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Twas the Night Before Easter

He knows if you are sleeping,
He knows when you're awake,
He knows if you've been bad or good.
Zombie Jesus must be staked!

So eat your crackers and wine,
And think that you'll be saved,
But that's not why he's here because
Your brains are what he craves!

He'll never stop his rampage.
Not until he's fully fed,
But nothing satisfies his hunger
Like what rattles in your head.

He's coming down the chimney.
He's underneath your bed.
You think you can outrun him,
But soon you will be dead.

So you better not whisper,
You better not cry
Cuz even a shot between his eyes
Won't stop Zombie Jesus, tonight..

Copyright © Tomas Vazquez | Year Posted 2016

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The Joy of Camping

As the fire subsides
in the bleak campsite
and the darkness settles in.
It's almost time,
so get in the tent! 
The "fun's" about to begin.

So gather 'round
and make your bets.
There's money to be made.
The stage is set
and the weapons placed. 
No time to be afraid!

Just close your tent
and stay real still.
Pretend like no one's home.
But they'll find you
and when they do,
your tent shaped like a dome,

Won't be enough
to save your life.
No matter how hard you try,
they'll never stop
so just give up.
It looks like you're going to die.

There's only one
way to beat him
a noose big enough for two.
But all your fear 
clouded the truth
that the monster was really you.

Copyright © Tomas Vazquez | Year Posted 2016

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The Grass is Greener Through the Noose

Deep in the cave inside my heart
Is the place you'll never be
It's sealed and locked forever now
Because you threw away the key

You've stolen all my faith in life
And my ability to love
I have no big accomplishments
Or accolades to be proud of

Remember when we got shit-faced
and went to New York City?
You left your sweater in the cab
and it got really chilly

We barely caught the train back home
You fell asleep in my arms
You cuddled close and held my hand
And drew me in with your charms

But in your sleep, you called his name
I should have figured by then
But I was naive and stupid
Because I trusted you again

As much as I want to tell you
What you really did to me,
I can't because what comes to mind 
Are those sights I can't unsee

And all the while you were seeing him
As our "love" continued to grow
I thought that this was all my fault
But it was YOU I didn't know

You left me for another man
Wait, that's not exactly right
It's more like I walked in on you
Betraying my trust that night.

So I'll be forced to live with this
Well, not for very long
I hope you get what you deserve
Because you were in the wrong

Nothing will matter anymore
Not once I've tightened this noose
Everything will fade into black
And I'll be free from life's abuse

06/09/2016 - Tomas Vazquez

Copyright © Tomas Vazquez | Year Posted 2016

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I Hate Sand

It starts real slow
Just one little speck
Then more and more
Soon it's up to your neck

So you drudge through the sand
Day in and day out
Life's struggle gets harder
Your head filled with doubt

Unsure what to do
With the time you have left
You start to feel anxious
From the thoughts of your death

So you stay in your room
But know it can't last
Because the sand's almost out
In your life's hourglass

Copyright © Tomas Vazquez | Year Posted 2016

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Suffocate Me Slowly

Smoke fills the car 
As you gasp for one last breath.
Unable to give your lungs
That much needed fresh air.
You slowly fade into the blackness.
As much as you wanted this, your body fights on.
Balancing on life's tightrope, you teeter 
Between consciousness and the void of nothingness.
What will mom think?
Will she blame herself for not seeing the signs?
Those brief moments of situational-awareness 
Are starting to get further and further apart.
Maybe breaking the key off in the ignition, wasn't so smart.

Copyright © Tomas Vazquez | Year Posted 2016

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The Tracks Look So Soft

They say your whole life
is revealed as you die.
That you'll remember each
and every little lie.

Like when your mom asks,
"Are you sure you're okay?"
And your grim reply, "Yes."
Choked up your airway.

Those times in your room
when you fell asleep crying,
wanting it to end fast.
All you thought about was dying.

I can still remember clearly
waking in my own blood.
I didn't want it enough.
My attempt was a dud.

But this time is different,
I just can't take the pain.
It'll soon be over now
with the help of this train..

Copyright © Tomas Vazquez | Year Posted 2016