear
A wounded soldier, a testimony of victory to share

Written by: Donetta Harless
                   August 11, 2015

Copyright © Donetta Harless | Year Posted 2016

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Time of Great Tribulation

Prophesied in scripture
Deception is the picture
Pleasing to the itching ear
Words many long to hear

Manipulation of the word
Mockery of the spirit's sword
Flattering hearts in many ways
Leading righteous souls astray

Promises delivered on every hand
All part of deceptions plan
Building an army in the dark
To defend an evil monarch

Throughout the lands, peace proclaimed
As mankind sits at Satan’s aim
People cheer at the promise of peace
As they face the coming of the mark of the beast

Disguised as an angel of the light
Leading many to a evil plight
People running to and fro
As their souls are freely sold

No one willing to understand
Pride, greed and envy on every hand
Jesus will come as a thief in the night
As many in blindness miss their flight

What a horror story they will endure
Starvation, beheading and so much more
From the depths of hell, evil unleashed
The rising of Revelations beast

Don't blame God when that time arrives
As it was His word compromised
For it was written clearly to read
Yet ignored through pride, lust and greed

Abomination of Desolation stands at the temple
Only scripture will be instrumental
Tucked away in the heart
Never ever to depart

Come out of her, Revelation reads
Do not take a bending knee
New World Order is at hand
Fear covers the chosen land

“Judea, flee to the mountains”, God speaks
Turn not back, nor belongings seek
A time is coming of great distress
Horror words can never express

The answer lies within the truth
The gospel that many choose to rebuke
Lift your heads toward the hills
Pray as revelation fulfills

We each have a choice we must make
We must not sleep, yet keep awake
Be not deceived by all that is good
Let scripture be understood

Pray always to stand in God’s grace
That time of tribulation, pray to escape
Lies and deception be cautious always
Not all that seems good, is the righteous way

Copyright © Donetta Harless | Year Posted 2018

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I've Made It Home

Sadness fills a lonely, country road
A loved one leaves behind her heavy load
With courage she endured until the end
Heaven gained an angel, the world lost a friend

Her strength to endure and run her race
Her reward to look upon the Savior's face
A wife, mother, grandmother, aunt and brethren
Standing on the balcony of her palace in Heaven

Reunited with the man of her true love story
Hand in hand, basking in God's glory
Many hearts broken with such great loss
The Jordan River she has forever crossed

Today her valleys are left behind
No more rough mountains must she climb
All her trials and troubles are now defeated
Her journey in this life now completed

While we mourn, she stands blessed
In her eternal home forever to rest
Dressed in her robe of white
She stands victorious in the fight

On the wings of an angel, she took her flight
Guiding her home, God's glorious light
Our little country road never to be the same
This world of affliction and sorrow she overcame

If she could speak from Heavens throne
Fear not my children, I made it home
I am alive, well and so carefree
Wipe your tears my loves, do not cry for me

Written by: Donetta Harless
                 Thursday, July 28, 2016

Copyright © Donetta Harless | Year Posted 2016

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Beads of Blood

In The Garden of Gethsemane, Jesus fell to His knees
As He cried to His Father, let this cup pass from me
His anguish and pain I could never imagine
Sweat turning to blood, as He begged for compassion

In the midst of the garden, on the ground, as he knelt
Surrounded by darkness, how alone he must have felt
His disciples nearby, they had fallen asleep
A promise to watch, they had failed to keep

Not for an hour could they watch as Jesus prayed
As the fog covered the garden in a hazy gray
With swollen eyes from where Jesus had wept
He silently stood before them as they slept

The paths He must have worn from constant pace
The urgency He held in seeking God's face
How His tears must have fallen and soaked the ground
Listening for the voice of His Father in every sound

As the years of His life flashed before His eyes
Wanting so much to live and so afraid to die
Yes, He was God but He was just as much man
He grieved in the thought of carrying out God's plan

His love, much greater than the pain
A sacrificial man to be beaten and slain
Could He feel the pain with each strike of the whip
Hanging from His body, His flesh torn and ripped

Could He hear the mob, question Pilate's decision 
To put this man to death, I have no reason
I wash my hands of His blood, did He hear Pilate's words
As the mob cries crucify Him, my Savior and Lord

As He prayed could He feel the weight of the old rugged cross
Could He feel the betrayal and rejection from a world so lost
Could He hear the mockery, the laughter, the taunting and scorn
On His head could He feel the piercing from a crown of thorns

Could He feel the nails to be driven into His hands
The piercing of His feet, the thought could He stand 
Could He hear the soldiers as they gambled for His robe
Could He see His naked body displayed, His dignity they stole

Could He imagine His body, marred beyond recognition
Beaten and bruised from a mad world's decision
Could He feel His bones being crushed from within
His organs exposed from the tearing of His skin

