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Best Poems Written by Gail Lewis

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Autumn Equinox

Toss the ground around make the colours stand out loud
Rub your fairy boots in the dust, the autumn leaf is a must
The air has a nip that makes your cheeks aglow
The wheel turns now way before the snow

Rustic colours tumble and fall
How do you prepare for it all
Pull out the jumpers
Stoke the timbers high
Dont forget to look up at the sky

The dreamers are here
The wheel keeeps on going around
Souls Gather here on the earthly ground
Hark all the elements are Making a beautiful sound

Drums roll and the Fires are lit to Roar 
Okay here it comes the new season you were waiting for
Lets gather around and come and celebrate and honour
Take an eternal vow before our Father and Mother

Oh how the wheel turns my soul
Makes me light aflame inside 
My meditation is whole now I can abide!
Spitfire and fireworks sparklers will light and be burning
Time will always be told and the wheel will still be turning.....

Copyright © Gail Lewis | Year Posted 2016

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Behind closed doors

When you were way too young 
How the hell were you to know
Their secrets and sins would hurt your world
No chance for you to grow
Only tears for you to show
Your Behind Closed Doors...

Copyright © Gail Lewis | Year Posted 2016

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Heal the world

I want to heal the world, but how?
 Do you feel the same?
 Giving out love to get some back again....

Do we all desire just this?
 Is this our destination?
 What about fate and our Masters Creation?

Feel the intent, or just
 Feel the Desire,
 Happy Head,
 Synapses Responding,
 All take you Higher!

 We all want to love!
 Generate our Karma
 To ascend to the great Above!!

Go to the Summerlands
 With a full heart!
 Never, never leave here?
 Oh we all have to part!
 So will you Love?
 End the Pain?
 Make lives you touch,
 Worth Touching again!?

Copyright © Gail Lewis | Year Posted 2016

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Bronzing in the Sun

The sun fills me with glory and my tank is refreshed, right down to my toes it sinks its vitamins deep, I have often laid and lazily fallen asleep, careful those rays are harshly blessed. 
Amongst many a bronze goddess I compare, an extra ray here and there would not care, Aphrodite herself would stop and stare, T'was not another English girls affair.
Temptous shining like Goddess's do, sat in my shiny beach like mind, staring so blind not knowing quite who are you, quietly reflecting a moment I find.
Delicious rays so bright whilst I sit, a quick rest back on the road I find bright, off with a jump and a kick in my wit. Its getting more like an ode. 
The glittering sun glorious I'm abound ,your yellow your round I think I have found, you fill me up my tank it's not a test, I'm now with mother nature I'm finally blessed

Copyright © Gail Lewis | Year Posted 2016

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A Tribute to our Soldiers

Fare thee well our precious men and boys
Marching into war
Fighting for a purpose
Does anyone know what for

As some you return lying down
Instead of tall and strong
How can we all sit and watch
Surely this is wrong

Will you buy a poppy
Will you shed a tear
13,310 soldiers
Killed in 10 years

Downing street want to resign
Saying it is now the time
That's not a victory we know its a crime
That's not a victory on the front line

The soldiers do their jobs
Fighting for our Queen
Lets not forget though the military supplies
Not the best we have seen

A lack of helicopters sent to assist
These terrorists could now be missed
British soldiers now lost their lives
Us army men also lost to their wives

We need to help somehow
Britain decide what to do
The lives of our servicemen around the world
Could depend on you

Why should we leave this to them in London Town
Mp's who don't know what biscuit they like, I frown

Copyright © Gail Lewis | Year Posted 2016

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Laughter has no foreign accent

Copyright © Gail Lewis | Year Posted 2016

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A bit of Advice

Life's lessons are hard 
Yes, that's what they are 
You keep on learning 
Trying to go far 
You have a set path which is 
worked out just for you 
So follow it slowly 
And think about what you do 
It's so easy to wander 
And get lost on the way 
And then try to hold on 
Too late in the day 
Watch out for temptation 
It comes in many ways 
Listen to what your conscience says 
Because once you've gone wrong 
It's hard to put right 
No point looking back; it's a long, hard fight 
So remember it's all down to you 
Put thought in your actions and the things you do!

Copyright © Gail Lewis | Year Posted 2016

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River of Dreams

Well, I dunno what I've been living on here 
But I think the sell by date is gone fowl
This rut seems to be so very deep, I fear
That it has swallowed up my soul.

Like an endless roundabout
Every exit is de- ceased
Some folk, they just stop living it out
End up dying piece by piece

But I swear that this is not my fate
For I swear ill be so much more
I'll get to the roundabout in time not late
For the promise of hope is mine ashore

Well this game of patience,
I have played the cards too long
So i think its time to fold
To throw this weary hand in for a song
Before I get too old

Its The same old song, and dance,
The records getting pretty thin
I need to straighten out my road
Till I'm clear from reckless sin

From underneath this rock, 
I'm disappearing here within an ode
New horizons, bring them on 
Am I home

Where have they been all this time
A thousand suns warm my soul and atone
Step into the promised land and shine
I'm finding it all
Across the river

Happiness, yes i remember this but I'm wary
Though it seems so constantly so long ago
It seems so very scary 
The thought of just letting myself go

Yet look at this effervescent idyllic place
I've found myself in,
I waded through this soul rivers nameless face
Till the waters under my chin

I'm finding it all
Across the river

A little sacrifice then in adventure mode
For the rest of my life to begin
So this is my beginning new road
Always moving never standing still, I win

I wont put up or shut up for the law
This time I need, for me
Its not that I hate those before
But its no longer enough you see

Jump right in, the currents strong I'm in
Sweeping me to where I wanna be
I don't have a care i'm soaked to the skin
This new seen sun will envelope me

I have found it all
Across the river

Copyright © Gail Lewis | Year Posted 2016

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With our new PC GENERATION
 Texting seems a total obsession
 Our heads bowed down on tiny screens 
 Writing confessions that everyone sees

Letters used to arrive from friends
 Right through my front door
 Now ure lucky to get a text
 It's not the same our world no more

People seem so obsessed 
 With that big Cloud in the sky
 We must all look so comical
 Head stuck in WIFI

Seems such a shame
 Advancement has cost so much
 No one has the time
 To stay in proper touch

 Just a word of warning
 Make sure you pay ure bill
 Or you will have no phone
 To text Facebook at your Will

Copyright © Gail Lewis | Year Posted 2016

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Mother Nature


You are my goddess
I live here with you each day
We get older together
Yet you will live come what may?

I face mortality
My love is undying to you
As you make my grass so green
Each and every sky so blue

You hear all my whispers
Every beat you are there
In the darkest of times
You take me laid bare

Although I love music
A song here and there
My love is still an alter
Your here and everywhere

So ask me my religion
All i can say to you
Is mother earth is my idol
its what i believe, you can see is true

Earth keeps me grounded
Fire keeps me a glow
Air calms me down
Water falls below

These four elements 
Make up my mind
Mother Nature I thank you
For leaving them behind

Copyright © Gail Lewis | Year Posted 2017