Could He feel the roof of his mouth, the cling of His tongue 
With each breath grasped, air was blocked from His lungs
Could He hear His own voice, as He begged for one sip
Did He taste the bitterness of vinegar as it touched his lips

Did He foresee the moment of His last breath
Could He feel His body pass from life unto death
Could He feel the spear that pierced His side
Could He see His father turn His back and hide

Did His mind race from one thing to another
Did He experience the terror over and over
Did He vomit in anguish of ever vision He saw
The suffering He would endure under secular law

Was His body drenched from sweat, triggered by fear
Could He hear the steps of His destiny drawing near
Did He clinch His fist until His nails were worn
Grieved and sickened from within, did His soul mourn 

As I close my eyes, I can see His face
From tan to pale His color replaced
I can hear His voice full of grief and much sorrow
As I know He must have begged for another tomorrow

His body shook of convulsions as terror filled His soul
From shock His body turning clammy and cold
I can hear devastation, as He kneels to pray
Such a precious gift to man, for our debt He must pay
If ever I should be blessed to visit Israel's great land
In the Garden of Gethsemane is where I want to stand
I want to seek out the very place where Jesus fell to His knees
Where the beads of blood fell on behalf of you and me

How I wish I could travel to that very night 
To kneel by my Savior and hold Him tight
To wipe His blood, sweat and tears away
To seek God on His behalf and diligently pray

The Garden of Gethsemane, a story forever to hold
The pleading of a Savior, the depth of suffering untold
Holding the cries of Jesus, as for His life He pled 
As captivity enslaved Him, to His death He was led

Written by: Donetta Harless
                    Tuesday, July 26, 2016

Copyright © Donetta Harless | Year Posted 2016

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God's Coloring Book

Turning the pages of God's coloring book
Beauty everywhere we look
Human minds cannot comprehend
The Greatest of artists and His pen

Each season, paints a different scene
Summer, Autumn, Winter and Spring
The sun in summer, so yellow and bright
Forests of green such a beautiful sight

Vivid blues take on the sky
White clouds float steadily by
Green grass covers the land
Oceans blue meet white sand

Autumn brings leaves changing
Hues of warmth, colors ranging
Sunflowers, yellow and brown 
Burgundy splashed all around

Breathtaking views of Autumn Fall
Mountains covered with majestic awe
The color of orange sprouts from the ground
Wearing stems green for a crown

Winter skies taken over with gray
Snow covered mountains, beauty displayed
Country roads, snow covered trees
So much to behold, the eye to see

The moon's faded hue, lights up the sky
Galaxy of colors, such a delight
The ground lies in beautiful white
As silver stars dance on high

Spring brings a vibrant view
Roses of red, Violets of blue
Camellias in shades of pink
Pastels from God's colored ink 

Dandelions, cover the grass
A shade of yellow to add some class
Everything bright and anew
Handpicked of God's perfect hues

The elegance of God, none to compare
So vibrant yet so fragile and fair
In awe of everywhere we look
The beauty of God's coloring book

Written by: Donetta Harless
                   Thursday, August 25, 2016

Copyright © Donetta Harless | Year Posted 2016

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Soldiers of the Cross

Hated by many, not favored by all
Nevertheless, we must answer the call
Standing on the front lines, weary and worn
Battle scars evident,  from a world full of scorn

With the belt of truth, buckled at our waist
Our message of love and His amazing grace
Our breastplate of righteousness, strapped firmly in place
Harsh judgment from a world, we must finish the race

Our feet walking in the gospel of peace
Chosen by God, we will not see defeat
With the shield of faith, never to fear
Attacks of the enemy, our God is near

The helmet of salvation, covers our head
The sword of the spirit, bringing life to the dead
In the face of persecution, His kingdom to come
With God by our side, We will not stand alone

Opening up our blinded eyes to see
The wonder and awe of His majesty
As the servant of Elisha, saw chariots of fire
Ready for battle, the stakes could not be higher

Many precious souls are on the line
As prophecy fulfills its many signs
Satan is loose and seems to be winning
We must recruit the dying to the living

Many are chosen but few answer the call
Few, we may stand but we are never to fall
Strong and courageous, in Christ we stand 
Spreading the gospel across our great land 

The harvest is plentiful while laborers are few
Where is the church? Has Satan silenced them too
Wake up church from your slumber, there is no time to fear
The clock is ticking, time is at hand, the end is near

Called to the front lines, never to waver
To battle for souls on behalf of our Savior
Jesus as our captain, we will not suffer loss
We are, The Army of God, Soldiers of the Cross

Written by- Donetta Harless
   July 10, 2016

Copyright © Donetta Harless | Year Posted 2016